The astrological Zodiac comprises twelve constellations of stars which lay 8-90 to either side of the Sun’s ecliptic (apparent path through the sky). We know them as Aries (begins 21 Mar), Taurus (begins 21 Apr), Gemini (begins 22 May), Cancer (begins 22 June), Leo (begins 24 July), Virgo (begins 24 Aug), Libra (begins 24 Sept), Scorpio (begins 24 Oct), Sagittarius (begins 23 Nov), Capricorn (begins 23 Dec), Aquarius (begins  21 Jan) and Pisces (begins 20 Feb).

Astrological Symbols in Brief


ARIES the Ram. The zodiac sign ruled by Mars the god of war.
Adventurous, impulsive (pushy), .energetic, enthusiastic quick-witted, confident, pioneering, courageous, quick-tempered, daredevil, restless, argumentative.
TAURUS the Bull. The zodiac sign ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. Patient, practical, reliable, stubborn (try moving a 2 ton bull who doesn’t want to move!), financial security is most important, cautious, inflexible, fixed, self-indulgent, greedy, gluttony.
GEMINI the Twins
. The sign the Zodiac ruled by Mercury the messenger of the Gods. Talkative, adaptable, spontaneous, communicative, versatile, nervous, mentally active, flirtatious, inconsistent, youthful, inquisitive.
CANCER the Crab. The sign the Zodiac ruled by the Moon. Emotional, defensive, intuitive, domestic, homely, family is everything, maternal, never admits a relationship will end, instinctive, possessive, cautious, moody, changeable, clinging.
LEO the Lion
. The sign the Zodiac ruled by the Sun. Dramatic, autocratic, energetic, impressive (just ask them!), proud, spontaneous, assertive, broad-minded, generous, bossy, dogmatic, patronizing.
VIRGO the Virgin
. The sign the Zodiac ruled by Mercury. Over critical, analytical, practical, logical, tidy, hygienic, diligent, meticulous, perfectionist, shy, conservative.
LIBRA the Scales
. The sign of the Zodiac ruled by Venus. Indecisive, diplomatic, frivolous, affectionate, romantic, charming, compromising, peaceable, flirtatious, self-indulgent.
SCORPIO the Scorpion
. The sign of the Zodiac ruled by Pluto. Intense, fanatical, secretive, emotional, possessive, jealous, stubborn, regenerative, suspicious, argumentative, penetrating, magnetic, forceful, controlling, obsessive.
. The sign of the Zodiac ruled by Jupiter. Optimistic, idealistic, freedom-loving, adventurous, extravagant, nature-loving, love of outdoors, tactless, superficial, irresponsible.
CAPRICORN the Goat. The sign of the Zodiac ruled by Saturn. Ambitious, perseverance, hard-working, enterprising, conservative, disciplined, practical, patient, industrious, reserved, pessimistic, miserly.
AQUARIUS the Water-carrier
. The sign of the Zodiac ruled by Uranus. Detached, eccentric, inventive, reformative, intelligent, idealistic, unconventional, progressive, dogmatic, original, a space-person, humanitarian, unpredictable.
PISCES the Fish. The sign of the Zodiac ruled by Neptune. Emotional, imaginative, impressionable, creative, secretive, receptive, indecisive, inhibited, sympathetic, humanitarian, selfless, idealistic, vague, weak-willed, easily led.

SUN   The Sun rules: the spirit, the ego, the male, authority, the will to live, the urge to rule, willpower, the conscious, dignity, figures in power, the spirit .  
MOON   The Moon rules: the emotional response, female, fertility, the wife, the family, the nation, the subconscious, memory, sensitivity, changeable, hereditary qualities.
MERCURY   Mercury rules: communication, awareness, thought, the nerves, the messenger (of the Gods), observation, speed, logic, intellect, dexterity, speech, reason.
Venus rules: love, the arts, affection, physical attraction, beauty, money, luxury, pleasure, peace, vanity, gluttony.
   Mars rules: energy, courage, war, the sex urge, aggression, ruthlessness, the muscles, action, strength, incisiveness, enjoying work and fighting. JUPITER   Jupiter rules: expansion on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, travel, optimism, generosity, extravagance, justice, religion, philosophy, higher education.
   Saturn rules: discipline, tradition, constriction, the father, the law, responsibility, separation, solitude, the past, patience, solidity.
   Uranus rules: freedom, revolution, rebellion, sudden change, independence, the erratic and unconventional, eccentricity, brilliance, originality, science, detachment.
   Neptune rules: formlessness, drugs, imagination, fantasy, receptivity, compassion, delusion, deceit, illusion, idealism, music, poetry, mysticism, martyrdom, the intangible, obligation, imagination, theft, fraud.
   Pluto rules: regeneration, force majeure, the collective unconsciousness, obsession, reproduction, elimination, brutality, dictatorship, beginnings and endings, passion, birth, death, rebirth, criminality, sainthood, research, propagandists.
   The Moon’s Node rules: karmic relationships, blood-ties, alliances, associations, meetings, personal involvements.
   The Ascendant rules: the personality, the environmental factors of the individual. It is the zodiac sign rising on the eastern horizon at one’s time of birth. It is the way someone is seen by the outside world.
   The Midheaven rules: the aim in life, ambition, the profession.

The Twelve Houses

There are twelve houses in a horoscope, just as there are twelve months in a year and twelve signs of the Zodiac. A brief summary of what each house symbolizes:  
(1) Your environment, the way people see you; (2) Finances; (3) Siblings. Communication. Short journeys; (4) Home and family. A parent; (5) Speculation. Children. The death of parent; (6) Health and working environment; (7) Marriage and business partners. Lawsuits;  
(8) Partner's finances. Death. Major life change. Your finances; (9) Long-distance travel. Foreign people & languages. Religion and philosophy; (10) Career and aim in life. A parent; (11) Friends. Death of a parent; (12) Health. Your ancestry.

 Aspects between planets

 When you were born, if there were two planets either 0, 45, 90, 135 or 180*  from each other, by longitude, then vibrations are set up between the planets, a little bit like radio waves, we can't see them but they have a tremendous effect on life on Earth and explain how and why you behave the way you do. *These are the hard aspects which make things happen. The soft aspects are 30 and 60.  J

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