WAR IN MID 2006?

6 May 2006

Douglas Parker, a professional astrologer for over 25 years. Contact Douglas at 

This is an astrology article explaining the deep hatred which poisons the USA and Iran relationship. It also looks at the possibility of a military strike against Iran in mid 2006 and the consequences for the USA. It also predicts Israel being at war in the last week of June 2006.

This is part of a series of astrology articles, Israel at war in 2006, Lebanon at War. Horoscope. 2006. 2007, and Syria at war 2006, on war in the Middle East by Douglas Parker.

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In this article I show my research of the astrological aspects that were, and are currently, present in Israel’s horoscope, between 1956-2006, when it was, and is, at war. At the end of this article, which is dated 6 May 2006, I write: “In the last week of June 2006 transiting Mars in Leo will conjunct the Israel Pluto and Saturn, at 130 and 160 Leo respectively! This may be interpreted as “the necessity to fight for one’s existence, assault, even war”.  The Israel horoscope is at the end of this article. In Lebanon at War. Horoscope. 2006. 2007 I explains 30 years of war in Lebanon (1975-2007).

The Iran Horoscope

On 01 April 1979 Ayatolla Khomeini proclaimed the first day of “the government of God”, according to the New York Times. The Islamic Republic of Iran came into being.

The United States of America Horoscope

The USA declared itself independent from Great Britain on 04 July 1776. However there is much controversy about its birth time. I am using the 02:12am birth time. I checked three major LIFE ALTERING events in the history of the USA with this birth time:

(a) 06 Apr 1917, the USA entered WWI. Transiting Pluto in Cancer on the USA 2nd House cusp, and conjunct the USA Venus. The USA Venus rules the USA 12th House of death and mourning. Transiting Pluto entering the USA 2nd House: the war transformed the USA, via mass production of planes, trucks tanks etc., into a world economic power.

(b) 25 October 1929, the Great Stock Market Crash began. Transiting Saturn entered the USA 8th House in mid December. This transit is 2 months out, but this transit indicates “bankruptcy” more than any other astrological sign.

(c) 7 December 1941, Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, was bombed by the Japanese and USA entered WWII. Transiting Pluto in Leo 45 degrees from the USA Mars, the god of war, shows the USA’s determination and aggression. Transiting Chiron entering the USA 4th House, symbolizes “death” entering the house of USA families. Transiting Mars in Aries opposite the USA Saturn (July, October and early December 1941). Mars-Saturn is called the “death axis”. Saturn rules the USA 8th House of death.

This cursory check of the 2:12 am birth time for the USA is compelling.



At this time (28 April 2006) it appears the USA and Iran are heading towards a military conflict. Recently Iran has claimed it has become a nuclear power, and its President Ahmadinejad has vowed to destroy Israel. Many people in the world are quite rightly terrified by the thought that a radical islamic state may soon be able to use nuclear weapons.

1. The horoscopes of the USA and Iran show the USA Saturn at 15 Libra conjunct the Iranian Pluto at 18 Libra. The combined energy present is that of a “mass murderer”, showing a “fanatical adherence to one’s beliefs”, a “martyr” and “self destructive energy”. In the author’s opinion, both countries were founded by and are at present governed by religious fanatics. President George W Bush is a born-again Christian who believes he gets his orders to go to war (in Iraq) directly from God. Frightening! The Iranian Islamists are arguably even more extreme religious fanatics. If these two countries go to war “to do their God’s work on Earth” the ruthless brutality of the war, as clearly shown by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction between the two countries, has the potential to shock the world. The Saturn and Pluto* conjunction clearly shows that neither country will back down. The USA Saturn may attack, but the Iran Pluto will have a lasting hatred and fanaticism which will terrify the USA. The conflict may go on for a very long time.


[* The Israeli horoscope [14 May 1948, 4:06 pm, Tel Aviv, Israel] has a very close Saturn (16 Leo) and Pluto (13 Leo) conjunction. Reinhold Ebertin, a German-Jew, was arguably the greatest astrologer of the 20th century. He described the Saturn conjunct Pluto as: “violence, mass murderer”! The cold, ruthless brutality of the Israelis towards the Palestinians shows they learnt a great deal from the Nazis. Clearly the USA and Iran Saturn-Pluto conjunction is frightening.]


2. The USA Neptune at 22 Virgo is opposite the Iranian Mars at 25 Pisces. Many cynics would claim the USA’s military operations in the Middle East revolve around control of oil. Neptune rules oil. Mars rules war. The USA Neptune constantly drains the energy out of the Iran Mars.


3. The USA Neptune at 22 Virgo is conjunct the Iran Midheaven (MC) at 22 Virgo. The USA is constantly trying to undermine (Neptune) the Iranian government and leaders.


4. The USA Pluto at 27 Capricorn is opposite the Iran Jupiter at 29 Cancer. This indicates the “loss of wealth” which both countries will sustain during a prolonged conflict. It also indicates the “pursuit of fanatical aims”, in this case going to war “in the name of God”. 


The Iran Horoscope for 2006

 1. Transiting Pluto is square the Iran Mars, the god of war, throughout 2006, being exact in January, late June and late October. This shows Iran’s potential for “brutal and cruel behaviour”, the rise of nationalism and “developing unusual power” (nuclear power). The author does not expect Iran to back down. 

When transiting Pluto at 6 Leo made a 450 aspect (similar to the square above) to the USA Mars at 21 Gemini in 1941 the USA entered WWII! With transiting Pluto square to its country’s Mars:

(a) in 1814-15, the USA was at war with Great Britain;

(b) in 1967-68, the USA started the Vietnam war. It lost 58 000 killed;

(c) in 1968-70, North Vietnam went to war, primarily against the USA. Its losses could have been as high as 3.5 million;

(d) in 1973, Egypt attacked Israel;

(e) in 1908-10, Japan had a rise in nationalism and annexed Korea.


2. In early January 2006 transiting Saturn in Leo made a 1350 aspect to the Iran Mars, as transiting Pluto in Sagittarius made a square to the Iran Mars. On about 29 June 2006 transiting Saturn in Leo will again be 1350 from the Iran Mars, as transiting Pluto in Sagittarius makes a square to the Iran Mars. Saturn-Pluto to Mars is “the necessity to fight for one’s life”. This is the pressure that has been building on Iran since January, which culminates in late June. This may well be when the USA or Israel attacks Iran?


The USA Horoscope for 2006

 1. In December 1941 when the USA went to war, transiting Chiron (often associated with death) went into the USA 4th House of the home and family. Hundreds of thousands of American families lost their sons in the next four years of WWII.


2. Transiting Saturn in Leo enters the USA 4th House of the home and family in mid July 2006, and one wonders how many more young Americans, mostly poor and uneducated, will die “in the name of God” in Iraq, and possibly Iran.


3. Between February and May 2006 transiting Saturn in Leo is going through the USA Moon’s Node. This is a very bad time for the USA with respect to “meetings” and “alienation” can easily take place. The USA is in no mood to compromise with Iran.


4. Also during February and May 2006, the USA is being “weak willed” with transiting Saturn in Leo is going through the USA Moon’s Node, Neptune and Node. This may force Israel to act independently of the USA and attack Iran itself.


5. If the USA horoscope the 7 Gemini Ascendant (a 2:12 am birth time) I am using, then transiting Neptune is conjuncting the USA Moon throughout 2006-07. This shows a very depressed, unstable, disillusioned and easily deceived (as usual) American populace, represented by the the Moon. The USA Moon also rules the USA 2nd House of money, so the USA may well find itself in the middle of a debilitating financial crisis. I would go as far to say that even the USA government itself will find itself in “a crisis of national confidence”.


The Israel Horoscope for 2006

If you look at the bi-wheel on the following page you will see the Israeli horoscope on the inside, and the transiting planets on 29 June 2006 on the outside.

Transiting Neptune in 2006 will be between 18 and 20 Aquarius. Between March 2005 and January 2006 transiting Neptune was opposite the Israel Saturn, indicating a time of great sorrow, emotional sickness and depression for the Israeli nation. This climaxed in  January 2006 when Prime Minister Sharon went into a coma.


1. In the last week of June 2006 transiting Mars in Leo will conjunct the Israel Pluto and  Saturn, at 130 and 160 Leo respectively! This may be interpreted as “the necessity to fight for one’s existence, assault, even war. Will Israel make the initial strike against Iran?


2. Also around mid July transiting Saturn in Leo will conjunct the Israel Pluto. This is a tough, violent ruthless transit.


3. The Israel Horoscope has some interesting aspects: Jupiter in Sagittarius opposite Uranus in Gemini, with Pluto in Leo 45 degrees away from this opposition = “immense success”, the pursuit of religious objectives”. The actual Jupiter opposite Uranus = “the urge for independence”, “conflicts concerning one’s religion”. It is called the ‘Thank the Lord” syndrome. Israel seems to have a charmed life in many ways.  

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