Newspaper Star Sign Predictions Are Rubbish

The most famous prediction ever made by astrologers was that of the "three wise men", who were actually astrologers, predicting the birth of a great prophet, later known as Jesus Christ. They predicted his birth after calculating that the mighty Planets of Jupiter and Saturn would conjunct (appear to come together) in the sky. This apparent conjoining in the night sky of these two normally smallish looking "stars" resulted in the so called "Star of Bethlehem", which appeared many times larger than the two Planets appear to be separately.


An astrological prediction by an astrologer is mainly based on interpreting the meaning of an exact angle (by longitude) being formed between a transiting planet (moving through the sky) and the exact position of a planet at someone's birth. The angle or aspect formed can be 0, 45, 90, 135, or 180  degrees.
(To a lesser degree also 30, 60, 120 and 150 degrees.)
When you read your Star Sign Sign predictions in newspapers, etc., it is based on extremely vague premises to say the least. Each sign of the Zodiac has 30 degrees. For example, it takes Uranus roughly 7 years to go through a zodiac sign. So if Uranus is in your zodiac sign, it will make several exact exact angles to your Sun, over a one year period, sometime in that 7 year period, and this will dramatically affect your life. So a Star Sign prediction about Uranus going through your sign will affect you sometime in the next seven years. This is pretty rough timing to say the least.
There are ten transiting planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) plus the Node and Chiron which can hit off the 10 planets and 4 personal points in your Horoscope (birth chart). The transiting planets, which are moving through the sky, are all going at different speeds through the Zodiac. For example, the Moon takes about 29 days to go once around your horoscope, while Neptune takes around 165 years. So we have 12 transiting planets hitting off 14 points in your horoscope, each with their own timing sequence. And then each transiting planet as it takes one 360 degree revolution around the horoscope makes exact angles of 0, 45, 90, 135 and 180 degrees with each of the 14 points in your horoscope. Each of these exact angles as they form has an affect on your life, often minor, sometimes life changing. Getting pretty complex isn't it? Most of our lives are pretty complex too! However, after seriously studying astrology and reading 1000s of horoscopes of clients for 25 years as I have, it gets easier to understand.
As an astrologer, I make predictions based on exact angles being formed between 12 transiting planets moving through the sky and the 14 stationary planets in your horoscope. The typical star sign astrology readings made in newspapers are based on the transiting planet being somewhere in your Zodiac sign (which is 30 degrees wide) possibly forming an exact angle with ONE planet, the Sun, which could up to be 28 degrees away. 
I hope you now understand why star sign readings are rubbish. If you need further clarification please e-mail me at


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