World Astrology Predictions 2007
The Great Saturn Neptune Opposition 

of 2006 and 2007

Douglas Parker has been a practising professional astrologer for over 25 years  in Melbourne, Australia.
Reading your horoscope, your past, present and future, and your compatibility.
For Individuals
Saturn Neptune oppositions can have profound effects on individuals. I have done two studies of the British Royal family, entitled Saturn, Neptune and the British Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth II. The Saturn Neptune opposition will bring an end to Queen Elizabeth’s life!
If you have a planet at 20-210 of the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius), or at 5-60 of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), the Saturn Neptune opposition will strongly effect your life. 

On The World Stage
What is possible during the great Saturn opposition Neptune between August 2006, February and June 2007? I have researched all the great Saturn Neptune oppositions since 1504, of which there have been fifteen, to find the answers. What follows are world-wide predictions for 2007.

Deaths of prominent people
Saturn Neptune oppositions have been times of: deaths, abdications, and the end of rule of kings and queens; deaths of great artists, composers and musicians; deaths of church leaders and prime ministers. Some examples follow: John Paul Jones, ‘founder of the US Navy’, and Percy Shelley, British poet (1792); Louis XVI of France guillotined (1793); Ludwig van Beethoven, Austrian composer, and William Blake, English poet & artist (1827); Francisco Goya, Spanish painter (1828); Jacob Grimm, German folklorist, and “Stonewall” Jackson, US Confederate General (1863); Johann Strauss Jnr, Austrian composer (1899); Oscar Wilde (1900), Irish writer; Queen Victoria (Jan 1901); Maxim Gorky, Russian writer, and King George V (1936); the crew of the Russian space ship, Soyez 11, and Louis Armstrong, US jazz legend (1971); Maurice Chevelier, French entertainer (1972).
Within days of the current Saturn Neptune opposition beginning in late August 2006, Steve Irwin, the “Crocodile Hunter” and Peter Brock, a legendary Australian racing car driver were both death. The public grief within Australia for both was profound. I am certain this occurred in countries all around the world where local “legends” died . Between now and late June 2007 many prominent, “much loved” identities will die in countries all around the world, including icons as big as Queen Elizabeth II. 

The End of Absolute Power of the Monarchy
During great Saturn Neptune oppositions: in England, Parliament took absolute power from the monarch with Charles I’s beheading (1649); in France, Louis XVI was guillotined (1793) and the monarchy effectively ended!
We can expect more monarchies around the world to end, or for monarch’s to lose their absolute power. We will see peoples demanding more say in the running of their governments, perhaps even new countries being formed. 

Civil Wars and forming of Countries based on co-operation

During great Saturn Neptune oppositions: the English Civil War (1642-49), the French Revolution (1789-99), the USA Civil War (1860-65), the Philippine-USA War (began 1899),  the Second Boar War (began 1899), the Boxer Revolution in China (1900), the Spanish Civil War (1936) and the Cambodian Civil War (1971-) all raged. The Australian Colonies decided (1898-99) to form the Commonwealth of Australia, to form arguably the most egalitarian and free democracy in the world, where the poor are protected both financially and medically by the State.
During the last great Saturn Neptune conjunction (February to November 1989), we saw the desperately poor and oppressed peoples of Eastern Europe rise up and destroy the Soviet Union, to bring down Communism in Europe.
We can expect more civil wars to break out or to radically intensify around the world between February and July 2007, where peoples’ fight for their freedom from oppression and injustice. And riots will break out in some countries, as their peoples demand that outside forces leave. Lebanon and Iraq come to mind. 

End of Slavery
During great Saturn Neptune oppositions, proclamations were made ending slavery in Denmark (1792) and the USA (1863). An Uprising in Russia in 1861, lead to the Emancipation of Serfs (1863). Perhaps more progress will be made in 2007 to further reduce slavery around the world, but especially in Africa and Asia?

War of Religions

During the great Saturn Neptune opposition of September 1683 and July 1684, Christian Europe defeated the Turks at the gates of Vienna. So the so-called “war of the religions” will continue vigorously throughout 2007. 

Common Peoples' Movements
My gut feeling is that the Peace Movement against the War in Iraq will escalate dramatically in the first half of 2007, bringing an end to the USA's involvement and completely humiliating President George W Bush. I also pray it is a time when the knowing peoples of the world demand that the politicians do something about Global Warming right NOW.

Additional information
Saturn opposition Neptune, July & Dec 1648, April 1649
January 1648. Parliament versus Charles I, the second phase of the English Civil War (1642-49). Charles I was executed in January 1649. The end of absolute power for the monarch. 

Saturn opposition Neptune, September 1683, February & July 1684

June-September 1683, the last major Turkish attack on Europe (Vienna) is defeated. This was a war of Christian versus Muslim. 

Saturn opposition Neptune, November 1719, May & October 1720 

Saturn opposition Neptune, March & June 1756, January 1757
The Seven Years’ War began in Europe.
June 1756, the Marine Society, the oldest seafarers’ charity in the world was founded.

Saturn opposition Neptune, May & October 1792, March 1793

21 January 1793, Louis XVI of France was guillotined, ending the French Monarchy which was 1000 years old!
January 1793, Denmark became the first country to prohibit the slave trade. 

Saturn opposition Neptune, August 1827, January & May 1828

March 1827, death of Ludwig van Beethoven. 

Saturn opposition Neptune, November 1862, March & September 1863

January 1863, the longest of the Polish & Lithuanian Uprisings against the Russian Empire, led to the emancipation of surfs in all the Russias.
1860-65, the US Civil War. In January 1861, the Emancipation Proclamation by President Lincoln declared all slaves in the USA free.
May 1863, death of “Stonewall Jackson, Confederate General during the American Civil War.
September 1863, death of Jacob Grimm, famous fairy story teller. 

Saturn opposition Neptune, February & May 1899, August & October 1900
February 1899, the Philippine-American War began as the Philippinos began their struggle for independence.
October 1899, the Second Boar War began.
January 1900, the Boxer Revolution began in Peking, China. This was the beginning of China’s struggle for independence!
February 1900, strikers in Aachen, Vienna & Brussels went on strike for an 8-hour day and more pay.
Queen Victoria died in January 1901, just 3 months after the Saturn Neptune opposition ended. 

Saturn opposition Neptune, March & October 1936, January 1937

Jan 20 1936, King George V died.
1936, Germany reoccupied the Rhineland, violating the Treaty of Versailles.
July 1936, Spanish Civil War began.
December 1936. King Edward VIII abdicated. 

Saturn opposition Neptune, June & November 1971, April 1972

August 1971, Australia & New Zealand decided to withdraw troops from Vietnam War.
December 1971, Cambodian Civil War began. The Khmer Rouge slaughtered up to three million Cambodians.
December 1971, The Indo-Pakistan War led to an independent Bangladesh one month later.
February 1972, anti-British riots throughout Ireland. 

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