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Professional Astrologer

Douglas Parker Horoscope

Douglas has practised as a professional astrologer for over 30 years in Melbourne, Australia. In 1980, a traumatic love affair led him into seriously studying astrology. He simply needed to find out why it was tearing his heart apart.                 Studying both traditional astrology and cosmobiology, he gained a Regulus-Ebertin Diploma in 1987 from Doris Greaves, arguably the most respected astrologer in Australia.                                                                                                                 Douglas has gained his considerable astrology experience from reading and researching many thousands of horoscopes. His main interests in astrology are reading horoscopes (birth charts), past and future predictions, compatibility charts, rectification (working out someone's birth time from events which have occurred in their lives), and predicting the future of countries and politicians around the world.
Douglas' clients were born in over 65 countries, all around the world. If you live outside Australia, he can do your astrology reading and get it to you within 24 hours.    


Douglas went to Haileybury College for his secondary schooling, and then studied food technology at RMIT in Melbourne.  Apart from being a professional astrologer since 1981, he also worked for 20 years as food technology consultant. Self employed since 1983, Douglas has been a full time professional astrologer for over 20 years.

Historian, Researcher

Douglas is fluent in German. He spent six years of his life (1991-1996), including learning to read the old Gothic handwriting script, researching and writing
Hohenzollern Tragic Private Lives. Much of the work is original research, done in the Secret State Archive in Berlin and throughout Europe. The book covers the German forebears (1580-1787) of the British Royal Family, George I of Great Britain, Frederick the Great of Prussia, their siblings, families and parents. It is a story of ruthlessness, brutality, the smashing up of illicit love affairs, as the family in just two centuries made its relentless way along the road to glory to rule the two mightiest Empires in Europe, Great Britain and Germany. 

International Sailor

Douglas sailed in ten world or european championships in the 2000s. His crew and friend, Viktor Budantsev, sailed in three Olympics for Russia. The Flying Dutchman is a former Olympic class, 6 metre long dinghy, with a huge overlapping genoa which makes it the fastest dinghy upwind in the world. Douglas & Viktor (red spinnaker). Since 2010, Douglas has focused his sailing on racing an OK Dinghy.


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