Good day people! My name is Jeff Garza, the star divination reading web site owner. I’m a friendly sort of a gentleman, WHO likes nothing quite golf with my friends and families. Throughout the weekend, you may realize ME playing with my friends, most of the time! I work as an engineer, serving to the general public. This enables ME to exercise my skills: writing and, developing programs.

The first factor folks sometimes notice concerning ME is my funny temperament, closely followed by my ability. Although I’m an applied scientist, I relish creating stuff or DIY and also the house. I prefer browsing through Pinterest and blogs to seek out DIY ideas and doing one DIY project in my spare time alone. I have a way of pride on every occasion I’ve done one thing sly. My friends and families conjointly admit that my creations ar were great!

I love music and films. 80’s music is unquestionably my favourite; I can’t stand popular music today. Also, I’m that typical nerdy guy WHO loves star trek and star wars loads. I, in all probability, watched the star wars heroic tale ten times already till now! As a result of they travel around the universe like what I am incredibly dreaming of.

Oh, I conjointly would love to inform you concerning the time I met David Bowie, that is true. However, it’s necessary to ME that you understand I’m honest. Thus I’ll save the wilder elements of my life for an additional time.

My life goals include:

Star within the next Star Wars film.
Become the simplest engineer I is
Help all the general public within the world

May the force be with you.
I urge you, get in contact.