29 November 2011                             

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In the heavens a great astrological event is now taking place again. Uranus is now 90 degrees from Pluto (mid 2012 to December 2014) for the first time since April 1932 to January 1934. Last time this took place, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in January 1933, rearmed Germany and trigged off WWII. So beware of charismatic, fanatical  leaders in 2013-14 trying to enforce their will upon their people, they just might be another ratbag dictator in the making. Be prepared for peasant riots, dismissal of political leaders by Supreme Courts and military coups. 

It is highly likely that the world is teetering on the edge of a Great Depression, which actually began in 2008. The massive government stimulus packages plugged the hole in the dyke for a period of time, but by 2014 the dyke will be blow apart. By that time the economic disaster will be clear to see and it will be overwhelming and worldwide. Much of the world has been living beyond its means for a very long time.

The astrological evidence that a Great Depression is imminent in 2012-15 is backed up by what follows. I have researched the horoscopes of five of the great economic powerhouses of the world: the USA, China, Germany, Japan and Italy. Australian, a major raw materials producer, and my homeland, is also included.

I made these predictions several years ago, see China. Here is a summary: Pluto is now entering the China horoscope’s twelfth house (2011-13). The next decade will be a dark time for the most populous country on Earth. The population of China is completely spent and will be going through serious depression and psychological problems caused by an economic crisis beyond comprehension, together with the great possibility of massive natural disasters. Prisons will begin to overflow, in an effort to suppress dissenters and unemployed, revolting peasants.  A major, forced leadership change will occur during 2012. A deepening economic crisis lasting 5-7 years begins around 2013-14 when Neptune goes into the China horoscope’s second house of money.

For the 2013 Federal Election, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott in 2013, Australia's horoscope and pre 2013 predictions go to Australia.                                                                                  Two very serious astrological events which hit the Australia horoscope in 1929-30 and triggered off The Great Depression are reoccurring during 2012-13.  Firstly, Neptune will be 1800 from where it was in 1929-30, as it goes through the Australia 11th house cusp, opposite the 5th house of speculation. This suggests massive financial risks will be taking place in Australia during 2012-15 which will have dire economic consequences for Australia. Secondly, Pluto will be conjunct (in the same position as) the Australia Jupiter between September-October 2012 and April 2013, just as it was between September-October 1929 and April 1930. This combination is involved in massive financial crises. To massively compound the problem, Pluto will be conjunct (in the same position as) the Australia Saturn throughout 2012. Saturn Pluto combined indicates being dependent upon serious external events (e.g. major trading partners in serious financial crises), and finding oneself in extremely difficult circumstances, almost warzone conditions. This will force Australians to "live within their means, with less material possessions". It is also likely illegal immigrants will try and flood the country. Border protection will be a massive, explosive political issue.  I also predicted serious trade union trouble between 2010-12, as Saturn goes through the Australia 6th house. Major companies: I have checked the horoscopes of half a dozen of Australia’s biggest companies. All their horoscopes for 2012 look full of financial crises and other massive difficulties.   

Japan's modern horoscope is 3 May 1947 in Tokyo at noon. An article I wrote on Libya accurately predicted the tragic events that occurred there during 2011. The Libya Mars is at 16 Libra, the Japan Mars is 16 Aries. From December 2010 to mid-March 2011 (exceptionally strong) and again in September 2011, transiting Saturn was 00 to the Libya Mars and 1800 to the Japan Mars. Mars Saturn combinations are called the “death axis” in astrology. Libya had a civil war and Japan had the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown. Transiting Saturn was also 00 to the Japan Moon between late 2010 and May-July2011 (especially strong). Moon Saturn combinations signify a heavy emotional shock for the Japanese populace, a recognition of betrayal by its nuclear industry and its government. Mark my words, this nuclear disaster is much bigger than anyone will admit, and its effects can last for up to 250,000 years.                                          

Pluto 90 degrees Japan's Venus throughout 2013 and Uranus conjunct Japan's Venus between April 2013 and January 2014 is telling. This suggests serious financial difficulties (Venus in 8th house) and also power struggles (Pluto and Uranus) within the government, and yet another prime minister will fall on his sword. Saturn 90 degrees Japan's Pluto between January -March (very strong) and October 2013 suggests a nation that is exhausted and depressed (Pluto in 12th house) and its families and agriculture (Pluto rules 4th house) under enormous pressure. Is this when the major issue of asbestos contamination (the 2011 tsunami ripped apart buildings made of asbestos) comes to the fore? Saturn begins its three year journey through Japan's 4th house in December 2013. The Opposition may find itself in disarray for 18 months, before it gathers strength again. Families will feel overburdened with concerns.  


I have done extensive astrological research on the USA including the USA horoscopeAssassinated US Presidents,  Barack Obama predictions 2013-16Barack Obama horoscope, predictions for America 2007-20, rectification of USA birth time, etc. In 2007, I predicted America would go through very severe economic times for many, many years. Pluto went into the America 8th house of money in 2008-09. This essentially means the threat of a massive financial crises for the USA between 2008 and 2016 with the potential threat of bankruptcy. These crises can also involve or be caused by foreign countries or fighting foreign wars. In 2013-15, as Saturn goes through the America 6th house there will be serious trade union trouble and problems with education, the military (being exhausted and reduced in size), health and the public service. The American people will be forced to work hard for little monetary gain. Saturn will be 900 from the USA Pluto between mid-December 2011 to late March 2012 and September 2012. Saturn Pluto combined suggests America will find itself dependent on external events (other countries verging upon bankruptcy) which could cause it serious economic damage and America itself will resemble a warzone of conflict. With Pluto in the USA 9th house, illegal immigration will become a massive, overwhelming headache. If the USA Ascendant is 5 degrees Gemini, Neptune will be 90 degrees from it between mid 2013 and December 2014. This suggests a time where America can make poor decisions and its relations with other countries can become unclear and it will struggle to effectively assert itself in the world. 

Between May and August 2013, Saturn will be: 90 degrees USA Node, 45 degrees USA Neptune and 135 degrees USA Mars. This will be a very tough time indeed. Saturn Node suggests anti social conduct, a lack of co-operation, even a time of mourning within America (and especially between its politicians). There may be a major shock (Saturn) to the US military (Mars) in this time, including many deaths in Afghanistan or serious defence spending cuts. The fight between the Democrats and Republicans in this time may threaten to cripple the country. The NRA will fight to the death in its "right to bear arms". Saturn Neptune suggests a country drained of all its emotional resouces and in heavy depression. Could this be a time where America finally acknowledges the cost to its people of constantly fighting in foreign wars, and how the American arms industry has almost bankrupted the country? Consider this: though America has only 4% of the world's people, it spends 48% of the entire world's military budgets. It's all very sad. 

Between December 2013 and June - August 2014 (very strong), Saturn will be 90 degrees America's Moon, in the USA 10th house. This suggests very hard times for President Obama (10th house) especially between June and August 2014. The remarkable thing about 2014 for America is that Pluto will be 180 degrees from USA Sun (the President) between February and December. This may well be suggestive of a ruthless use of force, or force majeure (Pluto) against the president (Sun). There was an assassination attempt on President Andrew Jackson in January 1834 with Pluto 90 degrees USA Sun. In July 1881 President John Garfield was assassinated (died 80 days later) with Pluto 45 degrees USA Sun. President George Washington resigned after two terms in office with Pluto 135 degrees USA Sun in 1796. Jimmy Carter became president in January 1977 with Pluto 90 degrees USA Sun. Since 1776, there have been just seven hard aspects (0, 45, 90, 135, 180 degrees) of Pluto to the USA Sun. Four times there was a change of president! I am predicting Obama's presidency and his marriage will be in total disarray by mid 2014. Could Obama be forced to resign?  Not only will the ruthless ruler of death and rebirth Pluto (for the first time) be 180 degrees from the USA Sun during 2014, rebellious Uranus will be 90 degrees to the USA Sun between April 2014 and February 2015. With the two mighty energy planets of Uranus and Pluto relentlessly attacking Obama at the same time, and at  the same time feeling abandoned by his wife, the political pressure on Obama during 2014 may just be simply overwhelming.

The Sun in the second house of money, as is the case with the USA, shows a country completely obsessed with money. In 2014, with both Pluto 180 degrees and Uranus 90 degrees from the USA Sun in the USA second house of money, I am wondering whether that will trigger off another massive financial crisis in America?  

During 2011-12 Neptune is beginning to go into the 4th house (home and family) of the Italy horoscope and its influence will be strong until 2017-18. This will turn out to be one of the great crises times for Italy, where the whole populace feels as though their futures are “grounded in quicksand” (Neptune) and they feel they are in danger of drowning in debt. It will be a time when the status and self esteem of Italy and its whole populace will take a massive battering and there is a danger of Italians becoming overwhelmed with disillusionment and disappointment. The opposition parties in parliament will cause enormous difficulties. Between 2011-14, the Italian government itself will lack any semblance of leadership and essentially it will be and appear to be “out of control” (Neptune). Government scandals are likely to increase. Drug dependence can increase considerably, as will alcoholism. Saturn began going into the Italy 12thhouse in October 2011 and will be there until late 2013. This suggests a time of mourning, much like “living in a cemetery” for the Italian populace. It is a time of hard work for very little monetary reward. It can indicate trouble caused by trade unions, welfare workers  and the public service.                                  

Neptune began moving into the German 8th house (money, financial relations with foreign nations) during 2010-11 and will be there until 2020. The major concern for Germany throughout this entire, long period will be the lack of money of foreign nations. This of course includes other countries defaulting on its repayments to Germany. This bides very serious concerns for Germany’s export driven economy, as its foreign buyers won’t have any money, or they will decide to default on payments or simply not pay at all. The next decade looks like a bleak time for Germany economically. Pluto will begin to move into the Germany 6th house in 2013-14. This means that the period 2013-16 will be a time when Germany feels overwhelmed with worries and anxieties. Exhausted from overwork or over-commitment, Germany will feel compelled to draw back from the European Community to save itself. Saturn is going through the Germany 4th house between October 2010 and 2015. This will bring a period of great economic insecurity of German families. It is a bit like trying to build a house on quicksand, where any signs of progress and economic security seem far off in the distance.