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16 Aug 2006

Douglas Parker has been a professional astrologer for over 25 years. Contact Douglas at 
Douglas has done a lot of research on the USA: USA Presidents who died in Office,       USA & Middle East Wars,    Assassinated USA Presidents,   

USA horoscope

On 4 July 1776, the USA declared itself independent from Great Britain. However, there is much controversy about its birth time. Here I am working with a birth time of 2:12am. In this article, I have checked many LIFE ALTERING events in America's history to confirm the accuracy of this birth time.

If the USA horoscope has a 2:12 am birth time , on 4 July 1776 in Philadelphia, then Pluto transiting through its house cusps MUST work or the horoscope is incorrect.     
Pluto is the most powerful planet in the zodiac, in astrology. The most powerful sectors of a horoscope are the great angles, or two axes: the horizon (1-7 house cusps) and IC-MC (4-10 house cusps). Pluto transits (moves) very slowly through the sky with its orbit taking an awe inspiring 248 years. Lets see whether the USA horoscope I am using is correct using transiting Pluto going through these great angles.

When transiting Pluto (1786-87) was conjunct the U.S. Midheaven, the U.S. Constitution was drawn up. This was profoundly important because it set up the laws by which America is governed.

When transiting Pluto (1890-92) was conjunct the U.S. Ascendant, the U.S. took ruthless control of its environment with: protectionism (McKinley Tariff) against foreign imports; the Anti-Trust Act to tackle massive monopolies; ended the Indian Wars through force; brought the contiguous U.S. under its control, by creating the last territory of Oklahoma; opened Ellis Island, the major entry point for immigrants between 1892-1954; the invention of the automobile, the movie camera and electric chair (how Plutonian).        

When transiting Pluto (1947-48) was conjunct the U.S. 4th house, the U.S. set up: the defence structures (Defence Department, Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Council, CIA and the U.S. Air Force) to defend the homeland (4th house) against the threat of nuclear annihilation by the communist Soviet Union. The Cold War against the Soviet Union went on until 1988-90, when the Soviet Union disintegrated.

When transiting Pluto (1997-99) was conjunct the U.S. Descendant (7th house), the U.S.: tried to impeach President Clinton over a sex scandal; invented Viagra; found new enemies to replace Communism with the so called War on Terrorism, including Al-Qaeda and the President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein; led the first attack on a sovereign country by NATO, when Yugoslavia was attacked; launched cruise missiles on supposed Al-Qaeda   bases in Afghanistan; saw the most fanatical of religious fanatics, George W Bush, declare he would run for President.

I have no doubt the USA horoscope I am using is correct. My research which verifies this assertion follows. 

1. Transiting Pluto conjunct the USA Midheaven (10th house).

The Philadelphia Constitutional Convention began on 25 May 1787. The actual text of the United States Constitution, the laws of the USA, was completed on 17 September 1787, but did not take effect until 4 March 1789. The structure of the U.S. government was profoundly changed, as the Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation with government power constrained through a division of powers and a system of checks and balances.

Transiting Pluto (Feb, Aug 1786, Jan 1787) in Aquarius conjunct the USA Midheaven (10th house). The aspect was within orb (effect) for around six months either side of the actual conjunctions, that is between August 1785 to August 1787. During this time the USA Constitution was written! This is still the most profound, lasting event in USA history, writing the law of the USA, since the Declaration of Independence in 1776. It took place as Pluto, the most powerful planet in the zodiac, passed through the Midheaven, the highest or culminating point in the USA horoscope! Complete transformation (Pluto) of the government, the law and presidency (Midheaven, 10th house) was the result.

This is stunning evidence the 2:12 am birth time is correct!

2. Transiting Pluto conjunct the USA Ascendant

Transiting Pluto (Jun, Nov 1890, May 1891, Jan, Mar 1892) in Gemini conjunct the USA Ascendant (10th house). The aspect was within orb (effect) for six months either side of the actual conjunctions, that is between Dec 1889 to Sept 1892.

1889 The great Oklahoma land rush of 1.9 million acres. North and South Dakota, Montana and Washington admitted into the Union.                             
1890 Wyoming enters the Union as the first state with voting rights for women. The nation's two largest women's organizations merged as the National American Women's Suffrage Association, to get the vote for women.In August, at Auburn Prison, New York, William Kemmler became the first prisoner to be executed in the electric chair. America went protectionist by passing the McKinley Tariff. It was the highest U.S. tariff so far at over 49% on most imported goods. In July, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act was enacted, the first U.S. law to limit monopolies. The Oklahoma Territory, the last territory in the contiguous U. S., was created. Idaho and Wyoming were admitted to the Union. The Weather Bureau was created within the Dept. of Agriculture by an act of Congress. 
1891 In January, the Sioux surrendered, effectively ending the Indian Wars. A patent for motion picture camera, the first in its field in the U.S., was made by Thomas Edison.
1892 In January, Ellis Island opened. Millions of immigrants have since passed through its portal. Walt Whitman died on March 26. He is widely considered the greatest, most influential poet in U.S. history. The first successful petrol-powered automobile made in the U.S. was built by Charles and Frank Duryea, bicycle designers and toolmakers in Chicopee, MA.

Pluto conjunct the Ascendant means: control over one’s environment; attaining success in life by brutal, ruthless means; striving to attain power and authority over others.    

As transiting Pluto was conjunct the USA Ascendant (1891-92), two inventions which became two of America’s greatest industries, cars and motion pictures, appeared. Both radically (Pluto) changed the U.S. environment (Ascendant) and the way people see America (Ascendant) forever: mastering great distances (Ascendant) with the car, and gaining enormous public influence through sex (Pluto) in the movie industry. The weather bureau came into  being. Researching (Pluto) U.S. environmental factors (Ascendant). The last area within contiguous America became a territory. Complete lawful control (Pluto) over the environment (Ascendant). Female suffragettes became organized to claim the vote. Women organizing to get political power over others  (Pluto Ascendant). Ellis Island opened. Between 1892 and Nov 1954, more than 12 million immigrants were processed there. The immigrants radically  (Pluto) changed the U.S. environment (Ascendant).The electric chair was first used for an execution. This uniquely U.S. symbol, the State using brutal annihilation methods (Pluto) to gain authority. Heavy protectionism was made law. Forceful control (Pluto) of one’s environment (Ascendant). The Indian Wars ended. Brutal suppression (Pluto) led to control of the Indians. The Anti-Trust Act was enacted. Trying to control massive, powerful companies who were monopolies (Pluto) and their effect on America (Ascendant). Walt Whitman died. Over a century after his death, Whitman is a vital presence in the American cultural memory. Television shows depict him. Musicians allude to him. Schools, bridges, parks, shopping malls etc., bear his name. Death (Pluto) of a poet who is an American icon.

In 1893, the year after transiting Pluto passed through the USA Ascendant, the “Panic of 1893” occurred. A growing credit shortage caused a depression in which 15,000 businesses, 600 banks, and 74 railroads failed. There was severe unemployment and wide-scale protesting, which in some cases became  very violent. Transiting Pluto through an Ascendant changes things forever, and certainly brings with it the sting of the scorpion and some carnage.

There is sufficient evidence here to accept that the USA Ascendant is at 70 Gemini and that the 2:12 am birth time is correct.

3. Transiting Pluto conjunct the USA 4th house

Transiting Pluto (Aug 1947, Feb, Jun 1948) in Leo conjunct the USA 4th house. The aspect was within orb (effect) for six months either side of the    actual conjunctions, that is between Feb 1947 to Dec 1948.

1947-48 In 1947, the Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union began. In May, the Truman Doctrine was enacted to help stem the spread of Communism. In July-August, the CIA, the Department of Defence, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National Security Council and the U.S. Air Force came into being. In November, the House of Representatives passed citations of contempt of Congress against 10 Hollywood actors, regarding allegations of communist influence in the movie industry. In March 1948, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled religious instruction in public schools violated the Constitution. In April, President Truman signed the Marshall Plan authorizing $5 billion in aid for 16 European countries. In May, the State of Israel was formed. In June,   the Berlin blockade by the Soviet Union began. In July, President Truman issued the second peacetime military draft in the U.S. amid increasing tensions with the Soviet Union. The Cold War was getting very cold indeed.                      

In 1947-48, as transiting Pluto became conjunct the U.S. 4th house, the U.S. defence department structures were set up to defend the homeland (4th     house) against the nuclear threat of annihilation (Pluto) from the Soviet Union. The supposed communist threat to America was used by Senator McCarthy  and others in the mid 1950s to unjustly crucify many Americans, who were tarred with the brush of supposed enemies of democratic America. It was a shameful time in American history.

Everything President Truman did in 1947-48 was to protect the American homeland (4th house) against the threat of annihilation (Pluto) by the communist Soviet Union. The communist threat was burned so deeply into the American psyche that it remained the number one theme in American politics until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1988-1990. It became the “fight to the death” (Pluto) of the two superpowers, who both had enough nuclear weapons to annihilate (Pluto) the world. The Soviet Union was always pictured as being able to annihilate (Pluto) the American homeland (4th house).

In 1947-48, as transiting Pluto became conjunct the U.S. 4th house, the U.S. alliance with the State of Israel began. It is a continuing story, with both    financial and military support which has cost the U.S. possibly hundreds of billions of dollars since 1948. It has also made resolution of peace between Israel and the Arabs impossible, because America backs Israel in whatever it does. And from time to time the Israelis have been absolutely ruthless towards the Arabs.

It could be argued that Jews within the Republican Administration, especially Paul Wolfowitz, made George W Bush behave in such an appalling way towards the Arabs, that it was only a matter of time before enraged Arabs reacted and attacked America, as they did on 11 September 2001 when they  attacked the twin towers in New York. Wolfowitz was the architect of the foreign policy of the George W. Bush administration known as the Bush Doctrine, which resulted in the invasion of Iraq. The U.S. is now deeply entrenched in “another Vietnam War”, which will cost it dearly, which it will lose. In the end, the U.S.-Israel alliance has made the U.S. the target of Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists. This alliance began in 1947-48 with transiting Pluto conjunct the USA 4th house. It can be argued it has “ripped the guts out of the U.S. homeland” (Pluto conjunct 4th house).

The evidence is simply stunning that the USA horoscope I am using is correct.

4. Transiting Pluto conjunct the USA Descendant (7th house).

Transiting Pluto (Jan, May, Nov 1998) in Sagittarius conjunct the USA Descendant (7th house). The aspect was within orb (effect) for six months either side of the actual conjunctions, that is between July 1997 to May 1999. Pluto is the most powerful planet in the zodiac, in astrology. Pluto transits (moves)  very slowly through the sky, its orbit takes 248 years. So 1997-99 was the first time it could pass through the USA 7th house, at 70 Sagittarius.

Pluto rules: sex, fanatics, ruthless hatred, weapons of mass destruction (atomic weapons),  the will to exercise overwhelming power, propagandists.  

Throughout 1998, President Bill Clinton’s sex scandal (Pluto) with Monica Lewinsky  dominated world television. In January, he denied he had had sexual relations “with that woman”. In August, ClintonClinton was impeached.
admitted to the world on TV to having had an “improper physical relationship” with Lewinsky and to have “misled people” about the relationship. In December,

In 222 years, only ONE U.S. President, Andrew Johnson in 1868, had been impeached before Clinton. Also, President Nixon resigned from office in 1974. Both Presidents’ Johnson and Clinton were eventually acquitted. Clinton was pursued with a “ruthless, fanatical hatred” (Pluto), by his political enemies (7th house). A President being so publicly belittled, on the world stage, over a sex scandal (Pluto) has never been seen before. This confirms transiting Pluto through the USA 7th house cusp at the time.

In March 1999, Lewinsky’s book on her affair with Clinton went on sale.

On 27 March 1998, the Food and Drugs Administration approved Viagra for use in treating male impotence. With Pluto (ruling sex) hitting off a major angle in the U.S. horoscope, Viagra seems to confirm again the birth time of 2:12 am.

On 23 February1998, Osama Bin Laden published a fatwa declaring jihad (holy war) against all Jews and Crusaders. Bin Laden is the head of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda.  On 7 August, U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya were bombed. The bombings were linked to Bin Laden. On 20 August the U.S. military retaliated, launching cruise missiles against alleged Al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan and a suspected chemical plant in Sudan.

When transiting Pluto went through the USA horoscope’s 4th house in 1947-48, the USA declared that the Cold War with the Soviet Union, the only other superpower with nuclear weapons, had begun. Pluto rules weapons of mass destruction. As transiting Pluto began to go through the USA horoscope’s 7th house in 1997-99: the U.S. Senate passed Resolution 71, in February 1998, allowing President Clinton to “take all necessary and  appropriate actions to respond to the threat posed by Iraq’s refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction programs”. In June and Sept 1997, Iraqi officials had harassed U.N. weapons inspectors. On 29 Oct, Iraq said it would begin shooting down U-2 surveillance planes being used by U.N. inspectors. Military action against Iraq was threatened as early as February 1998 by the USA and Britain. There were continuing conflicts throughout 1998 between the U.N. weapons inspectors and the Iraqi government. The USA eventually invaded Iraq in Mar 2003. It found no weapons of mass destruction. Much of Iraq has been destroyed. Tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians have been killed. And the hatred against America grows by the day.

1999 On 24 March 1999, NATO (lead and controlled by the USA) launched air strikes against Yugoslavia, in the Kosovo War. It was the first time   NATO (the USA) had attacked a sovereign country. The air strikes continued until Yugoslavia sign a peace treaty on 9 June. On 12 June, a NATO-led peacekeeping force entered Kosovo. 

On 12 June 1999, Texas Governor George W Bush announced his intention to seek the Republican Party's nomination for President of the USA. If you look at Bush's horoscope, you will note it has Pluto conjunct the Ascendant. This is no accident! The  transiting Pluto conjunct the USA 7th house shows PLUTONIAN things happening to the USA when he began his run for the Presidency.

Bush’s horoscope is that of a fanatic (Pluto) because his Pluto is so dominant in his chart. Pluto conjunct his Ascendant makes him: attain success in life  through brutal and ruthless means; have the desire to attain success at all costs. Bush is well known for calling his enemies “killers”. Sadly, Bush is also a  fanatic and a sanctioner of killings himself. Over 40 000 civilians have been killed by the USA in the Iraq war.   

When transiting Pluto (1947-48) came to conjunct the USA 4th house, the U.S. entered the Cold War against the communist Soviet Union. Both  superpowers had nuclear weapons. It was a plutonian (ultimate destruction) time for America. 

When transiting Pluto (1998-99) came to conjunct the USA 7th house, the U.S. began to enter the so called War on Terrorism. It began pursuing Iraq, claiming it had “weapons of mass destruction”. It made a pre-emptive cruise missile strike on Al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan. It “forced” NATO, led by the U.S., for the first time to attack a sovereign nation, Yugoslavia. I believe an important precedent was set, the U.S. would and could now make pre-emptive attacks on sovereign nations. Later on, the U.S. invaded both Afghanistan (Oct 2001) and Iraq (Mar 2003). George W Bush began his run for the Presidency. He is a religious fanatic, a born-again Christian, who hates (Pluto) Muslims with as much vitriol as Osama Bin Laden, and other   Islamic fundamentalists, hate America and the Jews. So now we have religious fanatics in the White House waging the supposed war of religion, and inciting more and more hatred between Islam and Christianity.


Further Evidence of the accuracy of the USA horoscope

1. In 1914 the USA was threatened with financial disaster. It was so serious that the New York Stock Exchange closed between 31 Jul-28 Nov 1914, as the biggest gold outflow in a generation imperiled the USA’s ability to repay its foreign debt. During this time, transiting Pluto was at 1-20 Cancer  conjunct the USA second house cusp! Throughout  October 1914, transiting Saturn was stationary at 20 Cancer on the USA 2nd house cusp and USA Venus. Catastrophic (Pluto) financial crisis (2nd house).Serious (Saturn) financial crisis (2nd house).

2. On 6 Apr 1917, the USA entered WWI. Transiting Pluto was at 20 Cancer on the USA 2nd house cusp and conjunct the USA Venus, ruler of 12th house. Catastrophic (Pluto) loss of life (Venus rules 12th house of death and mourning). Massive (Pluto) drain on USA finances (2nd house). From 22 Feb to 23 Apr, transiting Saturn was stationary on the USA Mercury. Grave decision (Saturn) to go to war in America’s “face” (ruler of Ascendant). Global war (Pluto) which would destroy the old empires of Europe (Pluto entering Cancer).

3. On 25 October 1929, the Great Stock Market Crash began, catapulting the world into the Great Depression. Transiting Saturn in Capricorn got with 10 of the USA 8th house in April 1929 and finally entered it in mid December. Saturn entering the 8th house (money) means “bankruptcy” more powerfully than any other astrological indicator. The Dow stock market indicator hit its bottom in July 1932, after losing 89% of its value.

4. On 7 December 1941, Pearl Harbour in Hawaii was bombed by the Japanese and the USA entered WWII. Transiting Pluto (stationary Oct-Nov 1941, Aug 1942, stationary Jan-Jun 1943) in Leo 45 degrees from the USA Mars, the god of war, shows the USA’s determination and aggression. Transiting Chiron (stationary Oct-Dec 1941)entering the USA 4th house. Death (Chiron) entering the house of USA families. Transiting Mars in Aries opposed the USA Saturn (July, October and early December 1941). Mars Saturn is called the “death axis”. Saturn rules the USA 8th House of death. In this time period, the transiting Mars crossed semi square (450) to transiting Saturn and Uranus in Taurus as they made a semi square to the USA Sun and sesqui quadrate to the USA Saturn. Challenging others to a decisive fight (Saturn Uranus Mars) where USA families (Sun rules 4th house) bear the brunt through deaths (Saturn rules 8th house) of their children (Saturn in 5th house).

5. The Korean War broke out on 25 June 1950. Up to 6 million soldiers died. Over 33 000 Americans died. Transiting Neptune in Libra (stationary May-Jul 1950) conjunct the USA Saturn. Serious depression (Saturn Neptune) to USA’s children (5th house Saturn) as they face death (Saturn rules 8th house). Transiting Pluto in Leo (Jan, Jul 1950, stationary Apr-May 1951) semi square the USA Venus. Serious (Pluto) financial losses (Venus in 2nd house). Grave (Pluto) depression and death (Venus rules 12th house).

6. In October 1973 the first world oil shock took began. The Dow (DJIA) stockmarket index dropped 40% in the next 10 months, so it was a serious recession in the USA. Transiting Saturn (Aug, Dec 1973, May 1974) in Cancer entered the USA 2nd house and conjuncted the USA Venus. Serious (Saturn) financial crisis (2nd house).

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