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USA 2003 and 2004
Pluto and Mars are violent planets. When they tangle astrologically with each other, war often breaks out. This certainly has been the case for the USA in the past 200 years. Transiting Pluto (Mar 2003 within one degree, Jan, Jun, Nov 2004) in Sagittarius opposition the USA Mars. This  is when the USA went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pluto to the USA Mars transits occurred previously when the USA was at war in 1941-42 (WWII), in 1814-15 (War with Britain) and in 1967-68 (Vietnam War). So in 2003 President George W Bush decided to “beat his chest” (Pluto) and sent his country (Mars) to war in Iraq.

So what shows in 2008-2009 which could see the USA still at war?

USA 2008 and 2009
Transiting Uranus in Pisces will be square the USA Mars between April and August 2008 and early 2009. The last time transiting Uranus was square the USA Mars was between September 1966 and July 1967. During this time transiting Pluto was also square the USA Mars. USA troop numbers in Vietnam surged from 184,000 at the end of 1965 to 463,000 by the end of 1967! Certainly the 1967 situation with both Uranus and Pluto square the USA Mars showed the USA in a brutal, warlike mood.

Though 2008 only shows Uranus
square the USA Mars, it is still frightening with a warmonger like George W Bush in the White House. If he is not tightly kept under control by the opposition Democrat Party, Bush will want to further escalate the Iraq war.

2009 AND 2010

On the world stage, transiting Uranus in Pisces will form oppositions (180 degrees) with transiting Saturn in Virgo beginning in November 2008, February and September 2009, and April and July 2010. In this time, there will be a strong build up in the number of threats of military conflict around the world, and most likely of political assassinations. On a personal level, there is hightened  likelihood of arguments and disputes and people being just plain aggressive towards YOU and everybody else.

During the last Saturn Uranus opposition (March 1965 to Dec 1966): military coups took place in Upper Volta, Central African Republic, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Syria, Ghana, Argentina, Togo, Iraq, Indonesia; USA President Johnson stated the USA would stay in Vietnam until the communist aggression ended. Australia began sending troops to Vietnam; anti Vietnam War demonstrations began in the USA; India and Pakistan went to war in Kashmir; there were strong tensions between China and India; Civil Rights demonstrations, led by Martin Luther King Jnr, began in Alabama, USA.

So it looks likely the USA will want to increase the military stakes in Iraq, and possibly elsewhere, and that USA Anti War protests will escalate. Military coups and border disputes between major countries are likely.

The USA and IRAN Horoscopes

Looking at the horoscopes of the USA and IRAN, it becomes clear why there is such deep hatred between them.

The USA Saturn at 15 Libra is conjunct the Iran Pluto at 18 Libra. Israel has a Saturn Pluto conjunction in its horoscope. I wrote about this aspect in an article on Israel:

Don’t ever underestimate the brutal and ruthless way in which Israel deals with the Arabs. The Israeli horoscope has a Saturn Pluto conjunction, the astrological energy of a “mass murderer”. This description was correctly explained by Reinhold Ebertin, a German Jew, in his classic astrological work The Combination of Stellar Influences. The Saturn Pluto conjunction is arguably the most destructive of all astrological combinations of planets. To back up this claim is simple. Israel has a nuclear arsenal, the ultimate weapons of mass destruction. Israel developed its nuclear weaponry itself, in the most secretive way. Annihilation and nuclear power are ruled by Pluto. Science and brutality are ruled by Saturn. The warning should be clear, if you mess with Israel you will simply be annihilated without any thought for your fate at all.

Over the last 30 years I have been observing Israel’s behaviour very closely. Israel does not want peace with the Arabs. The Israeli Saturn conjunct Pluto is very secretive and very harsh in its assessment and treatment of others.

So the potential for a very brutal war between the USA and Iran is ever present through their combined Saturn Pluto conjunction.

The USA Neptune at 22 Virgo is opposition the Iran Mars at 25 Pisces. The USA is trying to drain (Neptune) the energy (Mars) out of Iran through secret, subversive means (Neptune).

The USA Neptune at 22 Virgo conjunct the Iran Midheaven at 22 Virgo. The USA is constantly trying to secretively undermine (Neptune) the Iranian President and his administration (Midheaven).

USA begins turning ISOLATIONIST in late 2009

Transiting Saturn
will conjunct the USA Neptune in December 2008, January 2009 and 27 August 2009. When this previously occurred: between December 1861 and August 1862, the American Civil War was blazing;
between Nov 1920 and August 1921, the USA turned isolationist with the Emergency Quota Act, enacted in May 1921, to limit immigration and hold up the wages of poor Americans; in August 1950, the USA was at war in Korea; between October 1979 and July 1980, the USA embassy hostage crisis occurred in Iran. It was a time of complete humiliation for the USA, made worse by a failed military attempt to free them. The USA also boycotted the Moscow Summer Olympics. In June 1980 the USA had a peacetime military draft in response to the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan.

History shows the time leading up to
transiting Saturn becoming conjunct the USA Neptune in December 2008, January 2009 and 27 August 2009 will be a tough time for the USA. It will be an economically and emotionally tough time for many American families with their sons and daughters away at war.

Humiliated by its failed Afghanistan and Iraq wars and supposed "war on terrorism", isolationism is likely to grip the USA by mid to late 2009.

Many Americans will begin to understand for the first time that you cannot kill a terrorist with an army. So far George W Bush's Iraq war has resulted in more than 500 000 Iraqis being killed, two million made homeless and a further two million fleeing the country in fear of their lives. Sadly American brutality has FORCED Iraqis to HATE Americans, and even more stupidly, has bred a generation of potential terrorists. The USA manufacturers 65% of the weapons in the world. If she only spent a fraction of this amount on helping desperate, poverty stricken peoples around the world, she would again make friends and be respected as a leader, instead of being hated.

It is believed by many sane people around the world that the USA is run by BIG business, by the weapons industry. BIG business in America does not want peace in the Middle East or anywhere else. I pray that by mid 2009 the USA will finally understand the shocking truth of what it has done in Iraq. I pray the shame of what the American people will feel by condoning what the Bush Administration has done, will lead to a change in American foreign policy no longer ruled by the gun.

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