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USA Presidential Election 2008 Horoscopes of John McCain and Barack Obama for 2008-09.
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George W Bush Assassination 2008
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Douglas Parker has been a professional astrologer in Melbourne Australia for over 25 years: 

This is part of five articles:  Horoscope of President George W Bush   USA Presidents who died in Office; and Assassinated USA Presidents, USA horoscope.

Eight Presidents of the United States of America have died while in office.
Four Presidents died from natural causes: William Henry Harrison (4 April 1841); Zachary Taylor (9 July 1850); Warren Harding (2 August 1923) and Franklin D Roosevelt (12 April 1945). Only summaries of the astrological data which led to their deaths is shown here.
Four Presidents were assassinated:
Abraham Lincoln
(14 Apr 1865); James Garfield (9 Jul 1881, died 19 Sep); William McKinley (6 Sep 1901) and John F Kennedy (22 Nov 1963). Full astrological details, which clearly show their deaths is given in my article: Assassination of USA Presidents. In this article, only a summary is shown. 

Also shown throughout this article are the astrology aspects (shaded areas) to President George W Bush's horoscope during 2006, 2007 and 2008, which are similar to the astrology aspects which showed up when the eight USA Presidents died in Office. For my analyses of these aspects in reference to Bush, please go to Horoscope of President George W Bush   

When researching the transiting outer planets, especially Pluto and Neptune, it is important to check up to 12 months after the event, to see whether they retrograde back towards the planet they were aspecting. If they retrograde back to within say 30-40 minutes of aspecting the planet, I believe they are still ‘in aspect’ with, and so effecting that planet.
In my research, if a transiting planet aspects a planet say months before and months after an event, but may be quite wide of it when an actual event occurs, it is still aspecting that planet when the event occurs, bound to it from both ends so to speak, like the threads in a spider web.
The solar returns of the USA and the 8 Presidents in this article were all done for Washington, DC. MC means midheaven, 10th house cusp. SR means solar return. SE means solar eclipse.

USA Horoscope
I believe the USA horoscope, the time the USA was "born" is: 4 July 1776 in Philadelphia at 2:12 am. I believe this research article has stunning evidence to support this particular USA horoscope. This is solidly supported by further intense astrology research I have done, shown at: USA horoscope and Horoscope of President George W Bush. This gives the following: USA MC, 13 Aquarius 23, USA Moon, 18 Aquarius 09, USA Ascendant, 6 Gemini 57.
MC means midheaven; 10th house cusp. SR means solar return. IC means 4th house cusp.


USA MC, Moon & Ascendant


Neptune conjunct USA MC. Saturn 450 USA MC.


Neptune square USA Ascendant!


Pluto square and Uranus 1350 USA MC.

BUSH, GW          

Pluto 450 USA MC (stationary Feb to May, Dec 2007)


Neptune square USA MC.


Neptune 1350 USA MC.


Neptune opposition USA Moon.


Neptune conjunct USA Moon (Sep-Dec 2006).
SR Neptune & USA SR Neptune conjunct
USA Moon (6 Jul 2006 to 5 Jul 2007).




Neptune square USA MC (ends Sep 1963). Neptune square USA Moon (begins Feb 1964). I have no doubt these great transits both had an effect in late November.

(a) Neptune, Pluto and Uranus rule assassination. Hard aspects of these planets to the USA MC led to the assassinations of: Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy. Neptune also rules dissolution and something ‘out of control’.
(b) Hard aspects of Neptune to the USA MC led to the death of Harrison. It also led to a government (MC) ‘out of control’, leaderless, as was the case in (a) above.
(c) A hard aspect of Neptune to the USA Moon (in USA 10th house of government and President) killed Harding and Kennedy.
(d) A hard aspect of Neptune to the USA Ascendant killed Taylor.
(e) Only Roosevelt’s death does not fit into the pattern. His death is explained elsewhere in this article.

The most important planets in a horoscope are the Sun, the Moon, the Ascendant and the MC. It is remarkable (I’ve been an astrologer for over 25 years, but astrology just does not cease to amaze me) how they were all triggered off at different times when Presidents of the USA died in office.

I believe the above transits to the USA MC, Moon and Ascendant are compelling evidence of the accuracy of the USA horoscope I am using. 

Node (within 4 weeks of death)

1. Node: conjunct (Kennedy, early Dec 1963) (Roosevelt, Apr 1945) USA Sun; conjunct (Harrison) USA Moon; conjunct (Harrison, May 1841) USA         MC; opposition (Taylor, Jun 1850) and square (McKinley, 10 Aug 1901) USA Moon; 1350 (Garfield, August 1881) and opposition (Lincoln,  
    April  1865) USA Sun- Moon midpoint at 0 Taurus 26.
2. USA SR Node conjunct: (Garfield & Lincoln) USA SR IC; (Taylor) USA IC; (Kennedy) USA Mercury (rules Ascendant); (McKinley) natal IC;       
    square (McKinley) USA Moon.
3. SR Node conjunct: (McKinley & Kennedy) natal MC; (Taylor) SR MC; (Garfield)   natal IC; (Lincoln) SR Saturn; (Harrison) USA Moon.
4. Saturn conjunct (McKinley & Harding) natal Node.
5. Pluto conjunct (Roosevelt) USA Node.

There appears to be little doubt the Node has much to do with when USA Presidents (and other powerful rulers) lose power.

Bush GW: SR & USA SR Saturn conjunct USA Node (5 Jul 2006 to 4 Jul 2007).

conjunct: (McKinley) USA Mars; (McKinley) SR Neptune; (Taylor) USA Moon; (Garfield) SR Mars; (Harrison) USA Pluto.
USA SR IC conjunct: (Taylor) USA Venus; (Kennedy) USA Saturn; (Lincoln) USA SR Node; (Harding) USA Moon & USA MC.
SR MC conjunct: (Kennedy) SR Pluto; (Roosevelt) SR Neptune; (Lincoln) USA Sun.
conjunct: (Garfield) USA Mars; (Lincoln) USA SR Pluto.

Bush GW: SR Saturn & Mars & USA SR Saturn & Mars conjunct USA IC (5 Jul 2006 to 3 Jul 2007).
SR MC conjunct USA Saturn (5 Jul 2006 to 3 Jul 2007).                                                                                                                          
                  SR Ascendant opposition USA Saturn (6 Jul 2007 to 5 Jul 2008).

Ascendant MC Pluto Uranus
Pluto square (Lincoln) and Uranus 1350 (Lincoln) USA MC.
SR MC conjunct: (Kennedy) SR Pluto.
Pluto 1350 (McKinley) and 450 (Roosevelt) Ascendant.
Uranus conjunct Pluto square (Taylor) Ascendant.
USA SR Pluto opposition (Harrison) USA SR Ascendant

Bush GW: SR Ascendant conjunct SR Pluto (5 Jul 2006 to 4 Jul 2007).
                   Pluto 450
USA MC (stationary Feb to May, Dec 2007).

SR Ascendant, USA Moon, USA Neptune, USA Uranus, USA Mars
USA SR Ascendant: opposition (Lincoln) USA Moon; conjunct (Kennedy & McKinley). USA Node;
conjunct (Garfield) and 450 (McKinley, Harding) USA Neptune.
SR Ascendant: opposition (McKinley) USA Neptune.
SR Ascendant conjunct (Lincoln) USA Saturn.
SR Ascendant: square (Roosevelt) USA Neptune.

Bush GW: SR Ascendant square USA Neptune (5 Jul 2006 to 4 Jul 2007). 

USA Pluto
: 450 (McKinley) USA SR Uranus; square (Lincoln) USA SR Mars; square (Taylor) USA SR Uranus and USA SR Pluto;
1350 (Garfield, Roosevelt) Uranus; 1350 (Kennedy) Pluto; square (Jan & Apr 1841, Harrison) Mars.
SR Pluto: square (Kennedy) USA Uranus.
USA SR Pluto: square (Kennedy) USA Uranus; conjunct (McKinley) USA Mars.

Bush GW: Pluto 1350 natal Pluto (Jan, Jun, Nov 2006, within 40’ Oct 2007).

USA Uranus: square (McKinley) SR Mars; square (Roosevelt & Kennedy) Uranus.
SR Uranus: 1350 (Lincoln) natal Uranus.

Bush GW: Uranus square natal Uranus (stationary within 30’ Jun-Jul 2007, Mar 2008).


Saturn Moon
: conjunct (Kennedy) USA Moon; square (Lincoln) and conjunct (Roosevelt) natal Moon.
USA SR Moon: conjunct (Garfield) and opposition (Harding) USA Saturn.
USA Moon
conjunct: (Kennedy) USA SR Saturn; (Kennedy) SR Saturn.
SR Moon conjunct: (Taylor) SR Saturn; (Harrison) USA Saturn.


Mars Uranus Pluto
: 1350 (Garfield) USA Pluto; square (Kennedy) natal Sun; square (McKinley) SR Neptune.
Mars square (McKinley) natal Sun.
Pluto 450 (Garfield) USA Sun.
USA Mars square (Harrison) Uranus.
SR Mars: 450 (Kennedy) USA Sun; square (McKinley) USA Uranus.


Saturn Mars
conjunct (Lincoln), opposition (Garfield) and square (Kennedy) natal Mars.
USA SR Mars: conjunct (Garfield) SR Saturn; 450 (Taylor) USA Saturn.


Saturn Uranus
: square (Garfield & Taylor) natal Uranus; 1350 (Lincoln) USA Uranus. 
Uranus conjunct (Garfield) natal Saturn.
SR Saturn conjunct (Kennedy) natal Uranus.
SR Uranus: 450 (Kennedy) USA Saturn.

Bush GW: Uranus 1350 natal Saturn (stationary Oct-Dec 2006).


SR Moon
: conjunct (McKinley) USA Uranus; conjunct (Roosevelt) USA Neptune; at 28 Aries square (Harding) USA Pluto.
USA Moon: square (Kennedy) Neptune; opposition (Lincoln) USA SR Ascendant.
USA SR Moon conjunct (Harding, Lincoln) USA SR 6/12 house cusp.

Bush GW: SR Neptune conjunct USA Moon (5 Jul 2006 to 4 Jul 2007).
SR Moon at 26 Libra square USA Pluto (4 Jul 2006 to 4 Jul 2007).
                  USA SR Moon conjunct
USA SR 6/12 house cusp (4 Jul 2006 to 4 Jul 2007).


Mars Foreground
SR Mars: conjunct (Garfield) SR IC; conjunct (Lincoln) USA Ascendant & USA Uranus; opposition (Garfield) natal Moon;
square (McKinley) USA Ascendant.
Natal Mars: opposition (Kennedy) and conjunct (Taylor) SR Ascendant.
USA Mars opposition (Roosevelt) SR Ascendant.

Bush GW: SR Ascendant opposition USA Mars (5 Jul 2006 to 4 Jul 2007).


Saturn Neptune
SR Saturn
square (Garfield) natal Neptune.
Neptune 450 (Taylor) natal Saturn.
Saturn 1350 and Neptune square (Harrison) natal Ascendant.

Bush GW: Saturn 450 natal Neptune (Sep 2006, Feb, Jun 2007).


Neptune Venus
Natal Venus
: opposition (McKinley) SR Neptune.
Neptune conjunct (Lincoln) natal Venus.

Bush: Neptune opposition natal Venus (stationary Apr-Jun 2007, Feb 2008).


Saturn Pluto
: 1350 (Garfield) USA Saturn; 450 (Kennedy) natal Saturn.
1350 (Lincoln & Kennedy) natal Pluto; square (Lincoln) USA Pluto.

Bush: SR Saturn conjunct natal Pluto (5 Jul 2006 to 4 Jul 2007).


Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse: conjunct (Garfield) USA Uranus & USA Ascendant;: conjunct (McKinley) natal Mars & natal IC; conjunct (Kennedy, Roosevelt) &   opposition (Kennedy) USA Pluto; conjunct (Kennedy) Saturn (rules 4), the IC and Neptune; conjunct (Lincoln) USA 12th house cusp; opposition (Lincoln) Node & Uranus.

USA Saturn: conjunct (Lincoln) and square (McKinley) USA SR Saturn.
Natal Saturn square (Taylor) Saturn.

USA Venus
USA Venus: opposition (Kennedy) USA SR Moon; conjunct (Taylor) USA SR IC; square (Taylor) SR Moon & SR Saturn;
conjunct (Taylor) SR Mars; opposition (Harrison) stationary Saturn; 1350 (Harrison) Neptune.

Bush GW: USA SR Vertex (7 Cancer) conjunct USA Sun. (4 Jul 2006 to 3 Jul 2007).


USA SR Vertex & Chiron
Lincoln. USA SR Vertex (12 Capricorn) opposition USA Sun.
Harding. USA SR Vertex (21 Gemini) conjunct USA Mars.
Roosevelt. USA SR Vertex (17 Aquarius) conjunct USA Moon.
Kennedy. SR Vertex (8 Cancer) conjunct USA Jupiter

USA SR Chiron (21 Aries) conjunct (Harding) USA Chiron.
USA SR Chiron (12 Cancer) conjunct (Harrison) USA Sun.
USA Chiron: conjunct (Taylor) USA SR Saturn; conjunct (Taylor) SR Uranus; conjunct (Harrison) Pluto.
SR Chiron: conjunct (Taylor) natal Sun; conjunct (Taylor) USA 7th house cusp.
Chiron: square (Harrison) USA Saturn; 450 (Taylor) natal Saturn.

Bush GW: SR Chiron opposition SR Saturn & USA Node (5 Jul 2006 to 4 Jul 2007).                 
                  Transiting Chiron conjunct
USA MC (Mar, Jul 2007, Jan 2008).


Sun Neptune
Neptune 450 (Lincoln) natal Sun.

Saturn Mercury
square (Lincoln) USA Mercury. 

Saturn IC

Bush: Saturn conjunct natal Venus (4th house ruler) (Sep 2006 to June 2007)


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