Astrology Horoscopes for Barack Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin & Joe Biden

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Is often extremely difficult to predict with accuracy will happen in a politician’s life because quite often their time of birth is not known, or deliberately hidden from the public. What I have done in this article is look at the horoscopes of John McCain, Barak Obama and their two running mates Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.


What is clear from my research is that John McCain can have serious health problems, family crises and depression beginning around October 2008 for up to 3 years. Sarah Palin is his running mate. In this time she will face the greatest crises in her entire life! Throughout 2008 and 2009 her horoscope shows she will have no power, no vitality, no plan and no idea about what is going on in her life.  A serious illness, depression, even panic attacks and serious family problems can afflict her in this time. There just seems to be too many astrological negatives going against the McCain Palin ticket.

Barack Obama has solar eclipses on his Sun between August 2008 and January 2009. Joe Biden has solar eclipses on his Pluto in the same time period. These eclipses are likely to rocket them into the White House. There is a lot of energy showing in Obama’s horoscope leading up to the presidential election. Sadly for the United States, Barak Obama’s horoscope for 2009 shows him feeling very insecure, lacking clarity in his thoughts, unable to make decisions and becoming the object of gossip and rumour.  

Two years ago I wrote that the USA around 2009-12 would be going into the greatest Depression in living memory. I have a definite fear that the USA will choose yet another dud President, as it has done so many times before in its history. If Barack Obama becomes the president of the United States of America, this may just be a sign of the times, an incompetent President, in crisis, leading America deeper into one of the greatest crises in its history.

Horoscope of John McCain

John McCain was born on 29 August 1936 in Cocosolo, Panama. Both his father and grandfather were admirals in the US Navy. I have rectified, that is worked out McCain’s birth time using astrology, from many events that have occurred in his life and I believe he was born within a couple of minutes of 9 AM.

Between April and October December 2008, transiting Uranus will be conjunct JohnMcCain’s Saturn. McCain will be under a lot of tension in this time, and has to be extremely careful not to incite undue controversy or behave tactlessly.

Between October 2008 and April June 2009, transiting Saturn will be conjunct McCain’s Neptune. This shows great depression, serious family problems and potentially serious health problems for John McCain in this time. Saturn Neptune is called the illness aspect and is often associated with cancer, which I believe McCain has had at least twice in his life. McCain has a Saturn Neptune opposition in his horoscope, indicating mental illness (depression), a dysfunctional family and that cancer runs in his family.

Around October 2008 transiting Saturn will begin to go through John McCain’s 12th house and will be there until the end of 2010. This shows a time of a potentially serious health crisis for McCain. Saturn transiting through the 12th house is like living in a cemetery, where close relatives or friends or pets can pass away. It usually relates to hard work with little gain, a serious illness and great sadness.

Around 2008-09 transiting Uranus will begin to go through John McCain’s sixth house of work environment and health.   This can give changes in the work pattern, unexpected enmity from people once considered to be friendly and unexpected health problems.

Between November 2008, February and July 2009, transiting Saturn will be opposition John McCain’s Saturn. This will be a difficult time for McCain, a time of frustration and delay. It would be surprising if someone could win a presidential election under such a difficult transit.

Horoscope of Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin was born on 11 February 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho. A birth time 4:40 p.m. is circulating. I have done no work to verify the birth time, but this is not also not necessary to explain what is happening to her through 2008 and 2009.

Palin has her Sun at 22 Aquarius, her Mars at 23 Aquarius and her Saturn at 25 Aquarius.  The Sun Mars conjunction shows a desire to be in the limelight, that she is a warrior and makes decisions quickly. The Sun and Saturn conjunction shows she’s serious, decisive and determined and is able to maintain her position in life. The Mars Saturn conjunction shows she is very tough, but she can also be very destructive, for example it would be scary if she were involved in decisions which may send America to war again, because she would most likely do it just because she could. Many times in the last 27 years that I’ve been a professional astrologer, I have seen Mars Saturn conjunctions in the horoscopes of people who have gone bankrupt.

Since February and March 2008 transiting Neptune has been conjunct (0) Sarah Palin’s Sun and Mars respectively, and will be until December 2008 and November 2009 respectively.  Astrologically speaking, this is arguably the greatest crisis time in Sarah Palin’s life, where she has no power, no vitality, no plan and no idea about what is going on in her life.  It is extremely likely in this time that she can get extremely sick, and even have panic attacks through fear, as her horoscope is showing a once in 30 year energy crisis. It is also likely in this time she can be dragged into a scandal. Between January and March 2009, transiting Neptune will be conjunct Palin’s Mars Saturn midpoint. This shows a weak vitality, self torment, depression and insufficient power to tackle any obstacles in her path. Through most of 2009 transiting Neptune will be conjunct Sarah Palin’s Saturn. This shows a time of heavy depression, serious family problems and health problems. Between April 2008 and December 2009, transiting Neptune will be 135 from Palin’s Node. This is showing a time in which she can form wrong ideas about other people or associations, and where she has difficulty in adjusting to people around her. This is a very bad transit for a politician trying to be elected.

If Palin’s birth time is correct, an incredible undermining and sadness is showing in her marriage between 2007 and 2009.

It seems incredulous, indeed impossible, that  John McCain and Sarah Palin can come to power at the end of 2008. And if they were to come to power, the United States could be thrown into one of its greatest crises of confidence in its leaders in its history.

Horoscope of Barack Obama

Barak Obama was born on 4 August 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. His time of birth is uncertain. 1:06 PM and 7:24 PM have been mentioned, but at this stage I’m not prepared to rectify his birth time. I would like to make a couple of comments about his horoscope. He has his Sun 90 from his Neptune, with Mars 45 from both these planets. Sun Neptune personalities are impressionable and can be easily influenced and exploited by other people. Their lives can be somewhat chaotic, almost living in the land of the fairies, and they can find themselves entangled in scandal. Here we may have a personality who is all talk, who has no plans and is likely to formulate none and is NOT a man of action. And these personality types can have cravings for drugs and narcotics, especially when Mars is also 45 from Neptune. I have serious doubts about Barak Obama’s energy levels. Mars Neptune personalities can have failures caused through the absence of plans or through lack of energy and can be exploited and be narrow-minded.

Barack Obama’s horoscope also has Saturn 135 from Pluto. This can be a person who has a hard and unfeeling disposition, who is cold-hearted.  There is a ruthless, even violent side to his personality. And at times he can be very self-destructive.

 I have a definite fear that the USA will choose yet another dud President, as it is done so many times before in its history. If you read about my predictions for the USA for 2009, 2010, 2011 and beyond, you will see that I believe the USA is heading for its greatest Depression in living memory.  If Barack Obama becomes the president of the United States, this may just be a sign of the times, an incompetent President leading America deeper into one of the greatest crises in its history.

In July 2008 there was a solar eclipse conjunct (0) Barak Obama’s Sun. This shows a pronounced change in his life at this time, as he was chosen by the Democratic Party to be their candidate for the presidency of the United States of America. Between June and July 2008 and the end of 2009, transiting Uranus will be opposite Obama’s Mars. So leading up to the presidential election, he will have an unusual intensification of energy which will lead to an increased performance. There may even be an assassination attempt on him in this time.

A major concern is that not only will transiting Neptune be opposition (180) Barak Obama’s Uranus between March and August 2009 and January 2010, but that from March to October  December 2009, transiting Uranus will be 135 away from Obama’s Neptune. This shows him feeling very insecure and lacking in clarity. And it will be very difficult for him to show a clear and consistent attitude to other people, so that there is a greater likelihood that he will become the object of gossip and rumour. It is a time when he will be very unclear in his thoughts and unable to make decisions and this again can make him subject to detrimental gossip.

Horoscope of Joe Biden

Joe Biden was born on 20 November 1942 in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  8:30 AM has been mentioned as his possible time of birth. I have not fully rectified his birth time based on the events in his life. However, on 18 December 1972 Joe Biden’s wife and daughter were both killed in a car accident. Transiting Pluto was conjunct (0) his Neptune at this time. A birth time around 8:30 AM shows 19 Pisces on his fourth house of the home and family. So as Pluto, the planet of death and massive life change, became  conjunct the ruler of his fourth house of home and family, his family life was changed forever. So it seems quite possible his birth time may be fairly accurate.

Biden’s horoscope between June 2008 and March 2009 is very interesting. Transiting Uranus is 135 to his Pluto between June 2008 and February 2009, shows him making exceptional efforts to achieve greater aims. It is a major life changing year for Joe Biden. Also transiting Neptune is 90 to his Mercury throughout 2008. This shows the time when he can deceiving himself, make wrong judgements and act prematurely. In August 2008 there was a solar eclipse conjunct Joe Biden’s Pluto and in January 2009 the solar eclipse will be opposite his Pluto. This can show a sudden, dramatic advancement in a politician’s life, for example becoming the vice president of America. Even more interesting, if Biden’s birth time is correct, is transiting Saturn conjunct his MC (career ) between November 2008 and February 2009, and right up to July 2009. This shows him assuming greater responsibility in his career, leading much less time for his family. At the same time, if his time as a birth is correct, transiting Uranus if going through his fourth house cusp, showing a radical change in his life and in his family life. In January 2009, almost to the day when the new president and vice president will be sworn into office,  transiting Pluto will be 90 to Biden’s Neptune in his tenth house of career, showing the potential for a massive career change.


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