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USA Presidential Election 2008 Horoscopes of John McCain and Barack Obama for 2008-09. Also the horoscopes of Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. 

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20 Aug 2006, updated (in black) 8 February 2011
Douglas Parker has been a professional astrologer for over 25 years. Contact Douglas at .
Douglas has done a lot of research on the USA:    George W Bush,    USA Presidents who died in Office,    USA & Middle East Wars,    Assassinated USA Presidents,    USA horoscope

Before doing this work, I rectified the USA horoscope to ensure I had the correct chart to work with. After doing this extensive research, I am certain the USA horoscope is: born on 4 July 1776, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; birth time was 2:12 am, LMT. 


Let’s step back a little and see why the USA is in such dire financial straits.

Transiting Neptune went into the USA 10th house (the President, the government and national esteem) around 2002-03. This occurs rarely, once every 165 years. It is likely to seriously affect the USA until at least 2015. This led to the lies, deceit, deception and outright corruption (Neptune) of the Bush Administration. Bush & Rumsfeld told lies to the American people about Iraq having “weapons of mass destruction” (it didn’t) and used this as a pretext to go to war. Iraq’s infrastructure was completely destroyed, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were killed. The war will cost the USA over 3 trillion dollars. Meanwhile, as the war rages, the infrastructure of America has fallen apart, as there is no money left to fix it. The American weapons industry, which produces 65% of all the weapons in the world, has stolen America’s money yet again! Sadly, America’s esteem in the world, many believe the Iraq war is a war crime, has sunk to an all time low. Such is the devastation Neptune can bring if the crooks get their way!

Transiting Neptune will still be at work in the USA 10th house until at least 2015. So in 2008-09 America went into Depression, overwhelmed by debt caused by greed and wishful thinking (Neptune). This debt was essentially caused by the greed and corruption (Neptune) of Wall Street and the major American banks, set up by the sub-prime crisis. Government incompetence together with Alan Greenspan’s incompetence (Neptune) had let them behave corruptly. So what did the Fed do? It gave money to the crooks who had caused the crisis in the first place, Wall Street and the banks, to stop them going bankrupt. The Fed made them rich again, and simply abandoned the ordinary American and let him go bankrupt.

The other overwhelming astrological factor affecting the USA horoscope is transiting Pluto, which entered the USA 8th house of money in 2008-09. [The USA birth time may well be 2:05 am. This puts transiting Saturn on the USA 8th house cusp @ 0º25 Capricorn in early 1929, an indicator of bankruptcy.] This essentially indicates the USA burdened with overwhelming debt (Pluto). This influence can go on at least until 2018.  

I will now explain the other astrological influences on the USA horoscope for 2011.

Transiting Neptune 135º USA Sun, April-July 2010 to November 2011. There is a danger here of the President and other leaders of America (Sun) losing contact with reality, putting on an act of being in control when in fact the opposite is the truth (Neptune). It can be indicating that those mentioned together with the American population has a general disinclination to work and is reluctant to fulfill their obligations. It can be a time of great disappointment for Americans, especially about the dream of home ownership (Sun rules 4th house of houses and land).        

Transiting Neptune 180º USA Sun/Saturn midpoint, March to December 2011. Transiting Neptune was conjunct (0º) this midpoint in 1928-29, leading up to the Great Depression. So this suggests that there will be a continuing, serious financial crisis in America until at least the end of 2012.

Transiting Pluto 180º USA Jupiter, January-November 2011. This can indicate an exceptional striving for power over others or for wealth. Is this the Fed printing massive sums of money, to devalue the USD and so reduce its massive debt? A major conflict with a foreign power may take place, as Jupiter rules USA 7th house. Could there be a currency war? Against China? I suspect there will be further deepening of the financial crisis in this time.    

Transiting Saturn 90º the USA Sun, November 2010 to April-August 2011. This indicates President Barack Obama (Sun) will have greater difficulties than usual, health concerns, family problems and a lack of initiative. The government in general will struggle during this time and serious conflicts with other countries will arise. Families will struggle to meet their financial commitments, and many house foreclosures will continue to occur.

Transiting Neptune will be 135º USA Saturn, April-August 2011 to February 2012. This suggests a depressive tone in America, an unhappy nation struggling with its heavy financial burdens (Saturn rules USA 8th house of money) which are only getting worse. People are still spending wildly beyond their means and piling up further debt. Foreign nations (Saturn rules USA 8th house of debt to foreigners) are becoming more and more reluctant to continue financing the massive USD 14,127, 705, 000, 000 American debt.

Solar eclipse conjunct (0º) USA Uranus in mid 2011. I have not done the research. An assassination attempt on a major US official, the President?

I could write more. Enough for now. 



Transiting Uranus will be square the USA Mars between April and August 2008 and early 2009. The last time transiting Uranus was square the USA Mars was between September 1966 and July 1967. During this time transiting Pluto was also square the USA Mars. USA troop numbers in Vietnam surged from 184,000 at the end of 1965 to 463,000 by the end of 1967! Certainly the 1967 situation with both Uranus and Pluto square the USA Mars showed the USA in a brutal, warlike mood.

Though the 2008 situation only shows Uranus
square the USA Mars, it is still frightening with a warmonger like George W Bush in the White House. If he is not tightly kept under control by the opposition Democrat Party, Bush will want to further escalate the Iraq war and possibly even militarily threaten Iran.

The USA's trade deficit in May 2006 was $63.8 billion (US Commerce Department). That’s right, the U.S. debt went up $63.8 billion in May! The year-to-date deficit is up 12.8% to $317.9 billion. Last year, the deficit was a record $716.7 billion. The U.S. Public Debt at 7am on 11 Aug 2006 was a staggering $8,451,002,559, 100. The USA has around 299 million people, with each citizen's share of this debt being $28,237.82.

The USA National Debt has increased an average of $1.65 billion per day since
September 30, 2005! The monthly interest rate alone on the debt is staggering. Some 42% of this debt is owed by the government, because they have spent their social security funds to finance the debt. What will happen when the major holders of U.S. debt want their money back?

In 1914 the USA was threatened with financial disaster. It was so serious the New York Stock Exchange closed between 31 Jul-28 Nov 1914, as the biggest gold outflow in a generation imperiled the USA’s ability to repay its foreign debt. During this time, transiting Pluto was at 1-20 Cancer conjunct the USA second house cusp! Throughout  October 1914, transiting Saturn was stationary at 20 Cancer on the USA 2nd house cusp and USA Venus. Catastrophic (Pluto) financial crisis (2nd house). Serious (Saturn) financial crisis (2nd house).

Transiting Pluto (Jan, Jun and Nov 2009, Sep 2010) in Capricorn conjunct the USA 8th house.
When transiting Pluto was opposite this point in 1914 the USA was threatened with financial disaster (see previous paragraph). So the same threat of financial disaster is likely now. There will be great pressure (Pluto) exerted by foreign countries (8th house) to redeem their debt from America in 2009 and 2010. This will bring a serious financial crisis to the USA, most likely the worst in living memory. There is even a likelihood of a strong Depression breaking out in the USA between 2008 and 2012.

A HOROSCOPE IN 2008, 2009, 2010

Transiting Saturn
will conjunct the USA Neptune in December 2008, January 2009 and 27 August 2009. When this previously occurred:
between December 1861 and August 1862, the American Civil War was blazing;
between Nov 1920 and August 1921, the USA turned isolationist with the Emergency Quota Act, enacted in May 1921, to limit immigration and hold up the wages of poor Americans;
in August 1950, the USA was at war in Korea;
between October 1979 and July 1980, the USA embassy hostage crisis occurred in Iran. It was a time of complete humiliation for the USA, made worse by a failed military attempt to free them. The USA also boycotted the Moscow Summer Olympics. In June 1980 the USA had a peacetime military draft in response to the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan.

History shows the time leading up to
transiting Saturn becoming conjunct the USA Neptune in December 2008, January 2009 and 27 August 2009 will be a tough time for the USA. It will be an economically and emotionally tough time for many American families. Humiliated by its failed Afghanistan and Iraq wars and supposed "war on terrorism", isolationism is likely to grip the USA by mid 2009.

Many Americans will begin to understand for the first time that you cannot kill a terrorist with an army. George W Bush's Iraq war has resulted in more than 350 000 Iraqis being killed, 2 million made homeless and a further 2 million fleeing the country in fear of their lives. America has FORCED Iraqis to HATE Americans, and bred a generation of potential terrorists. The USA manufacturers 65% of the weapons in the world. If she only spent a fraction of this amount on helping desperate, poverty stricken peoples around the world, she would again make friends and be respected as a leader, instead of being hated.  

USA 2007 Solar Return                                                                                                

A Solar Return has effect from birthday to birthday, so this chart operates 4 Jul 2007 to 3 Jul 2008.
The USA SR (solar return) Ascendant is 18 degrees Aquarius conjunct the USA Moon.
The attention of the U.S. people (Ascendant) will be on the government and President (U.S. Moon in 10th house).

The SR Neptune at 21 degrees Aquarius opposite the SR Saturn at 23 degrees Leo. The SR Neptune Saturn opposition (great family worries, sickness) lays across the SR horizon (1-7 house cusp). This shows fear and anxiety (Neptune conjunct Ascendant) combined with serious conflict with foreign countries (Saturn conjunct 7th house). July 2007 to July 2008 will be a desperately sad time in the history of the USA.

USA 2008 Solar Return                   

A Solar Return has effect from birthday to birthday, so this chart operates 4 Jul 2008 to 3 Jul 2009.
The USA SR Ascendant at 210 Gemini conjunct the USA Mars. Americans (Ascendant) will be feeling very angry (Mars). The SR Mars at 10 Leo is conjunct the SR Saturn at 50
Leo in the SR 4th house. This is a time where America will feel powerless, forced to yield.  U.S. families (4th house) will be under extreme pressure (Mars Saturn), and many of them will still be losing sons on the battlefield and under massive financial pressure. The USA SR Neptune at 230 Aquarius conjunct the SR 10th house. The USA self confidence at a low ebb. More lies (Neptune) from a government (10th house) completely “out of control” (Neptune).

Transiting Saturn
, if the
USA horoscope I am using is correct, began transiting through the USA 4th house of the home and family in July 2006 and will not leave that  house until mid 2008.  This indicates severe (Saturn) financial and emotional problems in USA families during this time.

Update 30 Oct 2007.  The body bags continue to come home from Iraq, simply devastating American families. They numbered over 3500 by July 2007. The USA Subprime Mortgage Loan Crisis, which arose through mid 2007, has rocked the financial world. In August 2007, 5 million new homes across America were for sale. Possibly hundreds of thousands of families will lose their homes. 

USA IN 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 FOLLOWS

USA invaded Iraq on 20 March 2003                            
U.S. allies Japan, India, Turkey, France, Germany, Canada, and the U.N. Security Council, did not believe Bush had enough evidence of Iraqi ‘weapons of mass destruction’ to justify a full-scale invasion. The U.S. and the U.K. invaded Iraq, together with a token force from Australia, Poland, Spain and Italy.
Benjamin Ferenccz, a former chief prosecutor at the post WWII Nuremberg Trials argued that Bush and his Administration could be prosecuted for war crimes. U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan and Boutros Boutros-Ghali, together with several nations, made similar statements.
On 1 May 2003, on a U.S.A. aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, in blissful ignorance, Bush claimed under a sign reading "mission accomplished," that major ground operations were at an end. Before the Iraq war, the White House estimated its cost at up to $200 billion. It is now over $315 billion. Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard budget expert Linda Bilmes estimate the war may cost up to $1-2 trillion, if you include lifetime disability and health care for over 16,000 casualties (3200 with serious brain or spinal injuries) and economic costs. Rumsfeld, Cheney and Wolfowitz assured everyone the Iraqis would welcome the U.S. with open arms, that the war would likely end in 5-6 weeks and that Iraq's oil would pay for the war. 3½ years on: the U.S. has around 138,000 soldiers in Iraq, the coalition some 23,000, and 3500 Iraqis died in a single month (July 2006)!  Iraqi deaths are well over 100, 000 with at least 50,000 (possibly 100, 000) civilians dead. U.S. military deaths (August 2006) are over 2600 with 19,000 casualties. There is a civil war raging in Iraq!
has simply ended up being a training and recruitment ground for terrorists, where they can practise their skills. And as far as Al-Qaeda is concerned, it has simply accelerated recruitment. Since the 11 Sep 2001 attacks, the cost of war in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere is $437 billion, says a 28 July 2006 Congressional report. "The military is disagreeing publicly with the civilian leadership openly now," says former Vice President Walter Mondale. Senate committees need "to call in a bipartisan groups of scholars, leaders, and foreign commanders and do with this war what (Arkansas Sen. William) Fulbright did (to end) the Vietnam War." A “lot of people, including the Iraqi national security director, say our presence there is helping to increase anger." The scandal that is the Iraq War goes further, U.S. Vice President Cheney is the ex President & CEO of Halliburton. Halliburton had received $10 billion from the U.S. government in reconstruction contracts to rebuild Iraq by late 2004. I smell a rat.

The USA horoscope in March 2003 as the Iraq War began

USA FOURTH (4th) HOUSE                                                                                                                                 
Transiting Jupiter (Jan to May 2003) in Leo conjunct the USA 4th house. This shows the arrogance of Bush and Rumsfeld that the war would end quickly, with the Iraqi people welcoming U.S. troops with “open arms”.

Neptune (Apr-May 2003, Feb, stationary Sep-Dec 2004) in Aquarius conjunct the USA 10th house. The US government and President (10th house) were “out of control” (Neptune) during 2003-04. They told lies (Neptune) about “weapons of mass destruction”. They locked up “terrorists” in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and have not treated them according to the Geneva Convention. The detainees don’t even have the rights of a murderer to a fair trial. Bush has attempted to try them in military courts (to ensure a conviction), which have not seen since the end of WWII. It is criminal behaviour by Bush & Co. The invasion of Iraq will go down in history for the gross incompetence of the Bush Administration. Bush will also go down in history as a “religious fanatic”, who’s invasion of Iraq inflamed the hatred of Islam and ensured for the next 20 years that the likes of Al-Qaeda would have many recruits. The U.S. foreign debt is massive, yet all Bush has done is give tax cuts! By 2009-10, the U.S. economy will be in a very serious crisis (see below for details) and Bush will be as much to blame as anyone else.

Update 30 Oct 2007. If the USA chart I am using is correct, Neptune began transiting through the USA 10th house in  2003. Since this time we have seen arguably one of the most incompetent, secretive and deceitful (all Neptune qualities) USA government's and USA President's in history. Much will be revealed in the future about the Bush Administration, which will shock the American people to its core.

Transiting Pluto
(Mar 2003 within 10, Jan, Jun, Nov 2004) in Sagittarius opposition the USA Mars. Pluto to the USA Mars transits occurred previously when the USA was at war: in 1941-42 (WWII); in 1814-15 (War with Britain); 1967-68 (Vietnam War). So in 2003 Bush decided to “beat his chest” (Pluto) and send his country (Mars) to war in Iraq.

We saw above, that in 2003-04 transiting Neptune conjunct the USA 10th house brought an “out of control” (Neptune) government and a President (10th house) who "lied" (Neptune) to the USA. Neptune is the ruler of the sea. The droplets of water wear away at the cliff and the rock simply dissolves. The Bush Presidency will become tainted with its lies, deceit, and religious fanaticism which made it go to war against Muslims.

Neptune (Apr-Jun 2005 within 10, Mar, Aug, Dec 2006) in Aquarius conjunct the USA Moon, in 10th house. The U.S. public attention (USA Moon) was blinded (Neptune) to the incompetence and lies (Neptune) of their government and President during 2005 and most of 2006. But by late 2006 this will change, leading to a very severe disillusionment (Neptune).

I am doing President Bush’s horoscope for 2005-2008 and it shows George W Bush’s self worth and self esteem being very serious damaged between September 2006 and January 2008. Bush will be in the greatest crisis of his life between January and July 2007, as he is torn apart with self doubt. This augers very badly for the Republican Party in the 2006 midterm Election.

Just to clarify the malaise, the U.S. National Debt has increased an average of $1.65 billion per day since September 30, 2005! I expect this to continue until the middle of 2007, when the Neptune Moon transit ends. Bush’s Presidency will be irreparably damaged in 2006 and 2007, and will go down as one of the most shameful political episodes in American history.

The 2005 Gulf Coast hurricanes                                                                                         
A classic example of the incompetence (Neptune) of the Bush Administration (10th house Moon) occurred in Aug-Sep 2005, when hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. Katrina broke the levee banks in New Orleans, flooding 80% of the city. Extensive devastation and flooding occurred from Alabama to Texas, over a 90 000 square mile area. At least a 1000 died in the worst domestic calamity since the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. George Bush flew to California, as though nothing had occurred. For almost a week, the U.S. government failed to act as hundreds of thousands of mainly black poor people were trapped by the floodwaters and law and order broke down completely in New Orleans. The federal government was harshly criticized for its incompetence and dangerous state of unreadiness. The reconstruction cost could be as high as $200 billion.

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