The British Royal Family
How Saturn Neptune aspects herald in new Monarchs

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29 July 2006  

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This is one of many astrology articles I have written about the Royal Family of Great Britain:   
 Prince Charles, horoscope, king,    Queen Elizabeth II, horoscope, future;    Princess Diana & Prince Charles;    Princess Margaret & Peter Townsend.

The Royal Family of Great Britain has many strange characters within its family tree, especially within George I of England-Hanover's side. Inbreeding and insanity were not uncommon.


In this article is my research of  each change of monarch of Great Britain right back to 1760. Almost invariably Saturn Neptune transits are very much associated with these changes.


There have been only three Saturn Neptune oppositions since 1899

(a) Feb 1899-Oct 1900: Queen Victoria, after ruling for 63 years, died three months after the last transit, on 22 Jan 1901.     
(b) Mar 1936-Jan 1937: Edward VIII became King in January 1936 and abdicated in December!
(c) Jun 1971-Apr 1972: In this time no powerful stations, where the aspect or angle between the planets remained very close for more than a few days at a time took place. In stark contrast, both in the 1899-1900 and 1936-37 powerful stations took place over 2-3 month periods. I am unaware as to whether the Queen was sick during this time.

1. Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, 2 June 1953

Saturn conjunct Neptune, Nov 1952 stationary May-Jul 1953. Being crowned in such a tragic time has had its consequences for the Queen. The tragedy of Charles and Diana’s marriage is but an example. 

The Queen has Saturn square Neptune in her horoscope, so personal emotional depression is in her genes. People who have depressive traits, (such as Saturn Neptune in their horoscopes) get married, get pregnant and so on during times of major depression in their lives. 

1A. The Queen’s Marriage

When the Queen got married on 20 Nov 1947 transiting Saturn in Leo was conjunct her Neptune (stationary Nov-Dec 1947)! This shows great depression during the month before and after her marriage. Something that begins in a tragic time, stays tragic.

Sadly, Princess Margaret had transiting Saturn in Capricorn sesqui quadrate her Neptune during the month before and after her wedding to Antony Armstrong-Jones on 06 May 1960. If you wish to know how bad the marriages of the British royal family are, read my book Hohenzollern. Tragic Private Lives about their German ancestors, the Houses of Hanover and Hohenzollern (1580-1780).   

So why did the Queen marry in 1947? She had transiting Pluto in Leo (stationary Feb to Jun 1970) conjunct her Moon, ruler of her 7th house of marriage. Major change (Pluto) in her emotional life (Moon) leading to marriage (Moon rules 7th house of marriage). Sadly, in 1946-47 she had transiting Neptune (stationary Oct 1946-Mar 1947, Aug 1947) in Libra semi square (450) her Saturn as she courted her fiancée and planned their marriage. Saturn Neptune shows a time of great sadness, of family crisis, of emotional sickness. But that is what the Queen was born with, she just continued the inherited bahaviour of her forebears. The Solar Eclipse @ 20 Scorpio on 12 Nov 1947 was conjunct the Queen’s Saturn, ruler of her two personal points, her Ascendant and her MC. Major change (eclipse), through sense of duty (Saturn) in her environment and public image (Ascendant). 

2. Coronation of George VI, 12 May 1937

Saturn opposition Neptune, Mar 1936, close opposition Oct 1936 to Jan 1937.
During the 1936 Saturn Neptune opposition, Edward VIII became King (20 Jan 1936 to 11 Dec 1936). With the opposition beginning in March 1936, and extremely close in late 1936, he abdicated on 11 December. He is the ONLY Sovereign in English history to do so! Such is the power of Saturn Neptune transits on the Royal Family! It changes the Monarch

3. Coronation of George V,
22 June 1911

Saturn was closely square to
Neptune between Aug to Nov 1909 to Jan 1910.
King Edward VIII died on 6 May 1910. This is just three months after the Saturn Neptune square.

4. Coronation of Edward VIII, 26 June 1902

Uranus opposition Pluto, stationary Jan-April 1901
Saturn opposition Neptune (stationary Feb to Apr, Dec 1899, stationary Aug-Oct 1900)
Queen Victoria ruled Britain for longer than any other monarch, over 63 years between 1837 and 22 Jan 1901, when she died. She died three months after the Saturn Neptune opposition. She also died during a mighty Uranus opposition Pluto in January 1901. Uranus Pluto is the collapse of the old order of things, the building up of a new order. It took such mighty power to remove Queen Victoria

5. Coronation of Queen Victoria, 20 June 1837

Saturn square Neptune, stationary Dec 1835 to Feb 1836, Sep 1836.
William IV died on 20 June 1837 nine months after the Saturn Neptune transit. Sometimes the transit takes some time to work. 

6. Coronation of William IV, 8 Sep 1831

Saturn sesqui quadrate (135 degrees)
Neptune in mid Sep 1831
The Saturn Neptune transit occurred within a week of the coronation. 

7. Coronation of George IV, 19 Jul 1821

Saturn square Neptune, May 1819, Mar 1820.

George III died 29 Jan 1820 towards the end of the Saturn Neptune square.

8. Coronation of George III, 22 Sep 1761

Saturn sesqui quadrate (135 degrees) Neptune, Apr, Sep 1761
The coronation occurred within a week of the exact aspect between Saturn and Neptune. Saturn Neptune relates to serious mental illness, mental instability and depression. George had recurrent lapses of mental illness. It got so bad that he could not perform his duties for the last 9 years of his reign. If you get married, or set up a business, or similar during difficult astrology times the result will be the same as George’s reign, very sad and negative indeed.

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