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Douglas has read many of the British Royal family. You can follow the links here: 
Prince William & Kate Middleton Marriage & Horoscopes

The newly born Prince George, HRH Prince of Cambridge, shows quite a few astrology aspects one would expect to see in a great English king. In ancient times, he would have been a mighty leader who led all-conquering armies. He has the attributes of a great organizer, with a sense of honour, able to carry out successful negotiations.

Interestingly Prince George is born with the Sun in the last minute of Cancer, just 24 minutes in clock time off being a Leo.

HRH Prince of Cambridge has Mars conjunct Jupiter (within 9 minutes of arc). This gives him: the power to concentrate on a particular objective, makes him ambitious, decisive and capable of coping with every situation; a successful career; a learned person.

Prince George of Cambridge has Mars 180 degrees Pluto. This shows he: will tend to proceed in a brutal manner; attain his objectives by being ruthless to others; a person who uses force at every occasion; a great athlete; have extraordinary force, strength and vigour.

Baby Prince George has Uranus 90 degrees Pluto. He will: be a reformer, an explorer and pioneer who is endowed with universal genius; fanatical, aggressive, one who puts a gun at other's heads in order to get his way; essentially enforcing decisions on others.

It is clear Prince George 
has all the qualities of a mighty, ancient king.   

Prince George also has Sun 180 degrees Moon, that is born on a full moon. This shows disharmony (180 degrees) with his partner (the Sun is the husband and the Moon the wife) and between his parents, the Sun representing his father and the Moon his mother. In his case, his mother Kate Middleton is the dominant parent. This aspect also shows Prince George will have a conflict between his duty and his interests.

George also has Uranus 135 degrees Ascendant. He has a very exciteable personality and the tendency to upset others and be involved in sudden incidents.

George's Ascendant 45 degrees Pluto shows he has dictatorial qualities and can be quarrelsome and very aggressive.

Mercury 90 degrees Uranus shows George will tend to scatter his energies and be tactless. A mathematician or a scientist.

If you read my articles on Prince William & Kate Middleton, Prince Charles & Princess Diana, Princess Margaret & Peter Townsend you will see the Royal Family have tragic marriages.
The marriage of George, Prince of Cambridge, will not be any different. The Sun 180 degrees Moon previously mentioned, is backed up by Venus 180 degrees Neptune. This means: he can be an artist, a musician; but also wrong ways (Neptune) of love (Venus) and great disappointment in love are indicated.

HRH Prince of Cambridge