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29 July 2006  

Author                  Douglas Parker has been a professional astrologer for over 25 years. douglasp@melbpc.org.au

I have written many articles about the Royal Family of Great Britain. Princess Margaret & Peter TownsendPrincess Diana & Prince Charles; Prince Charles.

The royal family of Great Britain has many strange characters within its family tree, especially within George I of England-Hanover's side. I spent six years researching and writing  Hohenzollern. Tragic Private Lives, about their German ancestors (1580-1788), in which insanity and family inbreeding, first cousins marrying each other, play pivotal roles.

Horoscope of Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II Horoscope

Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21 April 1926 in London at 2:40 am. GMD.

Mars @ 21 Aquarius opposition Neptune @ 22 Leo.

Mars Neptune aspects relate to: sick people; those craving drugs; being susceptible to epidemic infections; paralysis or wasting away of the muscles. Frequently I have see Mars Neptune involved in heart-related or circulation-related health problems, such as a clot on the lungs. People with this aspect get significantly weaker than their peers as they age.

Saturn @ 24 Scorpio square Neptune @ 22 Leo.
Saturn Neptune is called the cancer aspect in astrology. I have frequently seen it in horoscopes of people who have had intensely tragic marriages. Because they are emotionally crippled, they get into a bad relationship, marry and stay in the marriage, and have sex with a man they hate over a very long period of time. Then they wonder why their body reacts by developing cerviacal cancer in the very place they have been using so wrongly. Factual evidence that the Queen has the cancer aspect (Saturn Neptune) follows.

Many members of the Royal Family were heavy smokers (and probably alcoholics), that is drug addicts, who died from cancer:
the Queen’s grandmother, Queen Mary, died of lung cancer on 24 Mar 1953;
the Queen’s father, King George VI, died of a heart attack on 6 Feb 1952 shortly after an operation for lung cancer;
the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, died on 9 Feb 2002 of a stroke. She had had repeated respiratory illnesses, including removal of part of her lung in 1985;
the Queen’s uncle Edward, who as King Edward VIII abdicated, died of throat cancer;
the Queen’s grandfather, King George V, died of lung cancer.



I am not going to do a comprehensive analysis of the marriage of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. Phillip was born on 10 June 1921, Corfu Greece, no birth time available. However, I will show the emotional suffering within it, which must be there because of the Saturn Neptune square aspect in Queen Elizabeth’s horoscope. If Phillip is born before midday he has Moon conjunct Neptune. This is someone who is emotionally (Moon) immature (Neptune), who will inevitably get into emotionally unstable relationships. It also shows a very unstable (Neptune) mother (Moon). His mother was mentally unstable and eventually entered a nunnery. His father was impoverished, an alcoholic and a gambler. Phillip rarely saw his parents from early on in his life.
Prince Phillip’s Neptune (12 Leo) is conjunct Queen Elizabeth’s Moon (12 Leo). Neptune Moon shows great emotional (Moon) disappointment (Neptune) in the marriage.

Prince Phillip’s Pluto (8 Cancer): semi square Queen Elizabeth’s Neptune (22 Leo); sesqui quadrate Queen Elizabeth’s Saturn (24 Scorpio). Saturn Neptune and Pluto combined shows heavy emotional depression in the marriage.

Further evidence of a tragic emotional marriage between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip shows in Queen Elizabeth's horoscope. She married Phillip on 20 Nov 1947. During November and December 1947 transiting Saturn was stationary (within 1 degree) conjunct her Neptune in Leo. Saturn Neptune is heavy emotional depression. In my experience, if something is begun in a tragic time, it will remain so.

The Saturn Neptune cycle which I thoroughly researched, shows that since 1760 all the kings of Great Britain have died, or abdicated, within 9 months of a great Saturn Neptune aspect. The last great Saturn Neptune opposition ended in June 2007, so will the
the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, a truely remarkable and much loved Monarch, come to a close by mid 2008, or will just hand the responsibility over to Prince Charles without abdicating? 

Prince William's Horoscope
William has Neptune conjunct his Ascendant in his horoscope. This means he: is very impressionable; can tell lies; has an addictive nature (drugs, alcohol); will have a very unstable life (consider the dramas of his mother, Princess Diana); will become involved in scandals, probably without knowing he is “getting in too deep”. When William becomes King, the Monarchy may well face its greatest crisis, unless he is kept under very tight control. Prince William also has Neptune opposite his Sun. This also indicates niavety, an addictive nature, scandals.

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