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29 January 2015
Douglas Parker
has been a professional astrologer in Melbourne, Australia since 1981. He has written many astrological articles on the British Royal Family, which can be read on this website. Go to the home page (click home link at bottom of page, then scroll down to find articles). Douglas has a deep understanding of the German ancestors of Queen Elizabeth, having devoted five years of his life researching and writing Hohenzollern. Tragic Private Lives. The second part of the title of this book is still very spot on when one describes the current members of the House of Windsor. 

Recently it has been revealed in the press that Prince Andrew has a friendship with wealthy American billionaire and investment banker Jeffrey Epstein. Prince Andrew had even invited him to stay at the royal palaces of Sandringham, Balmoral & Windsor Castle. This was before Epstein became a convicted paedophile. Epstein is alleged to have abused and facilitated the abuse of more than 100 young girls, including "sex slave" Virginia Roberts. Roberts claims she was forced to bed Prince Andrew when she was 17-years-old.  Even after Epstein served an 18 months jail sentence [rich people somehow, but not surprisingly always seem to get off very lightly], Prince Andrew was seen in public with Epstein in New York.

Let's look at a couple of key parts of Prince Andrew's horoscope. He was born at 3:38pm on 19 February 1960 in London. He has Venus conjunct [0] Mars. This aspect shows Andrew has sexual magnetism and that he is likely to base his relationships purely on sex. To put it bluntly, one could say he thinks with his little head, rather than his big head. He has a strong and compulsive sex drive. Prince Andrew was born with Neptune 90 to his Ascendant. Neptune rules the sea, which is of course water with a bit of added salt. The Ascendant is the way in which Prince Andrew sees the world. So essentially Neptune Ascendant is like he is looking into a goldfish bowl (Neptune). He thinks he can see where the goldfish is but because of the diffraction of the light as it goes through the water, he gets it wrong. This means he has very poor judgement indeed. He can also be very easily influenced by others. It shows he has a lack of stamina, and is unable to maintain his position in life. Prince Andrew's horoscope also shows another telling aspect, his Node is 45 Neptune. This shows he has an inclination to exploit, deceive and cheat other people (sounds like a true aristocrat). He also has a destinct lack of judgement which leads him to completely wrong ideas about other people or an association. Prince Andrew, just like
Prince William, is a walking disaster area with a potential scandal just around the corner, waiting to happen. 

In 2012, when world-famous Australian entertainer Rolf Harris began to be mentioned in sex scandals involving young girls I looked at his horoscope. Harris had Pluto 90 to his Sun throughout 2012. This suggests that he truly believed his fame and contacts - he had done a commissioned portrait of Queen Elizabeth - would protect him from the allegations and that he would get off scot-free. Uranus also became conjunct [0] to Harris' Sun between June - August 2012 and March 2013. This shows external events - persistent complaints by women who had been abused by him when they were children - enforcing changes in Harris' life. I then looked at Harris' 2013 horoscope. What I saw was deeply disturbing and I became absolutely convinced that the authorities would go after Harris, that he would be convicted as a paedophile and gaoled. Why did I think this? Because Pluto became conjunct [0] to Harris' Saturn in March - April and December 2013 and right up July - October 2014. Pluto Saturn combinations indicate that somebody is literally entering into a warzone, in this case absolute government power [Pluto] was going after Harris with everything that it had. Harris was convicted and sentenced. He is a paedophile.

Prince Andrew has Pluto conjunct [0] to his Saturn between February - May 2015, December 2015 and September - October 2016. This is
EXACTLY the same combination of planets and exactly the same aspect between them, as when Rolf Harris was pursued by the Law and convicted and sentenced as a paedophile! I expect the attacks, possible further witnesses and complaints to surge in 2015 and 2016. I also don't discount the fact that such witnesses may be bought off for their silence.

Prince Andrew also has Pluto 45 to his Sun between February - May 2015, December 2015 and September - October 2016. Rolf Harris had Pluto 90 to his Sun throughout 2012. There is little difference between 45 and 90 aspects, they both force things to happen. Just like Harris did in 2012 under this planetary combination, Prince Andrew truly believes his fame and his connections - his Royal birth and the might of the Royal Family - will protect him from the sex claim allegations and that he will get off scot-free. 

My article on Oscar Pistorius predicted he would go to gaol for a very long time. Sadly he got less than six years for the murder of Reeve Steenkamp. It seems simply unbelievable, incomprehensible that he fired through a locked toilet door deliberately trying to kill somebody, and got such a light sentence (because he cried so much in court). There has been much written about the incompetence of the Judge involved in sentencing him, together with the massive injustice of the sentence. I smell a stinking rat, corruption, bribes, money. This is what I wrote when the Pistorius story broke out: "In March 2013 Pluto is coming within a degree or so of Oscar Pistorius' 12th house cusp of imprisonment. If he is born just 5 minutes earlier Pluto is now hitting his 12th house cusp and he will go to jail for a very long time".

Pluto is now approaching Prince Andrew's 6th house, which of course is exactly 180 from his 12th house cusp. Essentially, this is very similar to what occurred to Oscar Pistorius and what I used to predict he would go to gaol. Pluto will begin to cross Prince Andrew's 6th house cusp around 2016-18. The political power of the British Royal Family cannot be underestimated. Scandal is something that has wracked this family forever. From the insanity of George III, the scandal surrounding Prince Charles & Lady Diana, the abdication of the Nazi loving Edward VIII, and so on.  And there have been massive coverups wherever they could possibly get away with it. It seems unimaginable that a Prince of Britain could be dragged through the American courts and gaoled. What clearly shows in Prince Andrew's horoscope is that this scandal will not go away and that it will intensify dramatically throughout 2015 and 2016. This story has only just begun. What is definately showing in Prince Andrew's horoscope in the next few years is that he will physically withdraw from society completely, and will feel completely spiritually isolated, which is almost the equivalent to being sent to gaol.

Prince Andrew Astrology Horoscope