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Update February 2013  Pope Benedict, Horoscope, Astrology, Demise


Jorge Bergoglio was born 17 December 1936 in Beunos Aires, Argentina. His birth time is not known. His parents were Italian immigrants and his father was a railway worker. He has a  master’s degree in chemistry. Even when a cardinal, Bergoglio became known for personal humility, living in a small apartment rather than in the palatial bishop’s residence. He gave up his chauffeured limousine in favor of public transportation and reportedly cooked his own meals.

The major astrological aspects in his horoscope are:

(1) Sun conjunct Node, both at 25 and 24 degrees Sagittarius respectively. This shows intellectual co-operation with others, associations with males.

(2) Saturn at 16 degrees Pisces opposition (180 degrees) Neptune at 18 degrees Virgo. Francis suffers from heavy depression, has massive mood swings and tormenting emotional inhibitions. This combination is associated with cancer, and as a teenager Francis had a lung removed. 

(3) Saturn at 16 degrees Pisces sesqui-quadrate (135 degrees) Pluto. This can suggest the pursuit of purely egoistic goals, a hard and unfeeling disposition, cold-heartedness, severity, a tendency to violence and fanatically adhering to his principles. 

(4) Sun at 25 Sagittarius semi-square (45 degrees) Venus. Detrimental health consequences from overeating or eating foods too rich in animal fats.   


White smoke rose out of the Sistine Chapel chimney at 7:06 pm on 13 March 2013 in Rome to signal to the world that a new Pope had been elected. His name is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, to be known as Pope Francis.

The election horoscope describes the way in which Pope Francis' papacy will play out. The dominant planets in the horoscope are:                                                                          

(1) Mars at 1 degrees Aries opposition (180 degrees) the Ascendant at 4 degrees Libra. This is strongly indicative of quarrels, conflicts and disputes (all Martian qualities) becoming a regular part of the internal workings of this papacy. The Pope will find himself constantly at conflict with those around him and will be incessantly attacked by their aggression. 

(2) Uranus at 7 degrees Aries opposition (180 degrees) the Ascendant (4 Libra). This suggests incidents, upsets, inconstancy, disquiet and unrest will plague this papacy. 

The new pope has no Vatican experience and the direct attacks (Mars), upsets and irritability (Uranus) he will be faced with from those entrenched in the Vatican will shock him to his very core.

(3) Pluto at 11 degrees Capricorn opposition (180 degrees) MC. This suggests anti-social conduct and even the possibility of sudden ruin through the misuse of power.

(4) Sun at 23 degrees Pisces conjunct (0 degrees) Venus at 19 Pisces. Catholics in general will see him as a much loved and popular (Venus) Pope. This also may see the Pope having a great social life which may be greatly detrimental to his health.

(5) Moon at 16 Aries 45 degrees from Neptune at 3 Pisces. This suggests the Pope being explioted by those around him, and may be suggesting a crisis in his life caused by laziness.

(6) Mercury at 6 degrees Pisces conjunct Neptune at 3 degrees Pisces. This suggests wrong thinking, faulty judgement and confused ideas overwhelming the papacy.


Pluto is conjunct (0 degrees) to Pope Francis' Mercury between late February 2013 and October 2014. This is strongly suggestive of an overwhelmingly powerful propaganda (Pluto) campaign (Mercury), the ability to influence others in words and writing, and proceeding with diplomacy and cleverness. It may also suggest a nervous disorder may affect the Pope's health.

The major concern in his horoscope in the first year in office is Neptune 135 degrees to Pope Francis' Mars. This shows his health will be delicate during this time and that he needs to take especial care against infections (eg. influenza). It shows his energy levels will be at 15-year lows and this can lead to errors from the lack of a definite plan. His poor health in this time will be acompanied by moodiness, irritability and a feeling that he is unworthy of his position.  

Saturn is semi-square Pope Francis' Sun and Node in the first nine months of 2014. Saturn Node shows his contacts with others at this time being based on extremely emotionally depressing circumstances and great difficulties. Those close to him are emotionally upset. Saturn Sun shows greater difficulties than normal, health disturbances and a lack of initiative. In this time it will be very easy for the new Pope to alienate important people around him if he does not show goodwill constantly.