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Update 13 February 2013 Pope Francis, Astrology, Horoscope

Pope Benedict was born on 16 April 1927 at 4:15 am in Marktl am Inn, Bavaria, Germany.

Benedict was born with the royal planet of Jupiter within 1 degree of his Ascendant at 19 Pisces, the sign of spirituality. This suggests a charming man, entering into profitable associations with others (as he rose through the Church), recognition and good team-work.

The second most powerful planet in Benedict's horoscope is Mars, which is within 4 degrees of his 4th house cusp. This shows a man who has the ability to organize others, a leading personality, a leader.

Benedict's Mercury and Uranus conjunction (within 3 degrees of each other) shows he has a sharp intellect and the power to influence others. Such an aspect is shown in the horoscopes of mathematicians and physicists. When combined with Mars 90 degrees to his Mercury, his quick mental responses could often lead to quarrels with others and criticizing them. His Node 90 degrees Uranus suggests he comes from an excitable family and that he often becomes involved in upsets or disputes with others.

Benedict has his Moon in Libra. This tends to make him sociable and obliging. However, he has Pluto exactly 90 degrees to his Moon, suggesting occasional emotional outbursts resulting from offended vanity or personal insults. He at times expresses violent outbursts of feeling, has an extremely emotional life and experiences violent emotional upheavals.

On 19 April 2005 at 5:50 am in Rome*, Cardinal Ratzinger was elected Pope, becoming known as Benedict XVI.  Between late 2004 and July 2005 the royal planet (the Pope is a prince of the Catholic Church) Jupiter was in Libra retrograding back over his Libran Moon, suggesting happiness, popularity and social successes.

During April 2005, the mighty overwhelmingly powerful Pluto became within 30 minutes of his MC (career) at 25 Sagittarius. (This suggests he was born a few minutes before 4:15 am.). This literally rocketed him into power (Pluto).

During April 2005, a solar eclipse fell conjunct (O degrees) his Sun and 180 degrees to his Moon. Uranus also became 45 degrees to his Sun between April and July 2005, suggesting a sudden (Uranus) life change (Sun).

The election horoscope* for Benedict is telling indeed. It shows Jupiter 180 degrees to the Ascendant. This suggests his papacy has been wracked with friction and disputes with others, as he literally rebelled against the convictions and beliefs of his cardinals. It also shows Benedict completely resisting any attempts by the Law (Jupiter) for the Church to be accountable in any way for raping young children. Yes, it was rape, nothing less. He considers the Church above the Law. It has probably been a time of massive, wasteful spending excesses. The election horoscope has one more telling aspect: Neptune is just 4 degrees from Mars. This suggests a papacy wracked by a decided lack of energy and drive, where almost a paralysis of indecisiveness and lack of activity takes place, essentially a Pope running out of energy and drive and becoming weak and indecisive.

So why has Pope Benedict decided to resign? This event last occurred 600 years ago! Pluto has been 135 degrees from his Neptune since February 2012. This suggests his judgment has been very poor in the past 14 months and that he has been suffering from heavy depression or other serious health problems, as Neptune rules his 12th house of health and depression.

Saturn was also 180 degrees from his Sun between October 2011 and April-August 2012. This was especially very heavy between April and August. With Saturn going through his 7th house at this time, he would have been subject to sustained attack from his cardinals, and serious conflict was likely. His health would have been poor and his lack of initiative would have been telling to those around him.

Neptune entered Benedict's 12th house in mid 2012. This suggests his health (including heavy depression) is under heavy threat during 2012-14. It suggests a decided lack of co-operation, even deception and rumour-mongering against him by his cardinals, leading to long term disappointment. This is literally a time where Benedict wants to withdraw to a mountain retreat, away from the public and far way form those who have plotted against him.