Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp Astrology
A Fatal Attraction

Douglas Parker
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Reeva Steenkamp was born 19 August 1983. In her horoscope she had Saturn conjunct (0 degrees) Pluto. The great German Jewish astrologer Reinhold Ebertin says this astrological combination suggests a violent person, a "mass murderer" with toughness, capable of making record efforts of the highest possible order. She also had Mars the god of war 90 degrees to Saturn and Pluto. The combination of the three planets according to Ebertin suggests "brutality, assault and ruthlessness... maltreatment". Reeva's horoscope suggests she was a women who had the potential to provoke the very worst out of people and she would, under no circumstances, back down. So if an argument were to begin with a man, Reeva's horoscope contained the potential for it to literally become a fight to the death. Reeva also had Venus 90 degrees Uranus, suggesting a strongly emotional and sexual life where a sudden outburst of extreme passion is followed by a quick cooling off. A disharmonious love life, and becoming involved with multiple partners was also likely. Interestingly she frequently posted tweets about violence against women. Just hours before she died she tweeted: "WEAR BLACK THIS FRIDAY IN SUPPORT AGAINST #RAPE". One thing must be considered is that it usually takes two people to have a fight. It may be suggested that violence begets violence. Sadly Reeva had an incredibly violent horoscope and never knew when to back down, and it looks like it cost her her life.

Oscar Pistorius was born 22 November 1986 around 10:30 am in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has a Scorpio Sun making him a control freak, fanatical, jealous and possessive. His Moon makes him ambitious, even arrogant. Pistorius' Sun is 90 degrees Mars. The 90 degree aspect can bring out the very best and very worst in Mars the god of war. It makes him a warrior and an athlete but also makes him controlling, quarrelsome, violent and having strained relationships with others.  Oscar also has Venus conjunct Pluto (0 degrees), both in Scorpio. Though this combination gives him incredible sexual magnetism, it also makes him very possessive, jealous in the extreme and fanatical in love affairs. It would also make him extremely intolerant of a woman who has Venus 90 degrees Uranus, runs hot and cold in love and tends to play the field, indeed is polygamous. Oscar also has Venus 45 degrees Uranus, suggesting love adventures and infidelity (though he wouldn't tolerate the same in his partner!). Interestingly for a warrior, he also has Moon 135 degrees Uranus indicating that at times he goes through states of fear and anxiety. His Moon 90 degrees Pluto shows he has an intensely emotional life and from time to time suffers emotional shocks and upheavals. This combination can occasionally trigger off emotional outbursts when goaded by personal insults, which Reeva was supremely expert at dishing out.
Saturn is conjunct (0 degrees) to Pistorius' Pluto between early December 2012 and April 2013. In this time I would expect him to be in contact with Saturn conjunct Pluto people (Reeva has this very aspect AND they started seeing each other just before this time) and find himself involved with cruel, hard hearted, ruthless people with NO thoughts to his feelings at all. He literally found himself in the middle of a warzone, a full frontal attack by Reeva. Saturn is also 45 degrees to Pistorius' Uranus between November 2012 and June 2013. So combining Saturn with his Uranus and Pluto shows Oscar exposed to extremely great pressure and brutality by others (Reeva). Ebertin calls it a "separation through force majeure". Saturn is also conjunct (0 degrees) Pistorius' Venus between November 2012 and June 2013 indicating sexual incompatibility, jealousy and disappointment, together with emotional conflict linked to a health problem. Now combining all these planets together we have Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Venus: a brutal, violent (Saturn, Uranus, Pluto) love affair (Venus). It's all very sad.    
In March 2013 Pluto is coming within a degree or so of Oscar Pistorius' 12th house cusp of imprisonment. If he is born just 5 minutes earlier Pluto is now hitting his 12th house cusp and he will go to jail for a very long time.