11 May 2016

Douglas Parker
has been a practising professional astrologer in Melbourne since 1981. His practise was in Mentone for 30 years. 

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I feel compelled to write this article, as I have had a complete gutful of the incompetence that is called the Collingwood Football Club. It is the most famous and richest football club in Australia. Sadly for myself, I have barracked for Collingwood for 65 years, all my life. Over the decades it has constantly and consistently broken the hearts of its supporters so many times it is simply breathtaking, beyond all comprehension. I queued up many times at the MCG overnight to get all those Grand Final tickets. From memory, between 1960 and 1981 I went to seven  Grand Finals. They drew one in 1977, but lost the bloody lot. How could any football club be that incompetent?
Two Collingwood premierships in the past 56 years is shameful. It simply must be that the Club has always been run by ego maniacs who have never worked together and have fought with each other to ensure failure. 
Imagine a football club being so incompetent that it let Wellingham, O'Brien, Beams, Rhys Shaw and Heath Shaw go to other teams? 

Nathan Buckley Astrology Horoscope
Nathan Buckley was born in Adelaide on 26 July 1972. His mother personally gave me his birth time many years ago. I verified its accuracy. I will not give out the time of birth at this stage.
Nathan Buckley was a great athlete, a Brownlow Medalist with great courage. In 2002 and 2003 he captained Collingwood in two losing Grand Finals. This in itself says something telling - he did not have what it takes to lead men to a premiership. It seems a blunt assessment, but his horoscope confirms this. Only points relevant to his coaching career are mentioned in his horoscope that follows:
Nathan Buckley has a Pisces Ascendant
(the way he reacts to the world). This suggests he is a very emotional person with a tendency towards depression. It also means he is vague and can become very passive. The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions, in other words Buckley is unable to make decisions, or if he goes down a wrong path he keeps going, as he cannot recognize his mistake and turn back. 
Nathan Buckley has Neptune conjunct (0 degrees) MC (career, or 10th house cusp). Again this suggests a tendency towards depression. Also that he is very insecure, lacks self-confidence, pursues wrong ideas and his plans have no hope of realization. These are not the qualities of a leader.
Nathan Buckley has Neptune 90 degrees Ascendant. This means he is impressionable and very easily influenced and dominated by others. He cannot and does not make good decisions. It also suggests he is insincere and inconsistant, which would really annoy people.
Essentially Nathan Buckley's horoscope shows he couldn't make a correct decision to save his own life. He is vague, pursues wrong ideas and is easily led in the wrong direction by those around him.

Nathan Buckley Astrology Predictions
Collingwood won the flag in 2010. It was the dominant club in 2011, losing just two home and away games, then inconceivably lost the Grand Final.

In 2012-13 Nathan Buckley took over as Collingwood coach. Throughout that time Neptune was conjunct (0 degrees) to his Ascendant. In this time Buckley was "away with the fairies". He was very unclear about his relationships with others. He showed many different faces of himself to others, which bewildered those around him. He confused and misled others, as they did to him. Everybody at Collingwood were playing games behind each other's backs. It was arguably the WORST decision-making time of Buckley's life, and as such he did incredible damage to his playing group both psychologically and with his bad decision-making.  He would have become so demoralized and so doubted his own abilities in this time, that he probably became permanently dependent on individuals who had very bad coaching and mentoring ideas, and were (and are) a very negative influence on him. It is likely he had a serious illness through this time, probably heavy depression or a dependency upon stimulants. I have seen many people with this astrology event get seriously ill and not work fo over six months. From being the dominant AFL club in 2010-11, Collingwood went on the slide winning 15 games in 2012 and 14 games in 2013. Grand Finals are won by great, clever ruckmen. Darren Jolly was a major factor in Collingwood winning in 2010. Buckley, who never won a flag, refused to respect this great two-premiership winning ruckman and the ruck knowledge he had. I have NO DOUBT that by the end of 2013 the complete Collingwood playing group had lost complete faith in Buckley as a leader and as a coach.

By 2014 Buckley's tenure as coach of Collingwood had truly done irreparable damage to the playing group. That year it won 11 games.   

Between December 2014 and September 2015: (1) Saturn was conjunct (0 degrees) Buckley's MC (career, 10th house cusp). This shows extreme pressure building up in his work. Often it indicates a time where one needs to look after an elderly parent or where work becomes so demanding little time is left for the family at all; (2) Saturn was 45 degrees his Uranus. This shows depression or health problems (Uranus rules 12th house) and strong tension with the posibility of disputes with others very likely.
Between January and October 2015: (1) Buckley had Saturn conjunct (0 degrees) to his Neptune. This indicates he was going through a serious family crisis and had heavy depression which would have seriously impacted on his job. He felt extremely isolated and alone at Collingwood; (2) Buckley had Saturn 90 degrees Ascendant. This shows he was in a very depressed environment and without self-restraint on his behalf, potential arguments were all around. Collingwood lost 9 of the last 11 games of the season.

By 11 May 2016, Collingwood had lost 14 of the past 18 games. Throughout 2015-16: Pluto is 45 degrees to Buckley's MC (career, 10th house cusp). This shows increasing job pressure. Those who have reached great heights should take care they do not tumble. The 45 degree aspect indicates a forced job change in this time for Buckley. Between July-September 2016 Buckley has Saturn 45 degrees his Node. His ties with others will be based on suffering and difficulties. This is a very bad time for him to meet with other people, and he could very easily overreact to others. The pressure will be increased to boiling point and I think he will be sacked in this time, at the latest by December 2016. Incredibly, Eddie McGuire just recently extended his contract till the end of 2017, another 500k plus thrown away by Collingwood.

Travis Cloke
Cloke has Saturn 90 his Sun January-October 2016. Greater worries than usual. Family worries. Health concerns and a lack of initiative. If he feels compelled or forced to have contact with others with others, it can end in separation or alienation. A bad year for his football career, among other overwhelming problems.   

Jamie Elliot
Jamie has Venus conjunct (0 degrees) Jupiter in his horoscope. This shows "film star mannerisms", an artist, extremely popular. He also has Sun: (1) 135 degrees Uranus, meaning he is brilliant, but a trouble-maker and a muddle-head; (2) 135 degrees Neptune. This indicates a danger of drug addiction, and possible heart or back problems, possibly a scandal. Sadly, he may not have a long career. 

Collingwood Football Club Horoscope & Astrology Predictions
CFC was formed on 12 February 1892 in the evening. It has Neptune conjunct (0 degrees) Pluto. This shows presentiments, a feeling of forebodings (something bad will happen, and they will lose the flag). It also has a Leo Moon, showing it is ambitious, overestimates itself, has self-confidence and is a leader.

Between January and especially mid June - late September 2016, Saturn is conjunct Collingwood Mars. All the Club's intentions will be met with resistance by the AFL and other clubs. Events may occur beyond the Club's control where it is forced to adapt. Injuries caused by intensive massage of players may become rampant. The Club will be on its kmees. A club great may die. 
Between May-July 2016 and December 2017, Neptune is 90 degrees Collingwood Mars. Energy and performance around the Club will be at a low ebb indeed. Future plans will be in limbo. Players may have an unusual number of injuries or more may be caught taking drugs.

It is time to clear the decks at Collingwood. All those in power between 2011-16 must be removed, including Buckley, the other coaches, the recruiters, McGuire and Pert.