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This is one of  many astrology articles I have written about the Royal Family of Great Britain:     Prince Charles, horoscope, king in 2008,    Queen Elizabeth II, horoscope, future,     Saturn Neptune & the British Royal Family. The articles contain astrology research, which reveals the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and the ascent of her son Charles, the Prince of Wales, as King. Princess Margaret & Peter Townsend

The Royal Family of Great Britain has many strange characters within its family tree, especially within George I of England-Hanover's side.


This astrological compatibility assessment between Princess Diana and Prince Charles clearly shows ‘warfare, destructive energy, even hatred between them’. Had their horoscopes been compared before they married, any astrologer worth his salt would have advised them ‘walk away’ from such destructive energy.

This is a classic example of how a horoscope compatibility reading between two people can clarify a potentially ‘warlike, even life threatening’ relationship. Quite simply, Diana and Charles brought out the very worst in each other.

We need to find partners who bring out our best qualities, both within ourselves and within our partnerships.


Princess Diana Horoscope

Princess Diana was born with a Mars-Pluto conjunction in her horoscope, at 20 and 60 Virgo. This shows her as: an athlete; forceful; hard working; brutal qualities. So she had great courage, like a warrior, and would not back down.

Princess Diana was also born with a Venus-Uranus square in her horoscope, at 240 Taurus and 230 Leo respectively. This is called “the divorce syndrome”, track them down, make love to them and move on. She had quite a few affairs while married, but it could be argued Charles had his mistress Camilla Parker Bowles, so why not? 

Prince Charles Horoscope

Prince Charles was born with a Jupiter-Uranus opposition, the former at 290 Sagittarius, the latter at 290 Gemini. This makes him argue with others over one’s outlook on life.

His Pluto at 160 Leo is 450 from this opposition. I would interpret this as “brilliant successes”, after all his uncle abdicated the throne in favour of his father, and made him next in line after his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Charles also has Neptune conjunct his 4th House in his horoscope. Neptune rules drugs and creativity. It also indicates peculiar, mysterious circumstances surrounding his family life. eg. He had a secretive (neptunian) affair with a married women, Camilla Parker Bowles, for decades. Also a drug (nicotine) addicted, weakly grandfather, George VI, who died from lung cancer when he was three years old. 

The Compatibility Chart of Princess Diana & Prince Charles

Charles & Diana Horoscope

A great deal of astrological work has been made public about Princess Diana & Prince Charles. Much of it is complex and misses the most obvious astrological aspects.

1. Prince Charles’ Saturn at 50 Virgo is conjunct Princess Diana’s Pluto at 60 Virgo. That means they have a Saturn-Pluto conjunction between their horoscopes.

To understand the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, I have extracted the relevant passages out of my article Astrology predictions for 2006: USA, Iran & Israel

(a) The horoscopes of the USA and Iran show the USA Saturn at 15 Libra conjunct the Iranian Pluto at 18 Libra. The combined energy present is that of a “mass murderer”, showing a “fanatical adherence to one’s beliefs”, a “martyr” and “self destructive energy”. In the author’s opinion, both countries were founded by and are at present governed by religious fanatics. President George W Bush is a born-again Christian who believes he gets his orders to go to war (in Iraq) directly from God. Frightening! The Iranian Islamists are arguably even more extreme religious fanatics. If these two countries go to war “to do their God’s work on Earth” the ruthless brutality of the war, as clearly shown by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction between the two countries, has the potential to shock the world. The Saturn and Pluto conjunction clearly shows that neither country will back down. The USA Saturn may attack, but the Iran Pluto will have a lasting hatred and fanaticism which will terrify the USA. The conflict may go on for a very long time.

(b) The Israel horoscope [14 May 1948, 4:06 pm, Tel Aviv, Israel] has a very close Saturn (16 Leo) and Pluto (13 Leo) conjunction. Reinhold Ebertin, a German-Jew, was arguably the greatest astrologer of the 20th century. He described the Saturn conjunct Pluto as: “violence, mass murderer”! The cold, ruthless brutality of the Israelis towards the Palestinians shows they learnt a great deal from the Nazis. Clearly Israel behaves like a Saturn-Pluto conjunction country. So the USA and Iran Saturn-Pluto conjunction is frightening.

I could not even begin to imagine intensity of the brutality, the self destructive energy, the violence, the almost “wanting to kill each other” that existed between the charts of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. At best, it was simply a “war zone” waiting to explode! There is certainly much innuendo that Princess Diana’s death in a car crash in Paris on 31 August 1997 at 0:25 am was no accident. 

2. Princess Diana’s Mars at 20 Virgo conjunct Prince Charles’ Saturn at 50 Virgo. 

The Saturn-Mars conjunction is a particularly difficult one. In cosmobiology, a form a astrology founded by Reinhold Ebertin, the aspect is called “the death axis”. At best it shows a destructive, even violent, energy within the relationship, such as one taking a stand against the other on almost every point of view just to oppose the other. Severe arguments, bitterness and hardness towards each other are also indicated. 

3. Prince Charles Sun at 220 Scorpio square (900) Princess Diana’s Moon indicates a clash between the Prince’s conscious thoughts (Sun) and the Princess’ subconscious (Moon) instincts which are sufficient for a marriage to end in divorce.

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