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This astrology article on Vladimir Putin's horoscope includes a comprehensive verification of his birth time (called rectification), which I believe to be 9:28 am. I have also read his horoscope and done predictions from 2006 - 2015.

Birth Details
Vladimir Putin was born in Leningrad (now St Petersburg), Russia on 7 October 1952. In Lois Rodden’s Astrodatabank, his birth time is quoted as 9:30 am. The source was a Stef de Groot, who claims he got a copy of a medical report made just after Putin's birth. 

2014- 2015
Uranus is 180 degrees to Putin's Sun between May 2014 and February 2015. The Sun rules his 10th house of career. Upsets with others are likely, and there is the possibility of external events (other people or world events) enforcing a career change on him. Pluto will be 90 degrees to Putin's Sun throughout 2015. Pluto (the most powerful planet in the Zodiac) may enforce (the 90 degree aspect) a change in Putin's career (ruled by the Sun) in 2015. Saturn is 180 degrees from Putin's Moon between January and October 2015. He will be forced to come to terms with the emotionally inevitable and unavoidable, in order to free himself from emotional isolation. Depression will overwhelm him. He could have problems with his blood (eg high blood pressure, anaemia). Saturn is 45 degrees to his Sun between December 2014 and July-August (very strong) 2015. Greater problems than usual, health problems, family problems and a lack of initiative are indicated. Then Neptune comes 135 degrees to Putin's Neptune between March 2015 and January 2016. Self deception, making wrong decisions, acting prematurely and feeling like he is having a nervous breakdown will enter Putin's life. Extreme pressure on Putin is building from mid December 2014 and will climax by July-August 2015. There is every likelihood he will be overthrown as President of Russia by that time. 

Saturn is going through Putin's 12th house between November 2010 and October 2012. It is a time of complete exhaustion for him, where he feels burnt out and where health problems and the feeling that he is "living in a cemetery" are themes dominating his life. In this time close friends, relatives or pets may well get seriously ill and die. In the first eight months of 2011, Neptune was 135 degrees and Saturn was 45 to Putin's Sun. This suggests a time of  a serious health (Putin suffers from depression), family and career crises.                       
Neptune enters Putin's 4th house (of home and family) in his Moscow relocation horoscope (as though he was born there) throughout 2011-12. Mysterious circumstances (Neptune) may occur in his family, and his marriage will fall apart. 
For the last two years Neptune was 135 degrees to Putin's Sun. This suggests great disappointments, health disorders a disinclination to work, with possible heavy drug usage (Russian men drink alcohol in massive quantities). Putin is very self destructive, so he probably takes drugs to mask his heavy depression. 
Putin's horoscope has Pluto conjunct (0 degrees) his 10th house cusp of career. Pluto is 135 degrees to Putin's Pluto between April 2011 and November 2012. Uranus will also be exactly 45 degrees from Putin's Pluto between June-September 2012 and March 2013. This indicates him being under tremendous pressure during this time. 
Neptune will be 135 degrees to Putin's Saturn and 90 degrees to Putin's Moon between April-August 2012 and December 2013. It will be a very dark time in his life. The Neptune Saturn combination suggests discontent, serious depression or other illnesses mainfesting by mid 2012. Putin will be aware of people around him laughing behind his back at his behaviour. The Neptune Moon combination suggests a time where Putin is unable to see reality clearly at all. He will struggle against instability and weakness, and most likely health disorders.  Drug addiction may become a problem. Putin's sanity may be seriously tested in this time. 
Saturn will be exactly conjunct (0) to Putin's Mercury in June-July 2012. This suggests serious and difficult problems to be solved, where errors of judgment can easily be made. There is an enormous potential for arguments to blow up and cause great difficulties with others if he insists on his own biased attitude.     

Update 22 April 2008. Marriage  Scandal?
In May 2006 I wrote that "a sex scandal is not out of the question" for Putin between Mar 2006 and Oct 2007.  This may well have been when Putin began a love-affair.
If his birth time is correct, Putin will have Neptune going into his 4th house (home and family) throughout 2007 and 2008. This shows the dissolution and breakdown of his family. 
In late 2010, Saturn enters Putin's 12th house and will be there for 2 years. He will go into a time of mourning and health problems (of course nothing of his life is made public). Putin with his twelfth house Sun, like George W Bush, is a power-crazed politician. There are rumours he has stolen up to $40 billion from the Russian people. Putin has a Scorpio Ascendant, which makes him extremely secretive and intense, so Neptune 180 degrees to Putin's Pluto throughout 2008 brings one of the worst judgement times (Neptune aspecting the ruler of the Ascendant) in Putin's entire lifetime!
During Febuary 2008 Putin had a solar eclipse (18 Aquarius) conjunct within one degree of his Node, this indicates family involvement with sometimes family separations or deaths. The solar eclipse was also conjunct his fourth house, indicative of changes in where he lives and in his family between February and August 2008.
If you read the next section where I read Putin's horoscope, you will see he has an extremely tragic emotional and family life. Never once in his life has he faced up to an emotional issue or crisis and dealt with it correctly. He just puts his head in the sand and hopes it will go away. I pity any woman who may become involved with such a tragic figure like Vladimir Putin because he is like a vampire who sucks the life-force out of everyone he becomes involved with.


Putin's Horoscope

This is a comprehensive analysis of Putin’s horoscope.

1. Pluto conjunct the Midheaven (career). This shows Putin’s: attaining recognition and power; being able to maintain his position in life; fame; authority; being an expert of great authority in his chosen field; his desire to become important; the power to attain success in life, the ability to organize, vision, authority.

2. Pluto opposite Node. This shows Putin’s destiny associated with large masses of people. i.e. leadership of Russia.

3. Saturn conjunct Neptune. This is called the “illness aspect” and is associated with cancer. (Putin’s mother died of cancer). Putin suffers from heavy depression. A friend in Putin’s youth, Sergei Raldugin, described him as being “completely incapable of expressing his emotions”. This aspect also shows Putin’s methodical execution of plans and gaining success through intense activity and painstaking effort.

4. Sun conjunct Saturn. This shows Putin: persistance, determination and decisiveness. A very serious and sick person. Possibly back trouble or trouble with his bones.

5. Sun, Saturn and Neptune stellium (grouped tightly together). This shows Putin’s health will seriously break down towards the end of his life. Though he is a martial arts expert, he cannot possibly maintain his vitality as President for a long period of time. He will break down emotionally. Like Winston Churchill, the WWII leader of Great Britain, “the black dog” (severe depression) haunts him.

When one looks at the great sadness and tragedies in the world at present-terrorism, Iraq, massacres and wars in Africa, the nuclear issue with Iran which may lead to war-it scares me that two manic depressives like Tony Blair (he also is a Saturn conjunct Neptune personality like Putin) and Vladimir Putin are calling the shots.

6. Jupiter square Pluto. An organizer handling large projects, professors of economy and law (he did law and economics!). The desire to exploit the masses (a plutocrat). The desire for power. Loss of social standing and one’s wealth.

7. Mercury conjunct Neptune. Imagination. Lack of clarity. Self deception. An actor. A deceitful person. A Liar. (Sounds like he has all the qualities of USA President George W Bush (assassination of Bush: George W Bush Assassination 2008) and Australian Prime Minister John Howard.)

Putin’s Horoscope Relocated to

Putin’s horoscope relocated to Moscow, calculated as though he were born in Moscow at the same moment in time as he was born in St Petersburg, is amazing because it shows his Venus conjunct the Moscow chart. It represents aiming high for socially desirable relationships. He clearly achieved this by rocketing to the Presidency within 3 years of arriving there. It is where people find you very attractive. But it also can lead to a life destined for laziness and having a good time. In the end it may well bring Putin undone.

Putin’s Saturn is conjunct the 12th House of the relocated horoscope. This is very heavy stuff both health wise and psychologically. I doubt whether Putin can withstand this for much longer.

1. Transiting Neptune in Aquarius conjunct Putin’s Node, between Mar 2006 and Jan 2007. The Node has much to do with Putin’s contact with the Russian people. This may well be the beginning of the end for Putin, as his popularity is slowly but surely is undermined by Neptune, like water wearing away at a rock.

2. Transiting Pluto in Sagittarius is conjunct Putin’s Mars, beginning in Feb 2006 and ending in Oct 2007. This is like being in a war zone, so Putin will be under sustained attack on many different fronts. A serious assassination attempt is not out of the question. 

3. If Putin’s birth time is 9:28 to 9:30 am, as I believe, transiting Neptune in Aquarius goes through Putin’s 4th House cusp (the cusp is the most powerful part of a House), beginning around Mar 2007 for two years. This will be a time where his family life can just “dissolve”, causing irreparable separation from family members. At the same time his “self image” will be “dissolved” or at least very much weakened.

Transiting Saturn in Leo conjuncts Putin’s MC (career) in Sept 2006 and in Feb and Jun 2007. This will put enormous work pressures on Putin. It may get his the “sack”!

If his time of birth is close to 9:28- 9:30 am, the period between February and July 2007 may well haunt Putin forever after.

When transiting Uranus becomes stationary 1350 from Putin’s Ascendant between May and July 2007, a sudden change (Uranus) in his life is to be expected. Perhaps there will be an assassination attempt on Putin or will he be involved in a massive scandal, possibly involving oil? With transiting Saturn on his 10th House cusp, and transiting Neptune on his 4th House cusp perhaps he will get seriously ill around June-July 2007.

4. Transiting Saturn in Leo will conjunct Putin’s MC (career) and Putin’s Pluto (in his 10th House) in late Sep-mid Oct 2006, late Jan-mid Feb 2007 and mid June-early Jul 2007. His career will be under enormous pressure during this time, where he may find himself dependent on external circumstances or events not of his own making. He will find himself feeling very much isolated and alone.

5. Transiting Pluto in Sagittarius is 450 away from Putin’s Venus between Mar 2006 and Oct 2007. A sex scandal is not out of the question!Moscow, as his Venus is within 20 of his relocation chart Ascendant in Moscow.

6. Transiting Neptune in Aquarius will be 1350 away from Putin’s Jupiter/Neptune midpoint at 60 14″ Cancer: stationary Apr-Jul 2007, Jan 2008 and Oct-Nov 2008. At best, this may be a time where Putin “lies to and cheats the Russian people” and they believe him. At worst, he may suffer “losses though others without being aware of it, or his luck (the Jupiter square Pluto he was born with) runs out. 

7. Transiting Neptune in Aquarius will be opposite Putin’s Pluto during Mar and Aug-Dec (stationary) 2008. If his time of birth is around 9:28 am as I believe it is, his career in 2008 will be “undermined and dissolved” by Neptune opposite Pluto in his career house.



Rectification is an astrological term, which basically means lining up events in someone’s past primarily with their Ascendant & Midheaven (career), both of which move quite quickly like the second hands of a clock. This technique is used when someone's birth time is uncertain or unknown.

1. Putin entered Leningrad State University in 1970. The transit graph shows:

(a) transiting Uranus in Libra 450 from Putin’s Midheaven (Career) and Pluto (conjunct his 10th House cusp). These clearly show a career change.

(b) transiting Pluto in Virgo square Putin’s Mars, in his 3rd House of study!

This looks like his 9:30 am birth time is quite possible.

2. In 1975 Putin graduated in Law from Leningrad University and was recruited by the KGB, the Russian equivalent of the CIA in the USA. The transit graph shows:

(a) transiting Uranus in Scorpio within degree of Putin’s Ascendant in Jan-Feb. This was one of the biggest changing times in Putin’s life, from student to professional spy. Uranus (sudden change, revolution) going through Putin’s Ascendant (environment & personality) is most appropriate for such a year. It possibly suggests his birth time is up to 4 minutes earlier.

(b) transiting Pluto in Libra 45 degrees from Putin’s Pluto through Apr-July. This shows the ending of one phase of life and the beginning of another. Putin’s Pluto: on his 10th House cusp of career shows his career success at the time; ruling his 2nd House of money, his ability to make money increasing.

(c) a Solar Eclipse at 200 Taurus in early May conjunct Putin’s Jupiter, which rules his 3rd House of study. The eclipse shows his study being successfully completed.

3. Putin married on 28 July 1983. Putin has a tragic love life, which is further explained at the beginning of this article.

(a) Throughout the first nine months of 1983 transiting Saturn in Scorpio is conjunct Putin’s Ascendant. This indicates a year of the ending of one phase of life, with frustration and loneliness being paramount. This transit again confirms his birth time being within minutes of 9:30 am. Saturn through his Ascendant show him taking on responsibility, and stabilizing his life through marriage.

(b) Throughout both 1982-83 Putin had:

transiting Neptune in Sagittarius conjunct his Mars, which rules his 6th House of depression;

transiting Neptune in Sagittarius 450 from his Venus. Venus rules Putin’s 12th House of depression and 7th House of marriage. So depression and a marriage dissolving (Neptune) are clearly shown.

Experience tells me that when a manic depressive goes through a very depressing time, he gets desperate and marries, Putin did this!

(c) In Vladimir Putin by Charles Shields, Chelsea House Publishers 2003, page 44, it is written Putin courted for 3 years. That means he met his wife in early 1980. At that time, transiting Pluto in Libra was conjunct Putin’s Neptune in his 12th House, showing a time of heavy depression. This is the very time when a manic depressive forms major relationships, to ensure the following generation has the same traits.

4. In May-June (?) 1985 Putin is sent by the KGB to Dresden, East Germany, just after his daughter Masha is born. The transit graph  shows:

(a) transiting Pluto in Scorpio conjunct Putin’s Ascendant, indicates a major move, and lifestyle change in his life. This is strongly indicative of a birth time within minutes of 9:30 am. The solar eclipse conjunct his Moon in mid May heralds the birth of his first daughter Masha, and a major lifestyle change (the Moon is in his 8th House of death and change).

5. In early 1990 Putin returned to Leningrad, soon to be renamed St Petersburg. He took up a job as rector of Leningrad State University, international affairs. The transit graph shows:

(a) transiting Uranus in Capricorn 1350 from Putin’s 10th House Pluto and Midheaven (career), indicating a career change, and life change (Uranus to Pluto).

(b) throughout 1990-91, transiting Neptune in Capricorn square Putin’s Sun, ruling his 10th House of career and life-force, shows his career “disappointments” and “disillusionment” (Neptune). His much-loved KGB was in chaos and dissolving. He resigned from the KGB on 20 Aug 1991 with the rank of lieutenant-colonel.

(c) Putin resigned his university post in mid 1991 and took up a job with the St Petersburg City Council, as chairman of international relations. He was so successful that by 1993 St Petersburg had 6000 joint ventures with foreign companies, half the total in Russia. During this time transiting Pluto in Scorpio squared his 10th House Pluto and Midheaven (career) bringing great success. He became Deputy Major in 1994.

6. In 1996 Putin was appointed a deputy chief administrator (property) in Moscow, the heart of power in the USSR. The transit graph shows:

(a) transiting Uranus in Aquarius square Putin’s Ascendant in Mar-Jul and Dec 1996, indicating a “forced” move of home. When he returned to Russia in 1990 he did not want to go to Moscow because his aging parents were in St Petersburg.

It is simply amazing how many times a major planet transiting through Putin’s 9:30 am Ascendant at 30 Scorpio has triggered off an event in his life. His birth time must be very close to 9:30 am! 

(b) transiting Pluto in Sagittarius opposite Putin’s Moon in his 8th House of death and change. His life changed dramatically.

7. In July 1998 Putin was appointed director of the Federal Security Service (formerly the KBG). In March 1999 he combined that position with that of Secretary of the Security Council. The transit graph shows:

(a) Putin’s relocation chart for Moscow, assuming his birth time is 9:30 am, shows an Ascendant of 10 Scorpio, a 10 conjunction with Putin’s Venus, and a Midheaven (Career) of 29 Leo. In mid 1998 transiting Uranus in Aquarius was square both Putin’s Venus and his Ascendant in Moscow. Once again a major transit to his (relocated) Ascendant during a major change in his life!

(b) transiting Uranus in Aquarius square Putin’s 8th House ruler of Venus shows a “forced” change (the square) in his life and finances (8th House).

8. In early 1999 Putin’s mother died. The transit graph shows:

(a) transiting Neptune square Putin’s Ascendant with transiting Saturn in Taurus opposite the Ascendant in late March. This shows a time of deep sorrow and depression in Putin’s life. Once again, proof his birth time is close to 9:30 am!

(b) transiting Node in Leo conjuncted Putin’s Pluto in late January and a Solar Eclipse in mid February in Putin’s 4th House of the family and opposite his Pluto, indicate a fated separation.

Putin’s father died just before he was appointed Prime Minister in August 1999. So Putin lost both his parents with transiting Neptune in Aquarius square his Ascendant! He would have felt like his life was “in a fog”, “rudderless” (Neptune). The USSR was literally “dissolving” at this time in history and the economic crisis was extreme. The amount of chaos around Putin would have been unimaginable. Neptune rules the sea, the water wears away at the rock and the rock dissolves. Once again a major transit through Putin’s Ascendant, with his birth time being very close to 9:30 am, seems so appropriate! Things we so “crazy” that the USSR’s drunken (Neptune rules drugs!) President Yeltsin abandoned the presidency on 31 December and Putin became acting President.


9. On 9 Aug 1999 Putin was appointed Prime Minister. The transit graph shows:

(a) almost to the day a Solar Eclipse fell at 180 Leo conjunct Putin’s Midheaven (career) and Pluto, and opposite his Node. At the same time throughout August transiting Jupiter in Taurus was opposite Putin’s Ascendant! The Solar Eclipse conjunct Putin’s Pluto indicates sudden political advancement, but also his sadness through the loss of his father. The Solar Eclipse triggered off Putin’s Pluto-Node (ruling large masses of people) opposition in his birth chart.

10. Putin becomes acting President on 31 December 1999. It seems impossible to imagine Putin did not make a pact with President Yeltsin and his cronies, his family and wealthy oligarchs, which would protect them against prosecution for the theft of Russia’s wealth.

Interestingly, the Solar Eclipse at 160 Aquarius in early February 2000 conjuncted Putin’s Node at 180 Aquarius. This eclipse to his Node signifies his “fated time to lead the masses of Russia”.

11. Putin wins the Presidency on 26 Mar 2000. He is inaugurated on 7 May 2000. The transit graph shows:

(a) on Putin’s inauguration day, transiting Uranus was at 200 42″ Aquarius. If Putin’s birth time were 9:28 am, the transiting Uranus in Aquarius would have been EXACTLY opposite Putin’s Midheaven (career) on that very day!

(b) transiting Uranus at 200 42″ Aquarius is within 32″ of being 1350 from Putin’s Jupiter/Pluto midpoint at 60 14″ Cancer. I would interpret this as “brilliant successes”. 

Conclusion: Putin’s birth time is very close to 9:30 am, I suspect 9:28 am

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