Coups' d'etat and Brutality

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27 July 2006

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This astrology article shows my rectification (working out using astrology) of the horoscope of Syria. This is part of a series of astrology articles on war in the Middle East by Douglas Parker, including: Lebanon at War. Horoscope. 2006. 2007, Israel at war in 2006. In my article USA, Iran and Israel. War in mid 2006?, dated 6 May 2006, I wrote: “In the last week of June 2006 transiting Mars in Leo will conjunct the Israel Pluto and Saturn, at 130 and 160 Leo respectively! This may be interpreted as “the necessity to fight for one’s existence, assault, even war”. Israel went to war!

Syria became independent on 17 April 1946. The time I am using is 0:01 pm. EET. Damascus. My rectification work shown below, strongly suggests it is correct.

Update 29 January 2013
Saturn is conjunct (0 degrees) the Syrian Moon between December 2012 and May- September (very strong) 2013. This will be a depressingly dark time in the history of Syria. It is likely there will be very serious food and medical crises (Moon) right through this time. The people (Moon) will be under sustained attack. During this same time period, Saturn will be 90 degrees to the Syrian Pluto and 135 degrees to the Syrian Node. Saturn Pluto suggests a cruel, cold-hearted application of violence against the Opposition, extremely difficult living conditions, warzone conditions (Pluto rules 4th house). Saturn Node suggests mourning and bereavement and attending funerals. Neptune will be 135 degrees the Syrian Saturn between March - September 2103 and January 2014. Again this shows Syria's peoples in deep depression, with food and medical systems (Saturn in 12th house, ruling 6th house) completely breaking down (Neptune) and possible famine and epidemics breaking out.        

Update 2 January 2012

Saturn is 90 to the Syria Mars between 23 December 2011 to April 2012 and September 2012. In astrology, Mars Saturn is called the death axis. If you read my two articles on Libya (civil war 2011) and Japan (nuclear catastrophe) you will see that both Mars and Saturn were involved. A full blown civil war will begin in Syria in the first three months of 2012, and continue right up to September 2012. There will be many deaths.
In the same time period, Saturn is 180 to the Syria Sun (the President). President Bashar al-Assad will be under enormous pressure and is likely to have serious disputes with his advisors and generals. There were 10 Presidents of Syria and 14 coups d'etat in Syria etween 1949 and 1971. Al-Assad will be lucky to survive in power between January-March (very strong) and September 2012.
President Bashar al-Assad has Saturn 180 to his Sun, Uranus and Pluto in his horoscope. He is a ruthless killer, who shows no mercy. 

The Syria Horoscope Explained Using Astrology

Between 1949 and 1971 Syria had 10 Presidents, 33 Prime Ministers and at least FOURTEEN (possibly up to 50!) army coups d’etat. Syria is virtually a one party state, and has been ruled by the military since it came into being. The Syrian constitution grants the Ba'th Party a preferential status in the country's political life. The Syrian horoscope shows:

1. Pluto conjunct Ascendant. Dictatorship (Pluto). Potential to commit suicide or murder (Pluto). Attaining success by brutal means. The self destructive nature of Syria explains the massive number of coups and changes of Prime Minister and President.

2. Sun semi square Uranus. The rebel, military call-up.

3. Sun square Mars. Soldiers. A strained relationship with others.

4. Mars semi square Uranus. Revolutionaries. Violence.

5. Sun opposition Jupiter. A person in conflict with the laws (Jupiter) of the land. Extravagance.

6. Mercury semi square Venus. Tending to squander.

Predictions for
in 2006

Transiting Uranus in Pisces: semi square (Mar, stationary Sep to Dec 2006) the Syrian Sun and sesqui quadrate the Syrian Mars (Apr, Aug 2006, Mar 2007). When transiting Uranus was square this position in 1984, there was a coup attempt!

Transiting Uranus (stationary Jun 2006, Mar 2007) square the Syrian Uranus on 5/11 house cusp. Possible assassination (5/11 house cusp) (Uranus) of Syrian President or coup attempt.

Transiting Pluto in Sagittarius sesqui quadrate both the Syrian Ascendant (stationary Feb to May, Nov 2006) and the Syrian Pluto (stationary Jul-Oct 2006) on the Ascendant. Possible brutal (Pluto) coup attempt.

There are several brutal astrological events (see above) happening in the Syrian horoscope during the second half of 2006, especially during August and September: Uranus to Mars (a struggle for survival, violence): Pluto to Pluto and Ascendant (violent disputes, war). It may well be that Syria acts without thinking, or is simply drawn into the Israeli-Lebanon war. A critical time will be around mid August 2006 with transiting Saturn (grave pressure) square the Syrian Venus in 10th house (government).

Rectification (Verification) of
Syria’s Horoscope

Arab-Israeli War 1947-49. Syria invades Palestine, 1948. On 14 May 1948 Syria invaded Palestine.
Transiting Uranus
(Aug, Dec 1947, May 1948) in Gemini semi square Syrian Pluto. Violence, putting a gun to someone’s head, revolution (Uranus Pluto).

Military Coups 1949, 1951, 1953
On 30 March and 14 August 1949 military coups took place.

Transiting Pluto (stationary Feb to Jul 1949) in Leo square the Syrian Venus in 10th house. Violent, clandestine (Pluto) attacks against the government (10th house planet) forcing (square) change.

On 19 December 1949 there was another coup.
Transiting Saturn
(stationary all December) in Virgo sesqui quadrate the Syrian MC. Great pressure (Saturn), forced change (sesqui quadrate) on the government (MC).

Solar Eclipse (October) opposition Syrian Sun. Change (eclipse) in leadership (Sun).

On 2 December 1951 another coup occurred.
Solar Eclipse
(25 Feb 1952)at 6 Pisces conjunct the Syrian 8th house. An eclipse’s effect can be two months either side of when it occurs. Significant change (eclipse) in Syria (8th house).

On 10 Aug 1953 there was another coup.
Solar Eclipse
(9 Aug 1953) at 17 Leo conjunct the Syrian Ascendant, square the Syrian Venus in 10th. Significant change (eclipse) in Syria (Ascendant) and in the government (10th house planet).
Syria unites with Egypt to form the United Arab Republic, 1958
If the birth time of Syria is 0:01pm, then transiting Neptune in Scorpio was conjunct the Syrian 4th house throughout 1958. The 4th house is to do with the way you feel about yourself “deep down within your very being”. At this time in history Syria’s self esteem and self belief (4th house) were effectively eroded away (Neptune) to new low, as low as it could go. As a consequence, on 1 February 1958 Syria united with Egypt forming the United Arab Republic. It is clear that such a unification was fuelled by fear (Neptune conjunct 4th). The Syrian unification with Egypt clearly shows the birth time of 0:01pm as extremely accurate.

Transiting Uranus was conjunct (Oct-Dec 1957) the Syrian Ascendant and conjunct (Aug 1957, Feb, Jun 1958) the Syrian Pluto. In late 1957 radicals (Uranus Pluto) took control of the government. It looked like the Communists could come to power.

Syria in 1962
The events in Syria between April and September 1962 were confusing. Some factions thought the parliamentary assembly had been dissolved, others that it had voluntarily resigned and still others that it existed but was not allowed to meet. By early September 1962 clashes between pro-Nasser and anti-Nasser elements had become more violent and more frequent. On September 20 the Assembly was again dissolved.

Transiting Neptune (1961-62) in Scorpio square the Syrian Ascendant. The above shows classic symptoms of confusion and chaos (Neptune) in Syria (Ascendant).

Transiting Saturn in Aquarius opposition (Mar, Jul, Dec 1962) the Syrian Pluto. Extreme violence (Saturn Pluto).

I believe “confusion and chaos” in 1962 further confirms the Syrian birth time of 0:01pm.

Syria in 1963
There were 3 governments formed in the first six months of 1963 in Syria.

 Transiting Neptune (stationary Jan-Apr 1963) in Scorpio opposition the Syrian Venus in 10th house. Chaos (Neptune) in an “out of control” (Neptune) government (10th house planet). A coup attempt took place on 8 March. Another coup attempt took place on and 17-18 July within a week of a Solar Eclipse conjunct the Syrian Mars (army) in 12th house (secret meetings).

Baathist Party comes into Power, 1966
On February 23, 1966, Jadid, the Regional Command, and their army units seized the government in the bloodiest of the many coups d’etat since 1949. The general public showed no inclination to fight for one Baathist military faction against the other. This was a momentous time for Syria. Between 1949 and 1971 Syria had 10 Presidents, 33 Prime Ministers and FOURTEEN army coups d’etat. The Baathist Party has ruled Syria since 1966, bringing political stability to the country.

Transiting Pluto and transiting Uranus (both stationary Nov 1965 to Feb 1966) sesqui quadrate (1350) the Syrian MC. The Baathist Party has been in power in Syria since the February 1966 coup. The bloodiest of all Syrian coups (Uranus Pluto). Brutal, ruthless (Uranus Pluto) control, the collapse of the old order (Uranus Pluto) of government (MC) in Syria.

The Pluto and Uranus transits to the Syrian MC in February 1966 confirm the Syrian birth time of 0:01pm on 17 April 1946.

Six Day War, 1967
Israel versus Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Syria. The war began on 6 June 1967. The Israeli victory was decisive.

Transiting Saturn
in Aries conjuncted the Syrian 9th house and opposed the Syrian Neptune during April-May and Nov-Dec 1967. If you read my other articles (Lebanon, Israel) on the Middle East Wars, you will frequently read that transits to the 9th house planets or cusp show up in times of war. Saturn (difficulties, a showdown) conjunct Syrian 9th house (foreign country). Depression (Saturn Neptune), death and financial crisis (Neptune rules 8th house), breakdown of communication (Saturn opposition 3rd house and Neptune in 3rd house).  <>

Transiting Mars (May-Jun 1967) in Aries square Syrian Saturn. If you read my other articles on the Middle East wars, you will see Mars Saturn (the “death axis”) transits are frequently prominent.

Hafiz al-Assad takes control of Syria, 1970
In a bloodless coup on 13 Nov 1970, Hafiz al-Assad took control of Syria. He was President of Syria until his death on 10 June 2000

Transiting Saturn in Taurus (Jun, Dec 1970, Jan 1971) conjunct the Syrian Venus in 10th house, ruling 10th house. Government (10th house) crisis (Saturn transiting through 10th house). Authoritarian (Saturn) takes control of government (10th house).

Hafiz al-Assad has heart attacks, 2 coup attempts, 1982-83

In November 1983, after Hafez al-Saad had a heart attack, his brother Rifaat staged a coup attempt. Hafez recovered by March but in May suffered a relapse and once again Rifaat attempted to seize power.

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio: conjunct the Syrian Moon (1 Nov 1983); square the Syrian Pluto (18 Nov 1983) and Syrian Ascendant (2 Dec 1983); in the Syrian 4th house (Sep 1983). A sudden (eclipse on Uranus), grave crisis (Saturn Pluto Ascendant) for Syrian families (4th house).

Solar Eclipse at 12 Sagittarius (4 Dec 1983) opposition the Syrian Uranus. Solar eclipse on the Syrian 5/11 house cusp of “death of parents”. The “father” of the nation’s life was in danger!

Transiting Pluto (Nov 1983, stationary May to Aug 1984) in Libra sesqui quadrate (1350) the Syrian Uranus. Putting a gun (Uranus Pluto)to someone’s head (coup attempt).

Transiting Saturn (stationary Jan to Mar 1984) in Scorpio opposition the Syrian Venus in 10th house. Grave crisis (Saturn) for the Syrian government (10th house Venus).

Transiting Uranus in Sagittarius sesqui quadrate the Syrian Sun (Jan, May 1984) and Syrian Mars (stationary Feb to April 1984). Military attack (Mars Uranus) on the government (Sun).

Transiting Neptune (Jan, Jun, Dec 1984) in Capricorn sesqui quadrate the Syrian Venus in 10th house. Government (10th house Venus) leaderless (through Hafiz’illness) and “out of control” (Neptune).

Hafiz al-Assad dies 2000
Hafiz al-Assad took control of Syria in a coup on 13 Nov 1970. He was President of Syria until his death on 10 June 2000.

Transiting Pluto
(stationary Jan to May, Nov 2000) in Sagittarius sesqui quadrate (1350) the Syrian Sun, conjunct the 10th house, ruling the 1st house. Major change (Pluto), a leadership change (Sun, 10th house, 1st house) forced on Syria (sesqui quadrate). The Syrian Sun is a 10th house planet because it is just 60 from the Syrian 10th house cusp. The strength of a house is around the cusps, not in the middle of the house. eg. the closer two people sit to each other, the stronger the reaction! So the Syrian Sun is a 10th house planet, even though it sits in the 9th house. 

Transiting Pluto
(stationary Feb to May, Nov 2000) in Sagittarius semi square (450) the Syrian Mars in 12th house. Profound (Pluto) death (12th house) of a warrior (Mars Pluto) of the Syrian people. 

Neptune (stationary Mar to Jun 1999), (Jan, stationary Oct 2000)in Aquarius square the Syrian MC. The slow demise (Neptune) of Syria’s greatest leader (MC). Hafiz al-Assad had brought political stability to Syria for 30 years. Before he gained control, between 1949 and 1971, Syria had had 10 Presidents, 33 Prime Ministers and FOURTEEN army coups d’etat.

This Neptune transit to the Syrian MC, during a time when its greatest leader died, once again confirms the birth time of Syria as within 1-2 minutes of midday.

Transiting Saturn in Taurus in Syrian 10th house. Hafiz came to power with Saturn at 19 Taurus, and died (lost power) 30 years later with Saturn at 24 Taurus! 

Horoscope of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
I understand Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was born on 11 September 1965. No birth time or place. He succeeded his father Hafez al-Assad as President of Syria, when he died on 10 June 2000. He is a very brutal dictator with Uranus (15 Virgo), Pluto (16 Virgo) and Sun (18 Virgo) all in a very close conjunction, opposing his Saturn (13 Pisces).

His Uranus Pluto Saturn shows extreme pressure being put on him by others.

His Sun Uranus Pluto shows a radical reformer, with the potential to be imprisoned.

My gut feeling is he will be destroyed by his political enemies within Syria. His father Hafez al-Assad survived as Syrian President for so long because he was a brilliant leader and a mighty warrior. Perhaps Basha will push his enemies just a little too far and they will assassinate him?

Horoscope of former Syrian President Hafiz al-Assad
Hafiz al-Assad took control of Syria in a coup on 13 Nov 1970. He was President of Syria until his death on 10 June 2000. I have Hafiz al-Assad’s birth date as 6 October 1930. He was born with Jupiter (19 Cancer) conjunct Pluto (21 Cancer) conjunct Mars (23 Cancer). These are simply brilliant aspects:

Jupiter Pluto (a brilliant gift for organization, spiritual and intellectual leadership, a leader);

Mars Pluto (using force at every occasion, a great warrior or athlete, great ambition, brutal);

Mars Jupiter (successful career, quick decision maker).

Hafiz also had Sun in Libra opposition Uranus: a revolutionary spirit, a far-seeking mind.


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