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22 July 2006
Updated 25 February 2008

Douglas Parker has been a professional astrologer for over 25 years. Contact Douglas at douglasp@melbpc.org.au 

This astrology article researches and explains 30 years of war in Lebanon (1975-2007).This is part of a series of astrology articles on war in the Middle East by Douglas Parker, including: Israel at war in 2006, Syria. In my article USA, Iran and Israel. War in mid 2006, dated 6 May 2006, I wrote: “In the last week of June 2006 transiting Mars in Leo will conjunct the Israel Pluto and Saturn, at 130 and 160 Leo respectively! This may be interpreted as “the necessity to fight for one’s existence, assault, even war”. 

Douglas is also predicting the strong likelihood of a war between the USA and Iran in late 2008.     
This article has two sections.


Countries have horoscopes or birth charts just like people do. For example, such a horoscope can be drawn up from the time, date and place a country’s “declaration of independence” is signed.

It is often not easy to establish a country’s actual birth date and time. For example, there are about 4-5 horoscopes for the USA and 2-4 for Australia. 

The Lebanese horoscope goes a very long way into explaining why Lebanon has had so much warfare over the past 30 years. It explains in precise terms the way in which the Lebanese interact with each other 

This research also explains several of the major astrological events over the past 30 years, which have taken Lebanon to the doors of hell.


Lebanon Horoscope Astrology Predictions
for 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011

If you read through my website you will see I have thoroughly researched the Horoscopes of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, the USA and Iran. These articles explain HOW and WHY these countries behave the way they do.

In May 2006, I predicted Israel would go to war in the last week of June 2006. It did! In July 2006, I predicted that between May and August 2007 and February 2008 with Uranus square the Lebanon Mars:
"It looks likely further violence, even war (Mars Uranus) will be flaring up in Lebanon during this time".

Update: During 2007 fighting broke out between Fatah al-Islam, a militant Islamist organization and the Lebanese Army between 20 May and 7 September. It was the most severe internal fighting since the Lebanese Civil War (1975–90).


Around 2007 to 2009 transiting Pluto begins to go into the Lebanon 11th house. It will be there until around 2020. Optimistically, this may eventually lead to massive (Pluto) reform of the Lebanon parliament and local government over the next ten years or so. Pessimistically, it may initially lead to attempts by dictators or foreign countries to smash the Lebanon government structure to pieces in the next few years.    

There will be serious opposition to the President and the Government, especially throughout December 2007 and January 2008, but also right up to July and August 2008 (transiting Saturn square Lebanon 10th house cusp, or M.C.). In this time food shortages and transportation and communication problems can arise (transiting Saturn square Lebanon Mercury). Also further violence can break out during this time as a result of internal tensions within Lebanon itself (transiting Saturn square Lebanon Uranus).

If the Lebanon Ascendant is at 25 Aquarius (birth time 0:01pm), then transiting Neptune will be conjunct the Lebanon Ascendant possibly as early as May-June 2008 until the end of 2010. This indicates a chaotic time for Lebanon, a time of being dominated by foreign countries (Syria?), a time where the peoples of Lebanon can lose hope for the future. There is also the possibility of an assassination (Neptune) of the President, designed to cause chaos.

Unfortunately between March and April 2009 and February 2010 transiting Uranus will be 1350 to the Lebanon Pluto and square the Lebanon Saturn. There is great danger in this time of wide scale violence, even civil war breaking out.

If the Horoscope of Lebanon I am using is correct the transiting Saturn begins to go through the Lebanon 8th house in November 2009 for about 2½ years. This may indicate a time where Lebanon finds itself in a serious financial crisis.

General Sleiman Horoscope, Astrology                           

General Sleiman was born on 21 November 1948 in Amchit, 30kms north of Beirut, Lebanon. An old lady living in the town recalls “both the Sleiman boys being born in the morning”. I do not have time to rectify (work out his birth time) his chart.  So I have decided to put Mars, the God of War, on the Ascendant. After all he is a warrior.

General Sleiman’s Horoscope

1. Mars conjunct Jupiter: a capable organizer and propagandist; the capacity to cope with every situation; ambition.                                                                                                        2. Mars opposition Uranus, Uranus 450 Pluto: argumentative; a warrior; violent; an athlete; the survival instinct.                                                                                                                  3. Jupiter 1350 to both Uranus and Pluto: gaining immense successes; social aspirations.

4. Sun 450 Neptune: craving drugs; possibly easily exploited by others; somewhat chaotic.

General Sleiman’s Horoscope and Astrology for 2008

1. Transiting Pluto conjunct General Sleiman’s Jupiter (stationary March to April 2008, January 2009, stationary August to October 2009). An exceptional striving for power or for wealth. Brilliant career success, that is becoming President of Lebanon.

2. Solar eclipse opposition General Sleiman’s Pluto (7 February 2008, having an effect two months either side of this date): Sudden political advancement.

3. Transiting Jupiter 1350 to the General’s Saturn (April to June 2008), will find him left to his own devices, without help from others.




Please go to the end of this document.

Lebanon Horoscope Astrology

Lebanon came into being on 22 Nov 1943. Beirut. The time I am using is 0:01 pm. EET.

What is it in Lebanon’s horoscope which makes it a “war zone”?

1. Pluto in Leo conjunct the Node in the sixth house. This means: secretive (6th house) associations of people. This shows plotting (Pluto) of various ethnic and religious groups against each other, in secret.

2. Pluto in Leo semi square Saturn in Gemini. Pluto semi square Saturn means: a tendency towards violence, a fanatical adherence to one’s beliefs, the behaviour of a martyr, prevented by others from reaping the success due from hard work.

3. Saturn in Gemini square the Moon in Virgo. Moon square Saturn means: feelings of inferiority, poor communication skills and psychic depression.

1-3. Combining the energies of 1-3 we get: manic depression, the tragic destiny (Pluto, Saturn, Moon) of the masses (Node). These planetary energies seem to be verified by what has happened in Lebanon in the past 30 years.

The Lebanese Saturn Pluto Node combination also appears in the East Timor horoscope. It is the misery of the masses, the shared suffering of many people together.

4. The Lebanese horoscope has Uranus conjunct the 4th house. If you look at the symbol for Uranus, it looks like a bomb! Uranus rules revolutionaries, and there are many ethnic and religious groups at each others throats in Lebanon.

5. Mars in Lebanon’s 4th house means constant quarrels and disputes, at worst wars, at home in Lebanon between the Lebanese.

6. Saturn in Lebanon’s 4th house shows difficult (Saturn) family (4th house) relationships within the Lebanese.

7. Jupiter on Lebanon’s 7th house shows constant involvement by foreign countries (7th house) in Lebanon, based on religious disputes (Jupiter). It also shows states of friction and rebelling against the beliefs of others. 

8. Jupiter square Sun. This means conflict (the square) between the politicians or government (Sun) and the laws of the land (Jupiter).

9. Mercury opposition Uranus. This means failure caused by doing everything in a hurry or by scattering one’s energies.

10. Note also all the planets on the western side of the chart (between 10th and 4th house on right hand side). This shows the need to do things “in a partnership”. LebanonSyria to interfere in its affairs for decades. allowed
Rectification (Verifying) of the Lebanon Horoscope

As mentioned above, getting a horoscope for a particular country is often not simple. What follows, which confirms I am working with the correct horoscope of Lebanon, is research that explains several of the major astrological events over the past 30 years, which have taken Lebanon to the doors of hell.

Lebanon in 1973-74

Transiting Neptune (1973-74) in Sagittarius conjunct the Lebanese MC (Career) at 8 Sagittarius. Undermining, disintegrating (Neptune) of the Lebanese government structures (MC). This left the country divided along ethnic lines, Muslim versus Christian versus Palestinian, with no leadership to unite them.

Transiting Pluto (1973-mid 74) in Libra conjunct the Lebanese Neptune in Libra in 8th house, ruler of 12th house. Major (Pluto) financial crisis (Neptune in 8th house, transiting Pluto entering 8th house). Great negativity and depression (12 house ruler, Neptune) as transiting Pluto conjuncts Neptune.

Summary: by the end of 1974 Lebanon was in a major financial crisis with its government in disarray. Chaos (Neptune) reigned.

Lebanon in 1975-76

A brutal raged in Civil War between 1975-1990, during which 100, 000 people died. As explained previously (see Lebanon’s Horoscope section above), the Lebanese Saturn Pluto Node combination is: the misery of the masses, the shared suffering of many people together.

Transiting Uranus (Feb, Nov 1975 and Jul 1976) in Scorpio sesqui quadrate the Lebanese Mars in Gemini in 4th house. Civil war (Uranus Mars) broke out in Lebanon’s homeland (4th house Mars). In Oct 1975 and Jul 1976, transiting Uranus in Scorpio and transiting Saturn in Leo formed a square in the sky, exactly 135 and 45 degrees respectively from the Lebanese Mars. Combined Saturn Uranus and Mars is brutal violence, in this case civil war.

Transiting Pluto (stationary Dec 1975-Feb 1976, Sep 1976) in Libra semi square the Lebanese Jupiter in Leo in 7th house, ruler of 10th house. Religious (Jupiter), power struggle (Pluto). A foreign country, Syria, reacts (Jupiter in 7th house) to keep Christians and Muslims from killing each other. Power play (Jupiter Pluto) by Syria to dominate Lebanese affairs.

Transiting Pluto (Oct 1975, stationary Apr-Aug 1976) in Libra sesqui quadrate the Lebanese Ascendant at 25 Aquarius. Power play (Pluto) against Lebanon (Ascendant).

Lebanon in 1982

On 4 June 1982 Israeli invaded Lebanon. By mid 1986 Israeli had withdrawn from most of Lebanon, but retained a buffer zone there until May 2000.

1. Transiting Neptune in Sagittarius opposition the Lebanese Saturn in Gemini in 4th house, ruling the 12th house. Profound (Saturn ruler of 12th house) depression and health problems (Neptune Saturn). Undermining (Neptune) of homeland (Saturn in 4th house).

2. Transiting Neptune in Sagittarius square the Lebanese Moon in Virgo conjunct 8th house, ruling the 6th house. Debilitating (Neptune) financial crisis (Moon conjunct 8th house). Great sadness (Neptune Moon) of the Lebanese (Moon). Depression and health problems (Moon rules 6th house).

Summary: combining Neptune Saturn Moon, a time of profound sadness and illness (Neptune Saturn). The Lebanese people (Moon) lost all hope.  

Lebanon in 2006

On 12 July 2006, Israeli P.M. Olmert declared the capture of 2 Israeli soldiers as an “act of war” by Lebanon.

Transiting Pluto in Sagittarius opposition the Lebanon Saturn in Gemini in the 4th house, ruling the 12th house. The danger of being involved in a massive natural catastrophe or war (Pluto Saturn). Enormous depression (Saturn ruler of 12th house) and destruction (Pluto) of homeland (Saturn in 4th house). Pluto Saturn shows a time of  “being alone, deserted by the world, a time of great adversity”. It also shows a fanatical adherence to one’s beliefs, the martyr, a war zone and destruction of one’s possessions. 

2. Transiting Pluto in Sagittarius square the Lebanon Moon in Virgo conjunct 8th house, ruling the 6th house. Acting too impulsively (firing rockets at Israel) (Pluto Moon) will be met with severe opposition (Israel). Depression and health problems (Moon rules 6th house), bankruptcy and death (Moon conjunct 8th house). The Lebanese infrastructure, bridges, the electricity grid, etc., is being completely destroyed by the Israelis. Lebanon has a negative trade inbalance, so she will be virtually be made bankrupt.

Summary: combining Pluto Saturn Moon, a time of profound emotional depression for Lebanon throughout 2006. Sadly, the Israeli declaration of war against Lebanon will only create more and more Arab martyrs, and make the extreme Islamists more fanatical than ever before. If you drive someone into a corner, destroy what he owns and threaten his very existence so he has nothing more to lose, his heart will harden and all his fury will be launched at you. 

Lebanon in 2007

Transiting Uranus (stationary May to Aug 2007, Feb 2008) in Pisces square the Lebanese Mars in 4th house. It looks likely further violence, even war (Mars Uranus) will be flaring up in Lebanon during this time.


Back in the early 1970s Beirut, Lebanon’s capital city, was considered the “Paris of the Middle East” and Lebanon was a paradise for tourists.

In 1968 Israeli forces began a series of reprisals against Palestinian (terrorist) strongholds in Lebanon. In 1969 fighting broke out between the Lebanese army and Palestinian  commandos. Large numbers of Palestinians fled into South Lebanon and Beirut after a bloody suppression of guerillas in Jordan during 1970-71. In 1972 heavy fighting took place between the Lebanese army and the Palestinians. Anti-Israeli terrorist attacks continued into the 1970s, and Israel continued its attacks on Palestinian guerrilla bases in southern Lebanon.

Like much of Lebanon, Beirut was virtually destroyed by a Civil War (1975-90) and attacks by Israel (especially during 1982-85). During the Civil War over 100 000 people died and over 100 000 people were wounded. Between 1978-2006, Israel attacked Lebanon many times.

In mid 1976, Syria entered Lebanon’s north and did not leave until April 2005. 

On 4 Jun 1982, Israeli invaded Lebanon and did not withdraw most of its troops until mid 1985.

On 12 July 2006, Israeli PM Olmert declared the capture of 2 Israeli soldiers as an “act of war” by Lebanon, and the tragedy continues.

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