Astrology Predictions For 2006-11.
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East Timor is amongst the poorest nations on earth. Over half the population is illiterate. An eyewitness at the country’s signing of its declaration of independence as the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste says President Xanana Gusmao signed the document at 12:30 am on 20 May 2002 in Dili (8S32, 125E34). East Timor has been on JST (GMT +9 hours) since August 2000. The ceremony had begun at midnight.

The Horoscope of East Timor
The East Timor horoscope is extremely fraught. Conflict, fear, anxiety, fanaticism, self destructive energy and violence are clearly shown.  A concise summary follows:

1. Saturn conjunct the Node, both in Gemini: Feelings of grief or depression. Mourners attending a funeral! However, this may eventually make East Tim get advice from more “mature and experienced” nations.

2. Moon in Leo opposite Uranus in Aquarius: Stubbornness. Fanatacism. The tendency to exaggerate things out of proportion. States of fear and anxiety.

3. Node conjunct Mars in Gemini: The desire to quarrel. Eventually it may lead to the people working together for the common good.

4. Uranus conjunct the Ascendant in Aquarius: Excitable people. Unrest. The tendency to scatter one’s energies. In the distant future perhaps some scientific or other technology based industries (Uranus) will be set up in East Timor.

5. Saturn in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius: The tendency towards violence. A fanatical adherence to one’s beliefs. Violent people! The hard struggle for success. Self destructive energy. The loss of one’s possessions.

6. Sun in Taurus square the Moon in Leo: Disharmony between the people. Dissatisfaction. Conflict between the Prime Minister, the government (Sun) and the common people (Moon) of East Timor. The conscious (Sun) and subconscious (Moon) aims of East Timor at loggerheads. 

Astrological Predictions for East Timor between 2005 and 2011

1. Transiting Saturn in Leo opposite the East Timor Neptune: stationary Nov-mid Dec 2005; early Jul 2006: great emotional suffering, an “emotionally sick” society, depression.

2. Transiting Saturn in Cancer on the East Timor 6th House cusp Sept 2004 till May 2005: Depression and illness of the population. The Saturn transit is in the 6th House till mid 2007. East Timor is exhausted, its people depressed. They work hard for little gain through this period.

3. Transiting Neptune in Aquarius conjunct the East Timor Ascendant. This will herald a “chaotic two year period for East Timor”. One could even say bankruptcy. Indeed, the government completely out of control. Foreign intervention will be needed to sort out the chaos. This may also herald a time where drugs become a very serious threat to Timorese society. If the birth of the nation was at:

(a) midnight, 0:0 am (as it should have been), this will happen between 2006-07.

(b) 0:30 am (as observed by eye witnesses): this will happen between 2008-10.

By 2015 this transit should be able to be “seen in retrospect” and the Ascendant confirmed!

4. Transiting Neptune in Aquarius opposite the East Timor Moon through 2009-10 will further disillusion, destabilize and debilitate (Neptune) the East Timorese people (Moon). It is possible more oil could be found during this time in East Timor’s seas.

5. Transiting Neptune in Aquarius square the East Timor Sun through 2010-11 shows the government and judiciary (Sun) in complete disarray and “out of control” (Neptune).  

The next few years for East Timor look very bleak indeed.

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