In a day, the planets move varying distances through the Zodiac: the Moon, 12-15 degrees; Mercury, 0-2 degrees; Venus, 0-1¼ degree; Mars 0-47 minutes; Jupiter, 0-5 minutes; Saturn, 0-4 minutes; Uranus, 0-4 minutes; Neptune, 0-2 minutes; and Pluto, 0-2 minutes.

There are 60 minutes in a degree, so you can see the Moon moves up to 450 times faster than Neptune and Pluto through Zodiac. So if you are born on a certain day, the positions of Mercury through to Pluto are pretty accurately known. However, the Moon’s position (at midday) is only known, plus or minus 7 degrees.   

Your Ascendant is the way people see you and the way you react to the outside world. Your Midheaven describes your aim in life. These are both very critical points in a Horoscope, because they set down where the Houses in a Horoscope are. Both the Ascendant and Midheaven move very fast like the second hand of a clock, one degree every 2½ to 5 minutes. The Ascendant is a critical point for moves of home and a health crisis. The 7th House cusp, directly opposite the Ascendant, is a critical point for marriage and partnership changes. If your time of birth is ONE hour out, and an astrological prediction is made using it, some predictions could be up to 7 years out!

Please Check Your Birth Time
I have been an astrologer for over 25 years. Countless times, clients have told me from "memory" what their time of birth was, only to tell me later, after checking with their mothers, that they "now have a different birth time". Please check your birth time carefully. If you think you know it, ask your mother: "What time was I born?" If she confirms what she previously told you, it is probably correct. If your parents don't know your birth time: ask your elder brothers and sisters or relatives; or better still check with the hospital where you were born. 

1. It will be a great help if you can get a time range, e.g. 8-10am, for your birth time.
2. Make a list, the dates must be accurate, or don’t include them, as they could seriously mess up my work, with day (if possible), month and year when you: moved home, changed countries, changed jobs, got sacked, went bankrupt, changed careers, met, married and separated from your husband or wife, grandparents died, of any other major crisis, health crisis.
3. Do not give me anything in the last 3 years, but please put them on your list, as they will come up if I read your future.
4. The cost is from $100 to $300, depending on how long it takes. If for example, 8-10 am is about right, I would expect it to be around $100+.

The whole basis of rectification is that when a major planet "hits off" (O0, 450, 900, 1350 or 1800 by longitude) your Ascendant, for example, something major will happen, or in the past has happened, to you. From the accurate events you give me, I match the planets up at the time of an event with your Horoscope, to work out your birth time.

Rectification, or working out a birth time is complex, that is why most astrologers can’t or won’t do it. My goal is to get it right. I will also give you a copy of my astrological work, which shows how I made my conclusion.

Examples Of My Rectification Work
Please see the following: the USA horoscope rectification; Vladimir Putin horoscope rectification;  Israel horoscope rectification; Syria horoscope rectification.

Order a rectification. Enquiries welcome.

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