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New 6 Nov 2007.  Will there be a war in 2008 between the USA and Iran? 
USA and IRAN WAR in 2008, 2009
New 9 Nov 2007. Will George W Bush be assassinated in 2008?  George W Bush Assassination 2008
                          Zodiac signs & planets       
24 Feb 2006.   History of astrology
13 Mar 2006.   Princess Margaret & Peter Townsend
6 May  2006.   Astrology predictions for 2006: USA, Iran & Israel
19 May 2006.  Vladimir Putin. Horoscope. Predictions 2006-08,
                   Rectification of birth time
                   Star signs
6 June 2006.    East Timor. Timor Leste. Horoscope. Predictions 2006-2011
                   Newspaper star signs are rubbish
21 June 2006.  Princess Diana and Prince Charles
11 Jul 2006.      Paul Keating
18 Jul 2006       Israel at war in 2006. Horoscope
22 Jul 2006     Lebanon at war. Horoscope. 2006. 2007
27 Jul 2006      Syria at war in 2006
29 Jul 2006       Queen Elizabeth II. Horoscope and future
29 Jul 2006       British Royal Family. Saturn Neptune. New King
3 Aug 2006      Prince Charles. Horoscope. King
16 Aug 2006   USA Horoscope, Rectification
24 Aug 2006   USA & Middle East Wars
28 Aug 2006   USA. Predictions 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
3 Oct 2006        11 September. Gross incompetence by USA.
3 Nov 2006     Horoscope of President George W Bush
3 Nov 2006       USA Presidents who died in Office
3 Nov 2006       Assassination of USA Presidents                     

Latest articles:
Horoscope of President George W Bush   Assassination attempt?
Horoscope. Predictions 2006, 2007, 2008
USA Presidents who died in Office  William Henry Harrison. Zachary Taylor. Abraham Lincoln. James Garfield. William McKinley.
Warren  Harding. Franklin D. Roosevelt. John F Kennedy.  The deaths of these Presidents examined using astrology.
Assassination of USA Presidents:   
Abraham Lincoln. James Garfield. William McKinley. John F Kennedy. Their horoscopes and astrology
                                                            analysis of assassination of these men.
11 September     Gross incompetence by the USA.
 Iran nuclear crisis
    Iran will continue its nuclear program and NOT back down.
USA Horoscope Predictions 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
USA & Middle East Wars   
The USA: makes & sells well over 50% of the world's weapons. The world's "peace keeper"? Sure.
USA Horoscope, Rectification   This article verifies the correct horoscope for the USA. Predictions for President George W Bush for 2006, 2007 and 2008  will be here in the next few days.
Prince Charles. Horoscope. King    Prince Charles will become King of Great Britain in 2008.
Queen Elizabeth II astrology   
Horoscope, marriage, health, predictions 2006-2008. Horoscopes of Prince Charles and Prince William.
Saturn Neptune and the British Royal Family    Royal coronations since 1760 have been researched using astrology techniques. A new King is on   
                                                                               the way
USA, Iran & Israel. War in mid 2006    In this article in early May 2006 I wrote: " In the last week of June 2006 transiting Mars in Leo will conjunct the Israel Pluto and  Saturn, at 130 and 160 Leo respectively! This may be interpreted as “the necessity to fight for one’s existence, assault, even war." 
Lebanon at War. Horoscope. 2006. 2007    Explains 30 years of war in Lebanon (1975-2007).
Israel at war in 2006    This article expands on what Israel may do next.
Syria at war in 2006    Will Syria enter into the Israel-Lebanon war? Horoscope of Syria. Rectification of Syrian horoscope.
Princess Diana and Prince Charles    Their compatibility chart foretold the tragic consequences!
Paul Keating    Australia's youngest Prime Minister. Showing how astrologers use transiting planets to make predictions.

Examples of my work
Horoscope compatibility (physical, emotional, sexual, intellectual) using the aspects (angles) between the 13 planets in each person's horoscope.
Princess Diana & Prince Charles: sometimes a relationship leads to death.
Health crisis: precise timing, months in advance of when it happened, is shown of when elite AFL athlete Nathan Buckley broke down .      
Newspaper star sign predictions are rubbish
Rectification. Don't know your birth time? or it is a bit vague, Douglas can work it out, using rectification. eg. USA , Vladimir Putin

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