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In 2007,  I predicted Barack Obama would win the 2008 US Presidential Election. To be able to do this I first rectified Obama's birth time. Want to read about how Obama really functions, his strengths and weaknesses and how I rectified his birth time? Then read President Barack Obama.

Barack Obama Astrology Predictions 2014, 2015

Between April 2014 and December 2015, transiting Neptune is 180 degrees Obama's Pluto. This can see Obama burdened with unusual problems and possibly having health disorders difficult to ascertain. He will be heavily tempted to let his addictive nature take over his life. Sadly, a further deterioration (Neptune) in his marriage will occur, as Pluto is in his 7th house of marriage. Neptune is the ruler of the sea. The sea wears away at the rock, and the rock (in this case Obama's marriage) dissolves to nought. The great tragedy for the American people during this time is that Obama's career, ruled by Pluto, is also in danger of dissolving, becoming "out of control", seriously lacking direction and purpose (Neptune). There is even a danger of him becoming involved in a serious scandal.

Between December 2014 and July-September 2015, transiting Saturn will be conjunct (0 degrees) Obama's MC (career, 10th house cusp). During this time Obama's career will come to a grinding halt, where he feels no possibility of progress being made. He may have health issues during this time. (He probably takes a lot of medical drugs, alcohol or other drugs in great qualtity already) Great work pressure will take him further away from his family.

In summary, 2014 and 2015 will be two of the most disappointing years in Barack Obama's entire working life. There is even the possibility of him becoming involved in scandal.

The following has been added from another of my articles World Astrology Predictions 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Between December 2013 and June - August 2014 (very strong), Saturn will be 90 degrees America's Moon, in the USA 10th house. This suggests very hard times for President Obama (10th house) especially between June and August 2014. The remarkable thing about 2014 for America is that Pluto will be 180 degrees from USA Sun (the President) between February and December. This may well be suggestive of a ruthless use of force, or force majeure (Pluto) against the president (Sun). There was an assassination attempt on President Andrew Jackson in January 1834 with Pluto 90 degrees USA Sun. In July 1881 President John Garfield was assassinated (died 80 days later) with Pluto 45 degrees USA Sun. President George Washington resigned after two terms in office with Pluto 135 degrees USA Sun in 1796. Jimmy Carter became president in January 1977 with Pluto 90 degrees USA Sun. Since 1776, there have been just seven hard aspects (0, 45, 90, 135, 180 degrees) of Pluto to the USA Sun. Four times there was a change of president! I am predicting Obama's presidency and his marriage will be in total disarray by mid 2014. Could Obama be forced to resign?  Not only will the ruthless ruler of death and rebirth Pluto (for the first time) be 180 degrees from the USA Sun during 2014, rebellious Uranus will be 90 degrees to the USA Sun between April 2014 and February 2015. With the two mighty energy planets of Uranus and Pluto relentlessly attacking Obama at the same time, and at  the same time feeling abandoned by his wife, the political pressure on Obama during 2014 may just be simply overwhelming. 

Barack Obama Astrology Predictions 2016

Between December 2015- January 2016 and July 2016, transiting Jupiter will be conjunct (0 degrees) Obama's Mars. For the first time during his second term as President, Obama may finally find himself able to negotiate successfully and make important decisions.

Between March and July 2016, transiting Mars will be conjunct Obama's MC (career). Again, during this time Obama has a window in which to realize his ideas and make important decisions. Hopefully  in this time he will avoid making impulsive decisions.

Between March and September - December 2016, transiting Neptune is 45 degrees Obama's Saturn. Again, Obama will find himself swamped by unpleasant situations, strong depression, and a  family crisis. Again others (the Republican Party) will be constantly trying to annoy him right up to the bitter end of his presidency.

Barack Obama's second term as President

The words "lame duck President" are ringing in my ears as I write this report. It will be a battle all the way for Obama to get through his presidency. And his second term may well be one of the most disappointing in American history.

Barack Obama Predictions 2013  

Between December 2012 and September 2013, transiting Saturn will be conjunct (0 degrees) Barack Obama's Neptune. This shows strong emotional suffering, a family crisis, which may well take a toll on Obama's health. In order to recover, he needs to avoid all emotional stress. This will also be the Republican Party launching yet another sustained attack at Obama, trying to deliberately annoy and provoke him and laughing at him behind his back. He may well go through a financial crisis, as Neptune rules his second house of money.  
At  the same time, transiting Saturn will be 45 degrees Barack Obama's Mars. This shows all his intentions being met with strong resistance. Events may occur beyond his personal control, where he is forced to adapt to the conditions. Combining Saturn with Obama's Mars and Neptune shows Obama will be seriously struggling right through until September 2013, feeling emotionally spent and physically exhausted, if not sick (including depression).

Between February 2013 and January 2014, transiting Neptune will be 90 degrees Obama's Moon. This shows Obama unable to see things clearly (not that he ever can!) and in danger of being overly influenced by others. He will feel misunderstood, become disillusioned and struggle against weakness and health disorders. Obama has an addictive nature (he takes drugs) and may seriously misuse drugs during this time. There will be great instability and possible deceit (Neptune) in his family (his Moon is in his 4th house of home and family). I have previously written of serious problems in his marriage. Obama will feel depressed during this time and will struggle understanding, working with and co-operating with his work colleges (his Moon rules his 6th house of work).

Between January and December 2013, transiting Pluto will be 135 degrees to Obama's Uranus. Pluto Uranus combined indicates Obama being forced to make decisions (which one would otherwise not make) and trying to carry out reforms. This suggests very serious opposition, even an outright frontal attack (Pluto) from the "Leader of the Opposition" (his wife), as Uranus is in his 7th house of marriage.
Further incidents and upsets occur in his marriage between April 2013 and February 2014, as Uranus the planet of revolution becomes 135 degrees to his Uranus, in his 7th house of marriage.

In summary, 2013 will be a very difficult and lacklustre year for President Obama. e.g. In early January 2013, Obama is suggesting new guns laws should restrict magazines to hold "no more than 10 rounds". I guess, so you can only kill 10 children at a time in a school massacre? America has 4% of the world's people, but spends 48% of the world's military expenditure. America also makes 65% of the weapons in the world. It's all very sad. So WHO CONTROLS MUCH OF AMERICA, ITS WEAPONS MANUFACTURERS. :(

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